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Apple seeded the first 10.11.2 beta




One week after the final 10.11.1 release, Apple seeded the first 10.11.2 beta for developer testing.


Apple asked developers to focus their efforts on Mail, Wi-Fi, Calendar, Notes, Photos, Spotlight, support of USB and graphics.

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beta include Graphics, Mail, Wi-Fi, Calendar, USB, Notes, Photos, and Spotlight.


Mean Apple improving their USB... Devs,coders,moders... ready for new changes....


OMG, so we need to look at everything, in one word


Hope they put better Skylake support, TB3 etc in it… I'm itching to build my new rig with Z170 mobo.


I think thats what with "graphics" meant... Maybe some new frame buffers for skylake...


Because the CPU part was never a problem on OS X.... only the integrated graphic part always....


Cheers :-)


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Far more interested in if it sorts out support for skylake and Z170 than older hardware like 9 series boards. would be nice to know whether SATA, USB 3.1 etc are gonna work on Z170 and H170 based boards.

USB 3.1 on Z170 is not done natively by the PCH (ASMedia ASM1142) and Apple doesn't have anything that supports USB 3,1. SATA support seems to be linked to something Apple did, highly doubtful Apple will just flip a switch back since it works for their Skylake based macs and doesn't work for hack macs. I would love to be wrong for the latter though.

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I did the 10.11.2 beta update and after rebooting it comes up to the login screen, once logged in the mouse cursor goes into spinning beach ball as well a spinning wheel below the password entry line and it stays permanently hung there. I reinstalled 10.11.1 and everything is back to normal. Not sure what the problem is but I think I'll wait for the next update.

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