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  1. Ramalama

    VirtualSMC — SMC Emulator

    Hey, just my 5 cents :-) THX!!! The new Fakesmc works great here on z170 with cabbylake cpu (Boots 2wice fast as with normal fakesmc) Didnt seen till now any sideeffects :-) Thx for you work!!! Cheers :-)
  2. Ramalama


    Thanks Slice and fabiosun :-)
  3. Ramalama


    Hi, can anyone explain, or better write in the github readme, what is the difference between aptiofix3 and aptiomemoryfix? I dont get it, because both are working with aptio 5... Aptio1 and aptio2 is clear to me, that are the old ones... But aptio3 and aptiomemoryfix is unclear... And please dont write its a different aproach, because that explains nothing... And one another thing, we have in bios that 4g option, but i dont understand what that option does... But that is not that important to me... I just want to know about aptiomemoryfix... Thanks and cheers:-)
  4. Ramalama

    Clover General discussion

    Thanks! Its working! First time i have working Nvram with aptio 5 (x299) @apianti @slice and other (Sry i didnt tracked exactly who maked it possible) Thanks to all for the awesome work, thats a beatifull birthday gift for me :-) Thanks Thanks Thanks! Nvram work!!! Finally we dont need emulated nvram anymore! Cheers :-)
  5. Ramalama

    Clover General discussion

    @apianti I have a small problem with the Calculation of the Slide Value... (Annd i seems like i need one, because i cant boot without) i have this Region Available: Available 0000000000100000-0000000027D67FFF 0000000000027C68 000000000000000F But if i start to Calculate: 0x100000 - 0x100000 = 0x0 The Next Available Big Region is: Available 0000000100000000-000000109FFFFFFF 0000000000FA0000 000000000000000F But thats above 0x100000000 ... I have attached my Memmap, but i dont understand which region i need.... Maybe anyone can help me... Cheers
  6. Ramalama

    Clover General discussion

    Guys, I have 2 Systems to Compare...: 1. System: i7-6700 on H170 (Aptio 4 + ModBios (SMI/CSM etc disabled)) Intel 600p NVME (With APFS+Trim) Boot Time: Really Fast 2. System: i9-7900x on X299 (R6E, Aptio 5 + BiosMod not possible, no tools available) 960 Pro NVME (With APFS+Trim) Boot Time: Fu..ing Slow I made a preboot.log of both, on the x299 there is an entry (that takes up all the time...) 4:511 0:365 GUI ready 44:568 40:056 Found BIOS RSDP at F0010 But I don't get any information, what exactly takes that long... I don't believe that have something todo with ACPI Tables... On the fast loading System (1), I have: 1:911 0:112 GUI ready 17:172 15:261 BootVariable of the entry is empty So that makes Clear, that something doesn't get logged after "GUI ready" Ive Attached the whole preboot logs of Both Systems... EDIT:........ IM SO STUPID... Ive answered my question myself, after I readed my post to correct typos... I need to activate Debug Log in config, to see what exactly happens.... Im really tired and stupid :-( Cheers :-) Skylake_H170.log.zip SkylakeX_X299.log.zip
  7. Ramalama

    Clover General discussion

    I asked already in my first post, that I don't want anyone spend to much time with this, I know how the things work here apianti. And I spend my self a lot time, long time ago with the acpi tables and support for some other users... However, you are right at all points. I write next time if I found more things out, I will post again. The first step I need to do anyways is to deactivate SMI lock, that should be np. And as long we have working nvram with the emulated driver, everything is ok. There are exactly all infos, that I've searched, thank you very much! Seems like you have investigated already time into this. I think that would be my problem too. Just deactivating SMI Locking will not fix Nvram :-))) However, thanks very much to everyone here. Just to be clear, I don't want to waste time here of anyone. I need to fix my problems myself and I have a lot of them with x299 platform... Everything works Perfect with x299 on the first look, but unsupported cpu with VoodooTSC and Emulated Nvram sucks. Thanks to all & Cheers :-)
  8. Ramalama

    Clover General discussion

    Yep, ive seen, but there are ways... 1. We can disable SMI Lock in bios (to make things easier) 2. We had same Problems on Aptio4 long time ago but i dont know how it's fixed... (On my Laptop nvram works even with SMI Lock enabled...(Aptio4 Haswell)) So there must be a way, there are just not enough benefits, as far as Emulated Nvram exists... In my Opnion, 50% of the Aptiofix driver is useless, if nvram doesnt work. Thats why i want to get that fixed, but no one want to spend time on this... Cheers
  9. Ramalama

    Clover General discussion

    Slice, Aptiofix or Aptopfix2 doesnt matter, nvram doesnt work... i can write something into nvram (with terminal and sudo nvram....) but on next boot its gone... Thats the Problem, why im asking... Seems for me, like Aptio maps the wrong Memory region... Cheers
  10. Ramalama

    Clover General discussion

    @Slice Thank you for the prevous Answer (with the cpuid inject thing), that solved my problem :-) I have another one... I want to get aptiofix working... I just forgot, how to debug it... Last time ive dumped the memory mappings was ~4 years ago... Maybe you can Point my Nose to the right direction :-) I dont want to waste your time. Cheers :-) EDIT: Just the Specs (In case if its already fixed in a future clover version) Asus X299 R6E + 7900x + 64GB Ram Cheers :-)
  11. Ramalama

    Clover General discussion

    @slice Do Clover injects default a FakeCPUID for Skylake-X ? Because its strange. If i remove FakeCPUID from Clover Config, im still able to boot... If i use my Original CPUID as FakeCPUID, i cant boot (0x050654)... So thats why i think, that Clover injects a FakeCPUID, if i doesnt specify one in the Config... Cheers :-)
  12. Ramalama

    Clover General discussion

    Hi guys, can we fix this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tf4HkjaiOi8 look at second 2... there are messages... Happens on all my Hackintoshes with apfs... Im hoping its not already answered :-) Cheers :-)
  13. Hi Guys, hi Rehab :-) Why no one made a thread, where 4k native NVMe SSD's are collected in a list? From Reading this Thread, i found fullowing: ___________________________________________ 4k Supported: Toshiba XG3 (Controller: TC58NCP070GSB) OCZ RD400 (Controller: TC58NCP070GSB) Intel SSD750 (Have Performance/Speed Issues) WD Black (Controller: Marvell 88SS1093) ___________________________________________ Feel free to expand the list! By the way, can anyone check the Corsair MP500 ? It's the second fastest SSD behind Samsung 950/960... Cheers :-)
  14. Ramalama

    HTTPS Support

    I can do this, Letsencrypt autogeneration with dehydrated + nginx update to 1.12 + ssl with http2 (you are still using nginx 1.6.2 lol) But i wouldn't update the Forum, there are maybe Design incompatibilitys... or the Blog Page... or any other Plugins that are not compatible... So you can have me as a free Server admin, but i will never do any moderator stuff... Not enough time for this... Im working as a System Administrator in a big Company... PM me if there is a need... Cheers :-)