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  1. PJALM©

    Hackintosh computer for sale

    You can get newer for cheaper, honestly. It only has SATA2 ports not SATA3 like you said, only has PCIe 2.0 slots and no USB3. Its also not the easiest to put OSX on anymore. DO people even use ODD drives anymore?
  2. PJALM©

    The Dune Case: A Cylindrical PC Case

    I agree, not creative at all, complete copy.
  3. I am curious, why do you need Siri in OS X?
  4. Apple did have ZFS for a while then dropped it, it was way worse then HFS and if you really want it there is ZFS for OSX. 1. Is xCode not native enough? 2. Why do we need a new filesystem? I hear people say they need one but not once have they said why or give a reason why HFS+ is no good. 3. What kind of integration do you want? I don't quite understand this one.
  5. PJALM©

    Crossfire R9 290 on Yosemite

    OSX has zero crossfire support, all you can do is use them as 2 seperate cards nothing more. Patching system kext won't add what was never made.
  6. PJALM©

    Asus Z170-Deluxe And You!

    All the NVMe SSDs I tested on Series 9 didn't work, only Apple NVMe SSDs worked for me using a Apple to M.2 adapter.
  7. PJALM©

    Asus Z170-Deluxe And You!

    I was hoping for NVMe working, oh well.
  8. PJALM©

    Asus Z170-Deluxe And You!

    AHCI or NVMe version?
  9. Fixed BT lag and added wifi disconnects
  10. You have USB working on Skylake with 10.11.2?
  11. PJALM©

    MaciASL [DSDT Editor, IDE, Native Cocoa]

    Stop posting this app. You post this everywhere without the devs permission.
  12. PJALM©

    Chameleon 2.4 svn

    There are much better ways of running newer OSX version on the Mac Pro 1,1 like the boot.efi replacement. Works perfect even for 10.11.
  13. PJALM©

    PCI based SSD storage

    PCIe SSDs like M.2 are great and amazing speeds. I use 2 of the Samsung XP941 512GB SSDs in Raid0 and get just over 2GB/s transfer speeds. Boots OSX just fine using Clover. The OWC drives do work as they are Mac/PC compatible but they r slow when it comes too PCIe SSDs. Your lucky if you get 720MB/s from one. I have one in my Mac Pro and tested it in my hack just fine. When looking for a 'compatible' PCIe SSD just make sure its fully AHCI compatible as most are not. The ASUS RaidR Express is another one that is pretty good and hack friendly, also fully UEFI compliant which is rare for PCIe SSDs. not the fastest of SSDs as its only about 820MB/s but cheap compared to others.
  14. PJALM©

    Low power Mac idea

    Why put your title in english if you don't even speak it... soo misleading.
  15. PJALM©


    i tried to get hlp to unlock nvram long ago but failed misserably, if u want it done u hav to do it yourself