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  1. have to say this, the current state of High Sierra, in my opinion is pretty crappy. I did the update today and it froze on the end of booting all though it was booting perfectly after the update. I decided to go back to Sierra because there are WAY TO MANY bugs everywhere in this release! and every release before it! I constantly have to leave safari and use GOOGLE for God's sake to use some websites due to the strange bugs in it that don't exist in Sierra's Safari that still work perfectly. Not to mention just little quirky bugs like wanting passwords to link to the internal network even though you clicked the "remember me" BS it don't remember Jack or {censored} but it remember perfectly in Sierra. I could probably go on for f'n hours about the total failure of this OS but the coupe de grace is apfs that in my opinion makes NTFS look frickin great! Finally. I am no sure what NEW and IMPROVED thing where added to High Sierra to make me want to suffer through ALL the other little BS problem that exist. Anyways going back to 10.12.6. BTW, my wife does not like that I up graded her iMac, ;-(
  2. Anyone noticing slow boot speeds? My Computer has Sierra on a ssd and High Sierra on a Samsung 960 NVMe m.2 and booting the Sierra drive I get to the login in about 8 seconds. The High Sierra boot process takes almost 30 seconds to get to the login screen. I thought by now that High Sierra (using DP9) that my boot time would be at least equal to or faster than the Sierra ssd. I get reads of 3000mb/s on the High Sierra drive vs 460mb/s on Sierra drive.
  3. I am getting pretty good speed off of nvme m.2 samsung 960 on beta 5. How is everyone's speed test looking?
  4. tj5

    macOS Sierra 10.12.4 is out ...

    I downloaded the combo update for 10.12.4 and ran it instead of the app store download and all went well and all came up running. I must have gotten a bad download.
  5. tj5

    macOS Sierra 10.12.4 is out ...

    I am getting hung on AppleACPICPU timing out. Tried newest clover 4035 still no go. I've never had this problem before went back to 10.12.3 until I sort this out. Using a ga-b75-d3h mb with i7-3770 cpu.
  6. tj5

    OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 is out

    I had to upgrade to the newest version of clover due to spinning ball of death after logging in. All working perfect now!
  7. I had a problem with 10.11.5 beta 2 (I had to go back to 10.11.4) but beta 3 installed with no problems.
  8. I had a problem with this beta, it seemed to install ok but when I logged in I just got a spinning wheel. I had a pause in the download and not sure if it was corrupted.
  9. tj5

    Ozmosis modded BIOS Repository

    That would be awesome - I have two of these mobos. Thanks!
  10. I did the 10.11.2 beta update and after rebooting it comes up to the login screen, once logged in the mouse cursor goes into spinning beach ball as well a spinning wheel below the password entry line and it stays permanently hung there. I reinstalled 10.11.1 and everything is back to normal. Not sure what the problem is but I think I'll wait for the next update.
  11. Installed the 10.11.1 beta 2 on my ga-b75m-d3h motherboard and all my usb 3 and usb 2 ports started to work correctly at high speed and the usb 3 would also run usb 2.0 correctly. Prior to this only usb 2.0 would work. My machine is running pretty much with basic clover setup and toledo's alc-897 audio mod. No DSDTs or injections used.
  12. tj5

    OS X El Capitan 10.11 is out ...

    It looks more and more to me that apple is going to add specific usb / machine specific info to prevent hacks from running 100% as macs. The next release(s) after these will reveal a tightening noose of the match to machine id to physical attributes. I think it is unquestionable of what is going on with the beta versions USB specs changing constantly. It will so be only very specific mobos and very sharp developers will be the last ones using hacks. I can see it now has one who has been running hacintoshes for the last 7 years - the empire is striking back. It is now getting beyond a simple n00b to setup one of these systems.
  13. I was hoping for an big improvement to Yosemite but alas, it still looks crappy - still sticking with Mavericks and I guess it is time to move on to Linux or Freebsd. I *really* and absolutely detest the Yosemite font, dock, icons, etc. pretty much everything. It just sucks and blows. I have two imacs my wife uses and it is all I can do to look at the hideous interface when working on her computers it is absolute torture. It is a toss between windows 8/10 which is more hideous and don't even get me started on iPhones, thank God for android.
  14. tj5

    Apple redesigns OS X.

    Yes, that is quite an improvement.