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‘There’s more in the making’ - October 30th

  • There's more things to coming in this mouth! What it can be?

Apple reveils that in this month we'll see more news. This new keynote will happens at Brooklyn at 10 am EDT.

The following news to come are:


  • iPad Pro - more models
  • Macbook Air
  • Mac mini
  • iMac


This is the new Apple products!


Macbook Air



Mac mini



A upgrade to the Macbook Pro - Now with Radeon Pro Vega

This will happens next month


iPad Pro

  • 1TB of storage
  • Finally USB-C
  • Powerfull processor



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I don't need them personally, nor even gonna buy one; except as a free gift hah haa.. I'll give them Applause if there's announcement; "Ladies & Gentlemen; Apple are welcoming Nvidia back. We're still a romantic couple for years. Let's move on!" (trust me, I was drunk).

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Sigh... Alright, I'll be the one saying it out loud:


There will be more money making?




[EDIT, after the event:]


One more fanless Macintosh. Cool! I like that.




Just realized the MBA still comes with a fan :hysterical: Oh wow!

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