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Leopard on Quad Core Q6600

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Oh you installed using distros, then retail snow, keke nice.


Everything working without problem?

Yeah, it was much easier to do that than to use a boot CD, although the latest Chameleon RC3 can supposedly handle that fine. Everything else is working A-OK except for sleep, which doesn't work in Windows either. All total I spent about ~$700 for a PC last winter that is still capable of a 7500 in Geekbench - not too shabby.


My only issue was with some kernel panics after the install, but that was due to permission issues with S/L/E and E/E, which is easily fixed by booting into 10.5 and repairing from there. Good luck!

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after trying a few different versions of cdinject, and now a compiled usb, I am currently getting through an install on a usb drive attached, but I don't get why its not seeing the internal SATA bus with the current two leopard drives in the computer...

im missing some step here, but I havent seen this being a problem for everyone, and my drives are GUID already.



the install on the usb worked, now trying to get the bootloader to run it.

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I´m running SL on my GA EP45-DS3 mobo, Q6600 cpu, Sata hdds. I did it the "old way" from a Leo and also with a boot 132 cd I found here. Seems you don´t have to use an usb pendrive or what the heck it´s called in english, not with my gear anyway. My two cheap noname 7300 gs 512 pcie videocards I bought from hongkong (ebay) works better than ever (got three displays).


I searched around here for a week or so trying to figure out how do it and finally I found info and a com.apple.boot.plist, a few kexts, fasls dsdt patcher and drhurts installerpackage with the new chameleon inside. Found this in a couple guides around here.


Boot up is a bit uggly but it works and it´s about as quick as my old good looking 10.5.6. It shuts down too takes a while but it does shut down. Internal drives show up as grey internal even timemachine works.


Logic works too etc etc

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