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  1. For some reason when I install ML it runs fine but im missing some of the app icons which is werid has anyone else ran into this problem thanks
  2. igotjshoe

    Bootloader issue

    Same boat over here too.
  3. igotjshoe

    Some help with network

    i recently install SL everything is running smooth but i can get the internet working right i have a rtl8169s ethernet card when i run the diagnostics ethernet is green network setting is yellow isp is green an internet and server is run. any help would be nice thanks
  4. igotjshoe

    Leopard on Quad Core Q6600

    mines is still buggy but hopefully over time that will be fix i get a geekbench score 7255 with it though
  5. igotjshoe

    NTFS in Snow Leopard?

    go here this is how i got woring http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=186460
  6. igotjshoe

    Leopard on Quad Core Q6600

    i think i fix it it not showing to have quartz running but the graphics feel like it is
  7. igotjshoe

    Leopard on Quad Core Q6600

    finally got snow leopard working thanks icchan-san for the help
  8. igotjshoe

    Leopard on Quad Core Q6600

    i tried the efi stuido for the graphics card an that was a no go
  9. igotjshoe

    Leopard on Quad Core Q6600

    still a no go
  10. igotjshoe

    Leopard on Quad Core Q6600

    well i use this snowosx universal dvd 3.5 but yea i got it working but no audio quartz extreme or quartzcl
  11. igotjshoe

    Leopard on Quad Core Q6600

    has anyone tried to install snow leopard on it yet
  12. i got it up and running but its very sluggish and graphics are acting up any suggestions thanks
  13. Everytime i installed it i get kernal panic off the jump i had no problem running leopard flawless so if anyone can help thanks
  14. igotjshoe

    Mac OS X Puma (10.1)

    i got mines from thepirate... ; )
  15. hey man i have the same hp has u an im running leopard no problem but i notice your using a distro why dont u do a vanilla install like i did man i have everything running plus i can update etc...