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  1. I tried and didn't see it when the adapter first arrived, but did not spend a lot of time troubleshooting on the windows [switching bios etc] since it was a mac specific product and it might not be supported. Ill re-check tonight and post results, / start looking for a windows compatible device in case.
  2. its a elgato thunderbolt 2 hub for my current test device that works, worked. I got a apple thunderbolt 3-2 adapter yesterday. Now it does show up in the menu as being "attached,detached, not connected" but nothing ever mounts thats attached to it went through bios, check off legacy thunderbolt and tried secure ID way as well. - no audio passthru etc. was looking over trying to use pci export from hackitool to identify stuff and possibly get the ipgu to report back to power gadget, reading through attached thread and a similar one over at that other hackintosh blog [[SOLVED] Missing IGPU trace with Intel Power Gadget] -it didn't work adding all devices yet but I was planning on trying them one at a time next. Id also planned on spending work downtime this week reading through your ssdt section of this build to see if I can get any insights on how everything works together. I'm not saavy enough yet to see big picture, but readings fundamental!
  3. "no thunderbolt working to report yet but thats probably a cabling issue" got new thunderbolt 3-2 apple cable today, still not getting any thunderbolt access at boot or otherwise, cycled through reboot steps to test - double checked bios etc. no suggestions just reporting. Ive read the issues listing on github. should we report stuff here or there? anyway, as always thanks for all the work on getting this device to work as well as it does!
  4. i used 2 of these WD Blue 3D NAND 1TB PC SSD - SATA III 6 Gb/s, M.2 2280 - WDS100T2B0B for dual booting, and the BCM94360CS2 WiFi Bluetooth Airport Wireless Card discussed with adapter did the case mod mentioned but everything's been working great, and i've had it running nonstop since last thurs maybe rebooting twice. watching and ramping it up it to see if it can step into being a daily home machine. only issues so far were usb external drives were kicking off initially but now sleep and remount. I was getting a ton of screen tearing and flashing at wake, but adjusted the 4k monitors resolution to a different scaling [my old eyes] and thats been gone for a couple days now too. no thunderbolt working to report yet but thats probably a cabling issue, updated cable is on the way for T2 elgato hub. oddly, I dont every get any graphics feedback in the intel power gadget so I was reading around to seeany background on that issue on other setups. Using latest version of this guides assets.
  5. my hp wave model had that same intel card in it as these nuc, when I had it initially hacked it last fall it showed working bluetooth [Ive not done the ssdt for usb so the inject all is bringing it in]. it reported active and would connect some items poorly. Replacing the intel cards with the broadcom+ adapter mentioned in this guide fixed both wifi and BT without any additional kext hacks or anything. definitely worth the modding
  6. hey all, was setting up computer to use and saw that theres no thunderbolt "no drivers are loaded" in the system report, hub is not showing, everybody else have working thunderbolt? will check out updated build thanks!
  7. once I got the sata 100 kext patch this was sorted, so not too big a road block [other than the stoned hrs it took to diagnose] having another build and some working external hackintosh drives really helped to analyse. i got to the desktop and full video but not done finessing it down into the OP initials build. I didn't get time til sunday to actually work with it. This thing is really fast!
  8. ok, here's some stupid questions, after seeing my clover build end user error issues resolved Ive gotten to the installer screen many times with different sets of drivers finally lining up with Schnubbi mostly for the final folder build for the installer disk. my issue is I don't have any internal drives showing up once the installer is loaded to write a OS X- and I've got two SSD that show up in bios, windows. I also made an external OS X mojave drive I had from HP WAVE installs into a bootable adding efi with the exact basic set from the OSY original post to test ways in, and I can boot into it but don't see the internal drives when in in the desktop. I've been trying different old solves in bios [legacy on, off. the ahci setting for SATA ands that looks right too. anyway. at least I got somewhere today and can see its potential working. some spin off technology, while i was fooling with it and referring to my previous build I modded my hpwave to fit the wifi card from this guide in it and ordered a new one for the nuc, works great out of the box so thats a little win …and with some reading I found the SATA 100 patch kexts and thet sorted that out so installing now to my internal stick, so now get that card in the mail again swap it in and it's set. thanks for all the help and insights everyone, i'll report back in a bit after I explore whats working after the wifi is in.
  9. so I looked at that rehabman github page but do not know how to implement that patch, is it supposed to be added to your config? Is it supposed to compile into an additional kext? sorry for the dumb questions but this is a different experience than previous builds. previous systems were more hobbled together over a period as I fixed stuff incrementally, haven't had this much of a problem getting to a install screen. You don't happen to know what version of clover you're using, the more recent one seems to put stuff in a couple of new places and I went back to an earlier build. I figure if I align it might be easier. thanks for reading
  10. thanks taking whole kit home to work on, been trying to do install at office in downtime [I should know better] will check out link and adjust to get a better log.I didn't mod the config, Id initially thought to add a custom UUID to the file you provide, then backed out, and reinstalled the one in your collect. I appreciate the the input and all your work on this project.
  11. Doh! well Im into my setup fro the 65w version, and have built an installer a couple of times, but it keeps hanging after boot into the os install. attached KP screen. If anyone sees anything to suggest feel free to offer a suggestion. thanks!
  12. I did the update straight from the App Store and It just updated automatically - nothing appeared to get broke, touch sound power management all ok. This is the most trouble free build I've had in a while.
  13. ran the update no problems to 10.11.2 this am, so far everythings still good to go. kwj
  14. regarding the sleep /usb eject, I always had this problem with my SD card slot, I still do whenever the unit awakes from very deep sleep. I had it with the old set up I had as well as my current build. hope this info is helpful
  15. new card worked great, typing on it now, still figuring out details about rest of system, and will try out that audio mod as soon as I get a weekend to read try redo, etc. thanks for the info and trailblazing on the new update. quick edit, tried the touchbase, had the install issues, tried the trial one supplied in [i think] edwin's guide pg 4 and it worked so I contacted the company before I went to bed last night and overnight they sent the updated driver, so whoever upthread had the same install fail, just get in touch with touchbase [ouch] one more quick note - hats off to midi for the audio patch, it totally worked, easy instructions, and its the first time Ive had audio since 10.8 Im not sure it ever worked on this machine, I cant thank rehabman for all his kext and injectors that have simplified this enough either. k