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ThunderBolt Drivers

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15 hours ago, luki1979 said:

My motherboard has Thunderbolt port. Just got cheapo Thunderbolt compatible USB C to HDMI and USB 3.0 adapter. Display works straight away and USB Drive works and hot plugs. The only thing that Thunderbolt is still not recognised, port just turned to USB 3.1 Bus as shows in Hackintool and messing my 15 port limit patch. I don't have real Thunderbolt device to do further checks.


The limit is 15 ports per controller / hub. Each digit of the Location ID is limited to 15 values (123456789ABCDEF) because Apple never thought a single controller would have more than that many ports (before Intel chipsets supported USB 3.0). Usually, only an Intel chipset USB controller will have more than 15 ports.


In your screen shot, the the USB controller at 0x14 (the Intel chipset USB controller named XHC) might have more than 15 USB ports but it's currently only showing 12 so it's ok.


The Thunderbolt USB controller (XHC5) in your screenshot only ever has 4 USB ports so it will never be a problem.

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5 hours ago, luki1979 said:

Thank you for cleaning that up for me, previous photo didn't show all ports but my XHC is maxed to 15 ports so that Thunderbolt port is actually handy! Here is full screenshot:


Looks like you have room for 4 more ports. Location IDs 0x14100000 to 0x14400000 are not listed - do they exist in the ioreg output?

ioreg -ilw0 | perl -e '
	$thepath=""; while (<>) {
		if ( /^([ |]*)\+\-o (.+)  </ ) { $indent = (length $1) / 2; $name = $2; $thepath =~ s|^((/[^/]*){$indent}).*|$1/$name| }
		if ( /^[ |]*"(locationID)" = (\d+)/ ) { $prop = $1; $hex = sprintf("0x%08X", $2); $hex =~ s|^0xFFFFFFFF([89A-F])|0x$1|; print $thepath . "/" . $prop . " = " . $hex . "\n" }


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On 8/4/2018 at 2:14 AM, zeyoung said:

i 've read this tread i try to have my antelope zentour working on my asus prime X299-A with the TB3 ex.

i've install the SSDT from KGP and modified it with my PCIe location, but i've no luck.

i can see the the device when i plug it but there is no new audio device installed.

here is the picture when the device is plugged.



and here is the modified SSDT

SSDT-X299-TB3-iMacPro-Combo-ASUS.aml 8.35 kB · 16 downloads

Anyone have a idea how to got this device working?


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does anyone know how to inject drom into tianocore?


for thunderbolt in linux kernel
/* tb_drom_copy_efi - copy drom supplied by EFI to sw->drom if present */
static int tb_drom_copy_efi(struct tb_switch *sw, u16 *size)
struct device *dev = &sw->tb->nhi->pdev->dev;

where is the sw tb nhi pdev dev from? can I cat it in some sys filesystem or use some c code to dump it out? thx

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