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  1. Is done. Works like a charm. Thanks
  2. Yes, but how can i mount it? Suppose i have a drive named HP and the .dmg is in the root drive. How can i mount it? Thanks
  3. Will test it today. Is there any way how to mount the .dmg file in recovery mode using Terminal? Thanks
  4. Hmm. Also, i noticed one thing. Two scenarios. 1. On VM, internet is available and the installation can continue. 2. On VMware, no internet is available and after erasing the drive, it says, this installer file is damaged. In scenario one, after checking the logs, i came to know that the installer is establishing some connection to the internet and downloading something for sure.
  5. Yes, that's correct. Endless loop. Any idea what's the error about?
  6. @Pavo I want to ask something. Is it possible to restore the .dmg to the main disk? What i mean is. I have the .dmg and the system has Catalina installed on which i want to install Big Sur. I also have Catalina USB where i can boot into the recovery, locate the .dmg file and restore it to the main Catalina drive. Is that possible? I also problem with my Laptop. With one EFI, the Audio and WiFi doesn't works. Can you check? Thanks
  7. Can you put some light on this? As after installation, it boots back to the installed one instead of the bootable iso. Thanks
  8. Can you post your EFI? Thanks
  9. Can you provide your EFI? I'm scratching my head since last 3 days. Sometimes few things works, sometimes, doesn't.
  10. Broadcomm BCM94352Z on Laptop.
  11. Hmm. I see.
  12. Is all fixed now. Thanks for all the help
  13. Yes, it is added in the kernel section.
  14. Well, in my case, the kext doesn't loads at all. Can you attach your version? Thanks
  15. I used -brcmfxbeta but it doesn't loads. Any idea? Thanks