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  1. The Tech

    unable to enable gpu UHD630

    What SMBIOS?
  2. The Tech

    unable to enable gpu UHD630

    Reset BIOS to Defaults and configure the following BIOS Settings OC Tweaker \ DRAM Configuration → Load XMP Setting : XMP 2.0 Profile 1 Advanced \ CPU Configuration → Intel Virtualization Technology : Enabled Advanced \ Chipset Configuration → Vt-d : Disabled Advanced \ Chipset Configuration → IOAPIC 24-119 Entries: Enabled Advanced \ Storage Configuration → Sata Mode Selection: AHCI Advanced \ Super IO Configuration → Serial Port: Disabled Advanced \ USB Configuration → Legacy USB Support : Enabled Advanced \ USB Configuration → PS/2 Simulator : Disabled Advanced \ USB Configuration → XHCI Hand-off : Enabled Security \ Secure Boot → Secure Boot: Disabled Boot → Fast Boot: Disabled Boot → Boot From Onboard LAN: Disabled Advanced \ Chipset Configuration → Primary Graphics Adapter : Onboard Advanced \ Chipset Configuration → Share Memory : 64MB Advanced \ Chipset Configuration → IGPU Multi-Monitor : Enabled
  3. The Tech

    unable to enable gpu UHD630

    Post all your BIOS settings. Each tabs and settings is required.
  4. The Tech

    unable to enable gpu UHD630

    What's your Motherboard?
  5. The Tech

    unable to enable gpu UHD630

    I didn't got time. Try this CLOVER.zip What's your monitor connection?
  6. The Tech

    unable to enable gpu UHD630

    Post your Clover folder.
  7. The Tech

    unable to enable gpu UHD630

    Try this: https://www.elitemacx86.com/threads/fix-intel-uhd-graphics-630-on-10-12-6.217/
  8. I remember this. And even Thanked you for this. On a HP Laptop, i used the same patches and ig-platform-id.
  9. Couple of months ago, i tested HD 520 on my friend's Laptop. HP Laptop. And it worked fine. No WEG, no Lilu. and no Framebuffer patch.
  10. I sold my old Notebook already. Got new ones. Okay
  11. Correct. Also, i doubt, why El Capitan? Try Mojave and also let me know about the results.
  12. Yes, i understand this logic. And there should be kernel panic. But the size is being set from BIOS. That's the reason. I tested this on my old Broadwell Laptop. And it worked fine with Sierra.
  13. Cause, it's being set by BIOS. And why this ig-platform will have errors? It's a valid platform id for all 5XX series for Laptops.
  14. Mate, i know these. Not a kid here. I know what DVMT is. And OS X/macOS requires more than 32MB to boot otherwise a kernel panic would be there. Even for a 4K,OHD, UHD panel, the DVMT needs to be unlocked. It can be unlocked via BIOS options like ASUS. If not possible, using EFI Shell. If both unavailable, using a Framebuffer patch in Kexts To Patch, or Devices>Properties (Mojave), can be achieved. I hope you this clears your confusion about me that i don't know about DVMT. EDIT: Your config.plist is a mess.
  15. Yeah, sometimes, the ASUS Laptop can use both. 32MB and 64MB. I've tested couple of it. And both of them offers QE/CI. I tested it from Sierra, HS, and Mojave. Since HS, i'm using WEG and Lilu.