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Vista gets a realease date!


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Microsoft, serious? NO WAY!!


Nah im goign to wait for 0-day :P

What's the fuss about this vista? It looks nice but it's too harware demanding.

My latitude D600 has same problem in vista like in osX. No decent video driver for radeon mobility 9000. Microsoft installs one by default with 2D acceleration, still better than none, I guess. ATi has no plans to support this video card for vista. It seems you gotta have some newer card like 9600 or somethin.

So i would need a new laptop. Well, I guess i'd rather run osx and xp on my old one. :)

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Well almost any new OS is demanding and quite honestly, they are written poorly to implement the beautiful GUIs that are so hardware demanding...


Seems in programming there is a trend...

Languages get more sophisticated so you expect SOME growth...

However, programmers get more lazy and don't tweak code enough.


The end result is a positive while the journey to get there took 2x as long.

As for support, ultimately I don't a {censored} who makes the baddest ass hardware...if they don't give support for products that are 2-3 years old, their company is {censored} in my mind.


People in general only go for the most pro leet hardware and never stop to think what will that hardware do for you in the future. What will that company do to support you and your purchased product in the future.


This trend will never change with uneducated consumers dropping their infinite amounts of cash down for the "gotta have it now" cutting edge.


Even if you are really wealthy you should avoid this type of consumerism.

Yes, it's great to stimulate the economy and further the advancement of technology but most times these incrimental increases in performance are NOT properly planned or thought out.


Example: intel core duo, core 2 duo, core 2 duo 2 (quad core).

Within a few months time (maybe 3-5 months tops) they have jumped.

Each time they do this new waves of machines are sold and people get screwed by the companies they write their checks to.


Just food for thought...

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vista isn't really more demanding than xp was. i compared my ram/cpu use from xp to vista, and it's REALLY close, vista uses just slightly more (but sometimes a lot less, i've attributed this to superfetch). granted aero uses a little more ram than i would think necessart, it's not completely done yet, they still need to remove the debugging code. i'm sure that will provide a boost, and the way they've been making fixes, it should be even better. i started out thinking vista was gonna be horrible, but after seeing 5840, i think they're gonna do alright.

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