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  1. Thoughts about Mavericks with Atom (yes, Atom)

    I have installed Mavericks now on a Acer Revo R3700, using the lapfix kernel and no special flags.. QE/CI all looks good but slow as expected. USB ok No sound. WiFi....No (Ralink chip set, needs 64bit drivers from OEM) @aboveunrefined for the blank screen. Try the flag "GraphicsEnabler"=Yes I had this issue initially which this flag fixed
  2. SATA DVD Drive locking up

    The SATA fixes are from the Hazard DVD installation menu which has AHCI SATA Fix Extra/Extensions Legacy SATA Fix IOATAFamily Fix IOATAFamily SATA Fix Extra/Extensions Manually I have tried adding some kext which was for systems with >= 4GBram but this did work either, so reverted back. [i forgot where I got this kext maybe from Hazard forums?] Also all my HDDs are SATA & SL is installed on MBR partitions.
  3. SATA DVD Drive locking up

    Hi All, I have installed Snow Leopard 10.6.2 on my AMD rig with Hazard. Almost everything works properly except the DVD Drive.. When I load any disk, it attempts to spinup/read/spindown/spinup for a long time.. Pressing eject (physically & via toolbar) does nothing.. It appears to be totally hung/locked. Doing a simple reboot does not fix it. I have to shutdown,switch off the power and reboot. Then the DVD "unlocks" itself... What is happening here?. I have tried various kexts for sata fix/ahci etc..nothing has changed things.. I installed SL with the DVD but on full installation it does not work ?? Thanks in advance..
  4. :-( Ah well..I havent given up yet.. eBay here I come for the rare Socket 754 SSE3 ! (AMD 3400+ Venice I believe) or somebody is inspired to modify for SSE2 also !
  5. My Old school hardware didnt work.. Is that SSE2 also for you? Mine does not go futher after getting the correct boot device..(keyboard & mouse also dont work) Any help appreciated !
  6. Anybody got this working on a AMD SSE2 system ? Do I have to wait for different kernel ? I have followed the steps but my boot stops at "waiting for dsmos" => Freeze after this & hard disk powers down.
  7. iDeneb v1.3 10.5.5 Released!

    Thanks for this release ! This is the best one I have used till now. Almost everything works straight away ! Only issue was sound : Initially no sound, then after some trawling throuh search I fixed it by adding the "ADS70" string into AppleAC97Audio.kext Now sounds better though the mp3s play a bit faster than normal , so sound a bit squeaky !
  8. Snow pussy pwned ;)

    That was fast ! Well done ! /bow Looking forward to run this kitty on my AMD64
  9. Who's more beautiful?

    Left. as Slightly more classy... Since there were only 2 choices, otherwise I would have voted for the pink one, as she is "bigger".
  10. VM or SKY or FREEVIEW

    VM 3 ! Around 27£, 4MB(10MB soon) + Phone (Unlimited) + TV (Basic) VM Internet has been rock solid for me for years now (ADSL just not reliable enough in my area)
  11. Hello All, I installed Zephyroth's AMD 10.5.2 Leopard.. Almost everything is working great expect that I cant seem to get any sound. Having trawled for days to try various ideas (kext editing, permissions etc & the like).. but not much luck.. AppleAC97VIA...is loaded but still no sound. I fixed a similar issue on my Tiger with a modified AppleAC97Via kext (pattjin)..but the same idea does not seem to work on Leopard. Anybody else come across something similar for the (Leopard) SoundMax audio on a VIA chipset ? Specifications as in my sig. Thanks in advance. ChiefWiggum
  12. I have no sound :-( Anybody got SoundMax Audio working on the VIA chipset.. ? or has pointers for me ? I tried some kext editing with dev its etc.. now the AppleAC97Via.kext loads but no sound still.. Otherwise the installation is working nice !
  13. PC: My creation ! Graphics: XFX NVidia 7600GS. No QE/CI at start but after adding my devids =>Full QE/CI Mobo: ASUS K8VSE DX, SSE 2 Processor : AMD64 3200+ Sound: NO Extra items selected during install: MBR Boot loader, NVidia Drivers, NVInject, VIA Chipset drivers, sgke.kext (network) Overall/Summary: Hell YES ! Worked almost straight away for me. Sound is not working. (I assume in need a special AppleAC97AudioVIA.kext from somewhere ? Help :-P) Almost forgot.. .Many thanks to Zephyroth !
  14. I have got the EXACT same problem.. Trawling through search at the moment, but havent got a solution yet.. If somebody got more info.. please reply !
  15. MMORPG

    I am currently playing PlaneShift (On WinXP) Its got several clients (WinXP, Linux, OSX) It is generally a work in progress BUT its fantastic !! WinXP client is a bit unstable but generally quite good. I havent managed to get PlanetShift MaxOSX running on my hackintosh. Anybody else got it working ?