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  1. Asus P5N7A-VM

    Restart works here (supplemental update using ev0restart in /e/e) Using signal64 supplied dsdt and audio kext + installer from 10.6.2 -- audio is fine
  2. Yes. You have the server correct and the channel is: #lion Hope to see you contribute soon. Now I must work on NUKING tonymacfail{censored}.
  3. This is a better attitude. It's nice to see someone responding in a positive manner and allowing TRUTH to prevail. I commend you for at least being honest and working to fix your mistakes. Perhaps in the future you could join us on irc and work on projects together instead of drive wedges between us?
  4. You're the joke here Janek. In your first post you claim "...my work..." then when called out publicly you admit not giving credit. After this, you come here admitting it's mostly not your work and admit failing to give credit? Good step in the right direction but how about actually DOING SOMETHING BOUT IT? Put NAMES on your SITE -- IN YOUR SOURCE -- IN THE INSTALLER PYTHON APP ITSELF! FFS don't pretend ANY donations you receive are yours...they belong to the community who really doesn't even want them! Don't just claim you made a mistake and then pretend I will go away. Without the other people's work your project never exists. Leaving their names out certainly IMPLIES this was all your work. Then, your kakewalk release dates coincide with nawcoms update to contis myhack and contis new myhack beta. Looks suspicious. There are also some pretty terribad flaws in your coding and project -- it has limited scope. Check yourself before you wreck yourself you dirty swede.
  5. Oh these aren't threats. I will attempt always to reveal the truth and expose people for the frauds they are. You don't have to like me or approve of my methods but remember eyes and ears everywhere. He claims it as HIS WORK and none of it is original...he's just another tonymacfail{censored}. I personally speak with virtually every mainstream and most of the underground developers. NOTHING insults or bothers them more than people like this assclown stealing their ideas, methods, code, etc. I speak for them and all truth when I can -- right is right and wrong is wrong. We have your gmail address janek. That's just the start.
  6. Chameleon RC5 Meklort's Branch

    Really? Spreading such hateful lies and misinformation? His trunk work continues but the vast majority of commits to the trunk have been from meklort. Do you at all read the front page of IM? v0ltr0n is his project with nawcom (blackosx did the logo based on my design)! Why was such a comment made? People have feelings...
  7. Thought everyone might like this: Enjoy. I'd like to comment how incredibly lame this author is selling such a book and failing to credit about 50 people who are pillars of this community. Great fail, Mr. Baldwin.
  8. Still PCWIZ does not reply. Proof he only started this thread for attention and to stir the pot.
  9. Asus P5N7A-VM

    DSDT is a table found within a bios...you must dump a copy of it from win.lin, or os x using the proper tools/scripts. Once it's dumped there are many edits you can apply not all of them are required. If you want to skip using a dsdt altogether you can...instead you can use kexts. DSDT is NOT required but suggested to remove 3rd party kexts like evorestart etc.
  10. Asus P5N7A-VM

    You can ONLY use 1 injection method to fix your gfx. Discrete graphics card such as nvidia should work fine if your dsdt is edited properly or the bios is edited properly. Then you wouldn't need GraphicsEnabler or NvEnabler.kext. But again, this is why I tell people stop using modded bios. B/c you don't know what was modded. Even if the author who modded the bios is an expert and documented everything, you're still the end user. If YOU YOURSELF are NOT an expert stop using goddamn modded bios. B/c it teaches you nothing and creates more support issues -- why don't you send the author of the modded bios these questions directly? Oh? He isn't available or doesn't answer fast enough? I rest my case.
  11. @hagar work is work -- paid wages or not -- work ie labor that was my point. I'm pretty well schooled in the back door dealings of the hands that made cash on this site and those who were given nothing.
  12. I don't blame any staff on this site for giving up as easily as the developers who were here first and were later banned.suspended. or quit. However, if you still work here -- that's cool it does have something to offer -- even if it's a unique history. I admire guys like hagar who try hard to help people but I wish for 1 goddamn second pcwiz would chime in...
  13. You CAN change your resolution by editing your VM's config file. Here's a guide done by aschar:
  14. @FormerlyKnownAs If you think IM is the only place to get help with your hackintosh...you're the prime example of what hagar speaks about above. You won't find me in these forums writing page upon page of supportive and helpful guides. I do most of my helping live and in person on irc. So please don't try to challenge me, you'll lose. Additionally, part of what I do for this community is behind the scenes -- uniting the talent that makes all this possible. @hagar I understand you want to keep order here @ IM but pcwiz did leave an open ended question in his original post. Perhaps it's time after so long to hear it directly from his peers that his contributions are his. But open ended questions lend themselves to the opinions of others and maybe that's what he's after...
  15. VirtualBox has the most 3D support but it's not perfected yet. This isn't really designed to replace a bare-metal installation. Instead, it can teach you about efi boot, using boot cds, and the basics of how the OS looks and feels. It WILL support/run a majority of applications without problems. Just don't expect miracles. And when someone creates a miracle, tonymac will probably rename it to something else and claim he invented it.