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Guide Samsung Ativ 700t (Yosemite)

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Um guys :frantics: need you attention here, I'm lookong for this tablet on ebay and amazon, but I could only find used/refurbished items, well that's not a matter. As on Amazon, there was new for $750 (then you add the shipment and other taxes and fees) or higher, but on ebay I found it used at $539 (+taxes and fees which will make it $700 at least), but I'm still not sure about what to take, and I'm afraid to be scamed. The model I found is a A02US (which comes with GPS and NFC, please someone tell me if that's true).

So here is one: http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=331492844144&alt=web

Thanks, and those 6hours of continuous usage?

Btw, I linked this thread to an xda thread, it was about android on this tablet ;) Once I get this tablet, I'll make a guide for you guys for triple boot (or quadruple, but most likely just dual boot because of the limited ssd!) ;)

When I use the tablet, i get 3 Hours :) Playing some games like hearthstone.


Android is working, but i changed my wifi card to an BCM943225 HMB. This card has some problems I can not solve at the moment.


Also I changed the SSD with a crucial m550 512GB. Half/half for windows and OS X.

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I bought mine yesterday and start installing hackintosh. But attachment says "We could not find the attachment you were attempting to view." could you please upload it again. thanks.




I bought mine yesterday and start installing hackintosh. But attachment says "We could not find the attachment you were attempting to view." could you please upload it again. thanks.



You're unlucky atm :P the servers went down (the host to be more specific) few days ago and they backed up back the site and every photo have been removed and the files couldn't be downloaded, for now, we wait fro OP to reupload his file (that's why I usually use dropbox or mega.co.nz :) )



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Bad news guys, I may not buy it, looks like it will be a waist of money for me as a student, since even autocad wont run as it should on it :( I really want it but there are some serious barriers that make me not to buy it! Again, if anyone have it and can use autocad smoothly (light autocad, at least for architecture student like me) then tell me about your experience. Cuz a $600 tablet is not for entertaining, $200 are made for that. And moreover, if Im gonna buy it then throw it after several months, it's not worth it. Sorry guys :( I would really like a penabled tablet. Too bad ATIV Q never saw the light.

@OP. Please update the first post, or anybody please make a "what works and not" list, it's really confusing going through all these posts!!

Thanks again and sorry.

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ok I'll fix the link for you:




Just asking ... Why do you have voodoobattery and ACPIBatteryManager too :| if you use the DSDT patch, no need of that voodoobattery

Here! Even tho it's not me it's op's files and they ahve some stuff missing!

Hi midi ッ,


I saw your link, some post before, but the link seem broken.

a google drive could be possible please ?

Also, I don't find Clover_v2k_r2703.pkg.

there is plenty of other version, and I read that some version of clover will not allow to boot this device.

someone could share it also please ?


I tried some other tuto for this device, and I cannot see the clover bootloader at all (bios set properly, select boot menu etc...).

this tuto is my last hope to see this working.


thanks a lot


You can use this file to install: https://leod.dyndns-server.com/owncloud/index.php/s/vfeFmikzTMzhO1p (link is valid until May 1st). For the ACPIBatteryManager to work you will have to patch your DSDT file with the patch provided by RehabMan witch can be found here: https://github.com/RehabMan/Laptop-DSDT-Patch/blob/master/battery/battery_Samsung-NP470R5E.txt


Just follow the instructions by OP but use the files provided in the ZIP file above.

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