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  1. midi-sama

    El Capitan UEFI Clover on Sony Vaio S

    Pretty old issue, here is the fix: https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/guide-laptop-backlight-control-using-applebacklightinjector-kext.218222/ You'll have to remake the DSDT as before but without the PNLF patch. And follow the guide as is (the AppleBrightnessInjector kext, the Clover patch, the PNLF SSDT, and that's it).
  2. USB should work OOB, it's USB not PCI-e.
  3. Just going to jump here: sadly EasyUEFI now requires a paid license to add/edit/remove UEFI entires, basically it's useless in its "Free" form.
  4. midi-sama

    Issue with Clover

    Why would you set Legacy if you have UEFI? Also, using BDU to make a clover USB installer isnt an EZ setup, you need to open your clover partition and copy needed drivers from drivers-off > drivers64UEFI back to drivers64UEFI in the clover folder, make sure the config.plist is correct (you can use http://cloudclovereditor.altervista.org/ for easy config making). Also make sure you have APFS.efi and HFSPlus.efi if you're going to install macOS (google those).
  5. midi-sama

    [GUIDE] [10.12] Sierra on Tab!

    On my experience with HS on HD4000 systems similar to ATIV, I think it's ok to upgrade, you will still need to fix brightness after the upgrade. I recommend you TO NOT USE APFS. Skip the conversion, as it creates many issues (I dont have the tablet with me, but I do have many SSDs at home, some work fine with APFS, others dont, as they show slowness and corrupt data), so the safest way is to upgrade without converting (you can google for rehabman's guide on how to do it). Also, make a full TM backup before upgrading, because HS has introduced many graphical issues and instabilities. As of now, I'm using a Thinkpad P50, and even with that powerful iGPU (with Xeon CPU), HS managed to mess up and I went back to Sierra. Same goes with the VAIO. If you're ok with installing the HS then restoring it if anything happened, let us about the result.
  6. Tbh, it look noice! Tho, it's way too drastic, and Apple will not make it like that, unless they go with a touch friendly interface (which they said they will not do). And as fantomas1 said, it's gonna be macOS 10.14, as 11 would mean some really huge leap in the OS.
  7. midi-sama

    El Capitan UEFI Clover on Sony Vaio S

    Good, I've been using 10.13 for a while now, however, I gave my laptop a family member since I got a new laptop, so I havent been doing much on it. Anyways, here is things to be changed about the guide on OP: - for Audio : AppleALC + Lilu + Inject = 3 in clover (no need for HDAS DSDT renaming) + UseIntelHDMI to get HDMI audio + Either ResetHDA or CodecCommander (I recommend CodecCommander) - for brightness : Check Rehabman's guide on AppleBrightnessInjector (simple: 1 kexts to be put in /Library/Extensions + Clover patch + a generic SSDT in rehabman's repo) guide: https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/guide-laptop-backlight-control-using-applebacklightinjector-kext.218222/ - for USB 2.0: use USBInjectAll + SSDT-UIAC (check rehabman's guide, https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/guide-creating-a-custom-ssdt-for-usbinjectall-kext.211311/).If I have some time, I may make you a correct SSDT (do it yourself first). - for Nvidia: New way to disable it from config.plist alone or via a generic SSDT https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/guide-disabling-discrete-graphics-in-dual-gpu-laptops.163772/ - for DSDT: again, if I have some time, maybe I'll make some SSDTs for 100% hotpatch for this VAIO, may need tweaking for some models - for stability: myeah, it's usually HS's issue, HS has been a mess of instability and sadness. Try Sierra and see the results for yourself and tell us here. - for boot glitch: I've read that IntelGraphicsFixUp fixes it, but this kext is to be used with 4th gen iGPU, test it and give feedback (will not break anything, if it doesnt affect anything, it's fine, just remove it then, to be used with Lilu too) - for kexts: I recommend you to put all your injected kexts in kexts > Other, and remove the 10.XX folders as there may be some injection issues, or simply paste all your kexts in /Library/Extensions, then run in terminal: sudo chown -R root:wheel /L*/E*; sudo chmod -R 755 /L*/E*; sudo kextcache -i / then reboot. NOIIICE! I liek! I'll make one too for my Thinkpad!
  8. midi-sama

    [GUIDE] [10.12] Sierra on Tab!

    sadly, my tablet has a broken screen now (made sure of that), and I dont seem to find an alternative. My fan is pulsing and I dont know why, also the SUB part of the motherboard (with wifi-3G-wacom connector) broke and I cant find a replacement. if Anyone knows how to repair that and what parts I need, please PM me. Thanks.
  9. midi-sama

    How do I tell if a mother board is supported?

    Honestly, I'm not of a desktop build guy. I would recommend you to choose parts that will work the best for windows/lx as primary goal, then make it work with macos. Idk what's the difference between those mobos (since i don't buy them separately, i always use laptops) but if it's worth the money (and effort), go for it. Ask this in the AMD section, they know the best. Good luck.
  10. midi-sama

    How do I tell if a mother board is supported?

    Lmao! You went direct south with that config. Anyway, it's not officially supported by apple but you can go the AMD section here, there is a dedicated thread on how to run macos on ryzen (which is actually quite good!). But since you have an AMD builr it will be harder than any other intel build. You will have to deal with custom kernel on each update (idk about that that much anyway but i heard there was some good news for ryzen cpus) and repatching every other kext too (it's a typical procedure on any hackintosh but more tedious on amd). But hey, you're not losing anything if you try. Good luck. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/321626-ryzen-macos-1012x-sierra-kernel-researchdevelopment-thread/?do=findComment&comment=2377961 http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/324392-ryzen-clover-installation-guide-macos-sierra/?do=findComment&comment=2442188 Some links that may be useful
  11. midi-sama

    Dell Vostro 5460 All-in-one PC

    Ok I wont be of much help but here are some stuff I know 1) There is a shutdown DSDT fix in Rehabman's fixes, try them also patch for IRQ HPET Mutex (under sys) and other stuff (do not apply two patches of the same category -like shutdown fix 1 and 2- 2) in addition to IRQ fix, CodecCommander and AppleALC may be of help. For touch, if it is USB connected, you can check touch-base drivers (you said it "worked", so I guess it's USB driven). Use clover > kexts folder for kext injection (you will need Lilu -from the same developer- for AppleALC to work). 3) Depends on your audio codec and how it's patched. Some codecs may have variations, so do some tests (that's why I recommend AppleALC as it's patching on-the-fly and you may change the layout-id from clover directly to test out). if none of them work, go to the audio section here and ask for help (or go to applealc thread to ask directly http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/311293-applealc-%E2%80%94-dynamic-applehda-patching/?do=findComment&comment=2221652, you can also go to applehda patcher's thread in the download section, then go to the discussion forum, do NOT post in the download section) 4) I guess it uses Optimus, so you better disable it from the UEFI firmware setup (aka BIOS setup) or using DSDT or SSDT (google that, it may be helpful if you're switching Windows to use that card) 5) ??? is that an issue? 6) That's purely cosmetics, you can manually add the information in clover configurator OR maybe your computer has 2 empty slots and the ram used is soldered to the motherboard (I did not look for your device or tried to, you do the research) Have Fun
  12. midi-sama

    El Capitan UEFI Clover on Sony Vaio S

    For audio, you'll need to read the instruction in AppleALC's documentation HOT STUFF! Someone is working on RLT PCIe card readers http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/321080-sineteks-driver-for-realtek-rtsx-sdhc-card-readers/ Can you try it? As I have my vaio's screen broken and need a replacement, so I cant test it. (also if anyone got a link for a cheap replacement, pls hlp. it's 1600x900 TN panel).
  13. midi-sama

    El Capitan UEFI Clover on Sony Vaio S

    1) Clover configurator: dont use that, it messes with many properties in the config.plist and overwrite many, use plisyeditor, xcode's plist editor or at least this http://tustin2121.github.io/jsPlistor/ 2)Check the guide where to put the injection number for audio. 3) Fix permissions and caches (you may use kext utility app)
  14. midi-sama

    El Capitan UEFI Clover on Sony Vaio S

    So basically your computer is pretty much useless on macOS. Anyway, here are some points to check on your build to make it work (and I may add "should make it work" as I, rn, dont have my VAIO but another computer, so I cannot immediatly give you an fix): Are you using a VAIO SVS or similar? (should be the closest to SVS family, SVT and SVP and SA/B/C are not that close, they have their own problems) Did you really not miss any point of the guide? It's complete and works 1000% of the time, any problem should be in your side Check that you have the latest Clover binaries, use the LZMA compressed release (it's smaller) and copy bootx64.efi and Cloverx64.efi in their places and update driver64UEFI files (one by one, do not paste the whole folder) and make sure you use the latest stable kexts. Make sure you have the vanilla config.plist from rehabman (check the guide) and make sure it's named config.plist (you can change the Audio layout injection as stated below) in clover > kexts folder, you MUST only have one folder named Other (as written here), and contains at least: FakeSMC + VoodooPS2 + Realtek ethernet driver + USBInjectAll. You MAY add these kexts: AppleALC - Lilu - Atheros drivers (built in atheros wifi card if you have it) - FakePCIID kexts - HWInfo - FakeSMC plugins - ACPIBatteryManager - ACPIBrightness - ACPI and any other kexts that the driver developer states possibility to work with clover injection. Kexts that must be on either L/E [Library > Extensions] or S/L/E [system > L > E] (L/E is better for future-proof updates) : DummyHDA (better on SLE) - CodecCommander (better on LE) - VoodooHDA - Patched AppleHDA (only SLE for obvious reasons) - ACPIPoller and any other kext that the developer stated to be stored in SLE or SE. Note: NEVER have a double kext on either of the folders, it may work for some, and it may be also the reason half or all of the other stuff wont work Audio: DO NOT USE A MIX OF PATCHES. So here are the kexts that should go with each other : [AppleALC + Lilu + CodecCommander + Vanilla AppleHDA] OR [Patched AppleHDA + CodecCommander] OR [DummyHDA + Vanilla AppleHDA + CodecCommander] OR [VoodooHDA + Vanilla AppleHDA/Apple HDA Disabler]* . With either ONE of these configurations, audio should work BUT with a valid Audio Inject in EITHER DSDT or config.plist or SSDT injection (try not to mix them, it may be a hit or miss). I think our Audio injection is 3 for AppleALC (also try 13 and 28 for AppleALC only) or 27 for DummyHDA/PatchedHDA (I'm just giving numbers from memory, check the patcher/patching program for the injection layout). With this, you need to reboot your computer 2 to 3 times for some. Brightness and Battery are DSDT realted patches and need their respective kexts, check the DSDT part of the guide and make sure you didnt do any typos or anything that may break your installation. At that I cant help as there is nothing to help you with, the guide is really clear, and use the MaciASL patches instead of the command line, it may help you troubleshooting. Also, now on 10.12.4+, it needs some extra care, check the link on the reply above yours. Hope these 7 points will help you further in your issue. I didnt try this yet, but I'll check it out, does it work for you?
  15. midi-sama

    The OSX tablet experience?

    But it's i2c interface, my tablet has usb touch interface. Luckily i found with the help of some guys on samsung tablet thread a way to lower cpu consumption to normal, it's fast and snappy now, but still UPDD is not cutting it out for us. My tablet's screen died on me recently, and the price of a new one is $100! I got the whole tablet for $200, im not going to pay more for it. I hope i find a tablet as cheap as this one with the possibility of upgrading the wireless chip. The HP Elite 2X seems like a good option now that it has multitouch gestures, but the price is really high. If you (everyone here) have any device in mind, let me know. Thank you!