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Found 13 results

  1. Hello, This guide is about installing Yosemite 10.10.5 or El Capitan PBx 10.11 on Samsung Ativ Pro model (XE700T1C). French version here Not Working:- Wifi, need replacement i used 867Mbps Broadcom BCM4352 BCM94352HMB azurewave aw-ce123h EdwinVarelas used the AR9280 who is working out of the box. if, as midi, you have AR9285, see: post #164 Working: - brightness - battery management - power management - USB3 full speed - hdmi - audio and HDMI audio - wifi/bt (with replacement) - touch - pen (Wacom S-pen) - 3g modem - more ... Information about Sleep: - VoodooPS2.kext broke the sleep if undock and dock the laptop but the fix is press the button volume of the laptop after dock. Required: - working mac or hackintosh - 8Go Usb Disk 1/create USB Bootable key 2/ Bios configuration 3/ Install Mac on target disk At startup press F10 (or Echap) and boot on the usb key. On clover screen, select the install mac osx entry. Follow instruction and install mac os x on target disk.. 4/ post installation After installation finished, boot on usb disk to load clover again 5/ DSDT 6/ SSDT 7/ windows/home bouton mapping : Here i want the windows/home bouton on tablet to launch Launchpad. You can download the modified version here. 8/ Finishing: 9/ Others 10/ Ressources and thanks:
  2. I received my wacom cintiq companion yesterday and i love it but my first order of interest that I had planned was to hackintosh it. I was able to get into bios and boot it into a linux live usb but for some reason every OSX installer usb I make is either not recognized at all or wont load up. I have tried different versions of OSX and different versions/types of usb drives. The BIOS seems like it might be somewhat restricted but I cleared out as many security features as possible and still nothing. Is there a boot loader like a linux live usb that will recognize an OSX installer partition on the same usb drive? Any ideas? Im kind of stumped.
  3. cedemax

    iconia w700

    Hi everyone! I´m desperate to get a working osx on my Acre Iconia w700 "laptop". I do not know anyone who owns a mac computer and my computer does not support virtualization so my only alternative is to use iatkos as far as i know. I have tried several guides ( the one on the official iatkos webpage as well as http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/288795-guide-creating-os-x-usb-installer-using-a-windows-pc-only/ from theese forums) i have tried both ml3u and ml2, i have gotten neither to work. The tablet does not have an optical drive so i have to use an usb. I have an usb hub so i can connect 4 usbs even though it only supports 1 usb natively. Using the official iatkos guide i get to the cclover boot menu from which i can try to boot but it doesnt get to the installation procerss but gets stuck at "loading drivers................................" and that only if i use -v -x slider=0 as boot flags. i have tried very many flags. -v -x -f -s slide=0 cpus=1 withkexts graphicsenabler=yes/no ncip=0x3000 / 2000 and others Using the one found on theese forums it gets also to the clover screen but from there i dont even get text, just a black screen. ( the guide says not to change flags but i checked, it has verbose mode on already :/ ) does anyone have any experience with this particular computer or does anyone have any tips? i am completely out of ideas. Its got HD 3000 and i3 2365 and "motherboard chipset Intel HM77 " i have seen videos online of it running osx so i know this must be possible! Thanks you for your time!
  4. Ingwie Phoenix

    Sony Vaio Duo 11

    Hello everyone! First of all, I'd really like to say thanks to all these that contribute to this "scene" - or as it was said int he quiz, "hobby". Yestarday, I bought a Vaio duo 11 to side with my MacBook and I knew about hackintosh, so I had all the resources - especially, a real mac - just at hand, and tried everything out. Here are my results: Prepairing a usb device with myHack: Works like a charm. But you seriously must make sure you use MBR. Otherwise, it's acting funny. Thus, make sure you DISABLE intel VT and XHPI mode in BIOS. But once that is done, it just...boots. Installing Clover to a GPT formatted drive: Yes, works, but not OOB. To get Clover to boot, do this: 1. Download the Clover EFI package. 2. Start the installer, click "Select volume" and then your volume, then click next. 3. Now click customize. Here, you gotta check "Install to ESP", "Drivers64" and under themes, check the "metal" theme - it's the default. You may check another theme as well so you have an option later. I recommend bootcamp, its very nice for your eyes and if you used a mac before, its just like "Aha!". 4. Now we gotta edit the EFI files. Since a sort of "bug" in the clover installer, it lets the EFI partition stay mounted...which it actually shouldn't imo. Anyway, we can use that fact for something good. ( In case it didn't stay mounted, read my footnotes below. ) Open your Finder, and open the EFI partition. Or, press CMD+SHIFT+G and type /Volumes/EFI and hit ENTER. In there, open the EFI folder and create a new folder called BOOT. In this folder, you'll copy the files CLOVERX64.efi, CLOVERIA32.efi AND the config.plist file. Now rename the CLOVER files into boot - i.e.: BOOTX64.efi. If you installed a different theme, like the bootcamp one, open config.plist BEFORE you copy your files, edit the Theme setting and THEN copy the file into the BOOT folder. 5. You should end up with a structure like this: /Volumes/EFI/ /Volumes/EFI/EFI/ /Volumes/EFI/BOOT/ /Volumes/EFI/BOOT/BOOTX64.efi /Volumes/EFI/BOOT/BOOTIA32.efi /Volumes/EFI/BOOT/config.plist /Volumes/EFI/CLOVER /Volumes/EFI/CLOVER/......... Now, plug the device into your Vaio, press the ASSIST key, select "Boot from external" and Clover should pop up. However, when I use clover to boot, I get stuck at a "Waiting for root device" message - it obviously waits for a device. Its the same error that occured to some other people, and it is actulyl the only message in which you'll see a piece of XML! However, it looks like it has troubble with some drivers. I sadly don't have all the myHack drivers at hand, nor do I know how to install them myself. By the way, I used an entirely vanilla install of OS X. I used the one I bought from the App Store. Thus, I placed the Extras folder that is put into the drive's root by myhack into my clover folder into kexts/10.8 - of course, i moved the contents of the folder into the one i just mentioned, otherwise it wouldnt work...afaik o.o; As soon as I manage to get this working, Ill inform you. Again, when I legacy-boot Mac with chamelion and the image created by myHack, it works like a charm. I just didnt install it because I dont want to wipe my windows just yet Regards, Ingwie Phoenix EDIT 1 I managed to determine how myHack installed the image...and what mistake I did. You have to restore from InstallESD.dmg/BaseSystem.dmg first - then copy al the files fromt he root of InstallESD.dmg into the device as well. In other words, merge InstallESD and BaseSystem. Also, use myHack and run myFix to integrate all the missing kexts. that totally worked for me. I am now EFI booiting OS X. Touchscreen - who didnt expect it? - doesnt work. Stylus does, but with some oddities. Wifi isnt recognized yet. I dont know about the rest yet. Also, to boot up, you need to use Safe Mode (3rd entry in Clover when hiting spacebar on the OS X icon.)
  5. If I run OSX in a VirtualBox VM on a MS Surface Pro 2, will the touchscreen and pressure sensitive digitizer work?
  6. Hello, I've updated my Ativ today to Sierra GM using the App Store, just wanted to share my experience. First of all, i've been running El Cap for a few months now, thanks to this guide, so all credits go for duduclx and the folks who contributed there. Still no Wacom drivers for Sierra, so no pressure sensitivity on the screen. If this is important for you don't update yet. Haven't tried it yet, but the Wacom drivers for Sierra are published. Ok, these are the steps I took: -------------------- 1 - As usual, backup your ElCap install. I use Clonezilla. 2 - Download macOS Sierra GM from the Store. 3 - Update Clover to the last version. I did that by opening Clover Configurator, update it to the last version, and then select Install/Update Clover. It will download the last version, just check that you are installing it on your current OS X drive and that the same options as duduclx guide are marked. 4 - After Clover is update, mount your EFI partition and copy FakeSMC.kext, NullEthernet.kext, to /EFI/Clover/kexts/Other/ (You can delete all the others folders if you want) 5 - Download and copy HFSPlus.efi to /EFI/Clover/Drivers64UEFI 6 - Launch the Sierra installer. When the system reboots, select Boot OS X Install in Clover. The OS will start updating, and eventually it will reboot. In Clover, select Boot Mac OS X, and the final part of the update process will begin (VoodooPS2Controller.kext caused a kernel panic in this boot, i had to enter recovery and remove it from /Volumes/OSX/System/Library/Extensions/. I guess you can delete it from ElCap before launching the Sierra installer). 7 - After the update is done, you can configure your Apple id, etc. I had no sound, use EasyKext or whatever and reinstall AtivHDA.kext and the rest of the kexts in the Post installation section of duduclx guide. Reboot and you're done. -------------------- I mainly use the Ativ hooked up to a 23" FHD screen. Xcode, Logic X, the App Store, iCloud, are working as good as ever. Only flaws so far: - No Wacom drivers yet. - The mic isn't working so no Siri. Wasn't working for me in El Capitan either, never took the hassle to figure it out why. - Physical volume keys on the side of the tablet are not working. If anyone knows how to fix the last 2 issues would be much appreciated :-) P.S. English is not my main language. Also, i'm no expert so maybe there are things that could have been done better or not needed to be done at all.
  7. cooperleeray

    WACOM Tablet Help

    Hey Guys, This is my first post on the newer forum. I was on Insanelymac the first time i built my OSX machine back in 2010. Anyways - i've been trying to get my Wacom Intuos2 Tablet to work in 10.6.8 and i can't seem to get it to work. If i install any driver the tablet become entirely unresponsive. The tablet is recognized in the system profiler, but it won't function with Wacom's drivers (their installer pkgs that install a preferencepane, etc). The tablet works terribly with no driver installed, and not at all with any drivers. Any insight to this would be VERY helpful. Thank you so much...
  8. Greetings! Please help to install Hackintosh. I tried to install Mac OS X Sierra 10.12.3 on my "Cube i7 Book" tablet PC. I hadn't success. I have a Hackintosh installing experience, but on this tablet it's very hard. So. It is a Core M3-6Y30 cheap tablet with IntelHDGraphics 515 (the same CPU as MacBook9,1 2016). I used USB installer with the Clover 2.3K r36xx (I couldn't install sierra on USB with the new 2.4K). Could anyone tell how can I get that working? PS: 2nd image is 1st zoomed, 3rd image I took after 5 minutes CLOVER.zip Freeze -v details
  9. packcamera

    The OSX tablet experience?

    In the wake of the iPad "Pro" being anything but a professional tool for artists, (if I can't run my Adobe CC apps, then it is no good to me) I'm contemplating loading OSX onto a Samsung Ativ 700T or Microsoft Surface 3, as these units seem to have the most developed guides and are closest to fully-functioning. The Cintiq is under consideration, but seems to be still a work in progress. Most of the discussion regarding OSX on a tablet seems to focus on the aspects of proof-of-concept and getting hardware components to work rather than the long-term experience of digital artists using OSX-ified tablet with their favorite apps like Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. So, assuming that anyone is actually doing this, what's it like? How comparable is it to a Cintiq Companion? Any bugs with using touch/stylus and OSX? Any recommendations for either the Samsung or Microsoft tablet (or is there another option I should consider)? Please share your thoughts - thanks!
  10. fungie

    HP 2740p Working

    At the moment I turn around a bit. i have a low latency portable soundsystem and it isnt expensive. 2740p + echo indigo iox. to compare the performance i did the "ableton performance test" windows: 19% cpu use mac: 40% cpu use (graphics acceleration is off.so eg a youtube video uses 60%^^) windows earlier have sound glitches than mac. and it feels on mac there is a clear boarder, of when its begins glitching. so more stable. the latency on windows is 1.7ms, on mac 2.2. but on mac it still feels faster. so in "think" mac has a better audio performance than windows. but on mac my graphics works with 10.8.5 and the echo soundcard just with 32 bit kernel DP1 (10.8.0) i'm really shure no usb or firewire soundcard has such a latency. eq rme babyface has 6 ms and costs about 600$ and i don't trust thunderbold compabilety of hackintoshes. i just have to solve this delta of problems. Or buy a desktop pc for portable use. yeah^^ any ideas? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ successfully have installed mountain lion (10.8, 10.8.2, 10.8.4) and mountain lion dp1 on my 2740p. I have an echo indigo iox soundcard http://www.amazon.de/Echo-Indigo-2-Kanal-Audiokarte-ExpressCard-Steckformat-Notebooks/dp/B001TNXUFE , so i arrived in dp1, because of it's 32 bit kernel. I also wrote an email to the echo support, asking weather they could release an 64 bit kext, but they said, they don't have the resources.. But i think there is no difference between what is working on which version, except that it works only since 10.8. I dont't know, weather dp1 uses a lion installer, but lion crashes before it loads the installer. dp1 works. Installation I used this guide to Install it: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/276208-guide-install-mountain-lion-dp1-without-a-usb-drive-or-with/ I just added fakesmc.kext and nullcpumanagementkext and boot it with -x flag Graphics (i'm still discovering. ask for details) Using this guide http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/286092-guide-1st-generation-intel-hd-graphics-qeci/?hl=natit , I installed the "only CI - kexts" and got 128mb graphics ram instead of 64mb. in system report it says driver installed. and the red glitches, when i open the notification bar are away. but i can't see the slideshow previews for the screen saver, and fullscreen flash videos are still ugly.It's hard to see, weather the hardware acceleration is on, because in software mode it actually runs very smooth. I've tried QE but, the only thing i saw sometimes, was distortion. Maybe because it has an 1280x800 resolution.. i don't know. Powermanagement The Powermanagement kexts froum the intel hd graphics thread http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/286092-guide-1st-generation-intel-hd-graphics-qeci/?hl=natit but no states. Input with voodoo ps2 kext, the touchpad, trackpad, and all mouse buttons are working. I tried to install tablet magic. multitouch doesn't work. I think the touchpen works, but couldn't try it. i have lost it^^ Sound Voodoo hda kext and remove intel hda kext Additional Expresscardslot, camera and ethernet are working natively. wlan doesn't work. But i'm pretty shure, that it will with an broadcom one. Tipp: Modifier a sata cable with an sata connector of an old hdd, to connect 2.5 and 3.5 inch drives to your incompatible laptop: Questions and suggestions are welcome.
  11. mactabletman

    Guide Samsung Ativ 700t (Yosemite)

    Samsung Ativ700t OsX 10.10 Dp1 Guide For this install I will be using two USB drives, one as an installer the second to install to. Alternatively you could create two partitions on the installer USB if its big enough (16gb or larger) and install to the second partition this however will slow down the install. Later when I have the install stable enough I will extend this guide to make it an internal multi boot guide. _______SHOW HIDDEN FILES_____ In terminal copy and paste these commands defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles -boolean true killall Finder _____Creating USB INSTALLER_____ Step 1—— Right click Install OS X 10.10 Developer Preview.app and go to show package Contents/ Contents/ Shared Support/ then mount InstallESD.dmg. Rightclick BaseSystem.dmg click open to mount OS X Base System as well. Step 2—— In Disk Utility partition a usb hard drive or thumb drive as Mac osx extended journaled with a GUID partition table. Step 3—— click “OSX Base System” under “BaseSystem.dmg” in the left side of DiskUtility then click Restore. Drag USB partition you just created into the Destination slot. (OS X Base System should be in the “source” slot). Click Restore at the bottom. Give it time to transfer. Step 4—— Your drive will now be renamed “OS X Base System”, right click it and select reveal “OS X Base System” in finder. Now right click OS X Base System and go to Get info. In info rename it to “Installer”. Step 5—— In the right side of DiskUtility, right click OS X Install ESD and open it, there should be a folder called Packages. Copy the Packages folder to your “Installer” drive that you just made in the folder System > Installation. Delete the “Packages” alias in the same folder. Step 6—— Back in Disk Utility reopen the original OS X Install ESD, copy BaseSystem.chunklist and BaseSystem.dmg to from there to the external “Installer” partition. Step 7—— Now open Clover_v2k_r2703.pkg click Continue > Continue > Change Install Location Select the “Installer” partition. Click Customize Select Install for UEFI booting only select a theme Under Drivers64UEFI select -EmuVariableUefi-64 -OsxAptioFixDrv-64 -PartitionDxe-64 Then click install. Step 8—— When its finished you will notice a new mounted partition called EFI Navigate to EFI > EFI > CLOVER > kexts > Other Paste all the kexts from the Preboot folder of the downloaded Ativinstallpack into the Other folder. Step 9—— Once finished eject your newly made installer usb drive and plug it into one of the ports on the ativ. Keep in mind the top port is the only 3.0 version and in theory should install the quickest. Boot the device holding volume down, once the boot menu appears select the UEFI version of your usb installer. (ex: UEFI:Sandisk ) hit enter. Once inside clover select your usb drive and hit enter again then wait of the installer to load. Click Continue > Continue > Agree and select the second partition you want to install to. For me this is another USB drive. Step 10—— When the install is finished the computer will restart. Now repeat steps 7 and 8 on the newly made drive where you installed yosemite to install clover and the pre boot kexts to that drive. Boot the new drive, go thru the initial setup and then use kext wizard to install the kexts in the “POSTBOOTSTANDARD” folder of the ativ pack. After that repair caches and restart. You should now have brightness with slider, battery icon (no accuracy), and volume rocker (still without sound). I also included a postboot with macpwn folder in the kext pack incase you used the macpwn method because you will actually have working battery. But I will not include a macpwn guide because its pretty straight forward. This guide is more bare bones for anyone to use. Also I want to give credit to shad0whack3r his guide can be found here. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/298477-how-to-install-os-x-yosemite-on-a-macintosh-using-clover/ Ativ Yosemite pack v1 6-14-2014.zip
  12. Hi! I am trying to find a replacement for my 2011 13" MBP. And yes, I could go with a new MBP but I would much rather have a tablet. Or to be more specific a laptop that can become a tablet (not the reverse). Basically I don't want a tablet where you can attach an additional keyboard. I want a tablet that has a keyboard integrated (although I am a bit flexible on that). Pen input is also very wanted (probably even more than an integrated keybaord). I am willing to spend max 1300€ (or 1300$) for it. Screen size from 11" to 15". Preferably something aroudn 13". Can anyone think of any possible candidates? I was looking at something like: http://www.computeruniverse.net/en/products/90528917/acer-aspire-r7-572g-54208g75ass.asp http://www.computeruniverse.net/en/products/90513884/sony-vaio-duo-13-sv-d1321x9e-w.asp http://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B00F2JWM6O/ref=noref?ie=UTF8&psc=1&s=computers I would very much prefer for Apple to make such a thing but I am guessing that this will only happen in my dreams.
  13. Hello everyone! I am sharing the DSDT that DSDT Editor was able to extract for me. I have a near-complete installation, I am just missing small things like the brightness, USB 3, Sleep and to somehow disable the touchscreen since it is acting up the OS. I know that, for brightness, I need to add a PNLF (or similar...) device. But I am not able to spot my screen - I only find GFX0, but I am unable to idendify my screen like LCD0. The same comes in for sleep - when I select the Stand-By option from the shutdown-dialog it does indeed go down, but when I press the On/Off button again, it seems to crash as it tries to wake up, then completely reboots and prints me an error message in the dialog "The system wasnt shut down properly". But due to my Impairment, I am unable to actually read the error report :/ For USB 3, I installed "GenericXHCI" - or something like that - but it didn't work as well. Furthermore, if I make the OS boot with caches (In clover, "NoCaches"=>false) then I actualy loose my 2nd USB hub which correspondents to the actual ports on the device where I could plug in a device. I also have to use NullCPU because the OS doesnt seem tor eally like my processor - but idendifies it completely correctly as an intel i5. O.o I hope somebody is able to help me. My setup: Mashine: Vaio Duo 11 (SVD1121X--) Processor: Intel i5 (1,7GHz, dual-core) HD: 128GB SSD Graphics: Intel HD 4000 Screen (/ Touchscreen): some 1920-like resolution, its a retina-display, because when I reduce the actual screen resolution, the image litterally appears multiple times. It's 11" widescreen Boot: UEFI. Using CloverEFI Boot-args: slide=0 Regards, Ingwie! PS: Since uploading doesnt work at all since I am "not permitted": http://ingwiephoenix.tk/DSDT.aml