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Driver for Realtek's RTL810x Fast Ethernet Series

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I have Hackintosh High Sierra 10.13 flat and I'm trying to install the Kext on my system, but I keep receiving the following error

kxld[com.insanelymac.RealtekRTL8100]: The super class vtable 'vtable for IOEthernetController' for vtable 'vtable for RTL8100' is out of date. Make sure your kext has been built against the correct headers.
Link failed (error code 5).
Prelink failed for com.insanelymac.RealtekRTL8100; omitting from prelinked kernel.

I tried to also install XCode 9.2 and rebuild the entire project for 10.13 using MacOS 10.13 SDK and 10.13 as the deployment target but I still get the same error. 

What can I do to fix this?

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