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AMD Desktop Screenshots


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I know there is already a thread for this but lets compile the AMD builds together. I'll start.


Screen Shot 2013-11-02 at 21.28.47.png

Lol C++ wallpaper.

Class MyDesktop :P


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This is mine :D


(it says intel core 2 duo, but its really an AMD Athlon X2, any idea why possibly?)

Because I implemented it that way in the kernel ;)
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Cool mate thanks. I got it all except the picture it doesn't seem to show anything it just shows a empty box. Can you send me your icon across?


What?!?! Heck NO! All mine!!!


Nah, just kidding.  :lol:  It's attached below. Had to make it w/ Photoshop. Extract it from the zip and drop the icon in the folder specfied in the guide.


Remember, you have to change the name of the icon so matches whatever type of my your Hackintosh is.

For example, mine is identified as a Mac Pro, so my icon was named com.apple.macpro.icns. If yours isn't a Mac Pro, then you have to change the name of the custom icon so it overwrites the original one when you copy it over. Hope that makes sense.


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OS X 10.9.2 (13C39) "black hole"  2D simple and beautiful ...   :)    attachicon.gif2d_1092.png

hi, I have the same cpu that you have but I have graphical problems ( they are common in amd hackintosh like red/pink icon or graphical distortion in icons or ... ( I guess they are called dirty icons or something like this ) anyway, I have a wierd problem in photo booth which is exclusive for this cpu ( AMD Athlon II ) ( other amd cpus don't have ).

My webcam have video in photo booth but when I take a picture there will be a full white photo instead of a real photo.

do you have this problem in your amd hackintosh too?

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