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  1. Hey guys great progress I hope. I have a working build as you know but been out of contact for a few weeks. What's the latest kernels releases?
  2. All these kernels from bronya and andy which is best and what is there difference between them? Getting lost in the kernels now xD
  3. TrvHrt

    Dsdt request

    Or is it already included? Just wondering thanks
  4. Or if you have a working mac or hackintosh intel you can merge across settings to get it all working.
  5. Will update once more information is found this could be good news for those waiting on evaders jailbreak. I reckon once this is a public release we will see the jail break follow.
  6. What does the emulate intel how does it improve it?
  7. i just tested the last one posted ill give this a try straight away booted quick also still pink =]
  8. Just tested the new kernel BSA_Kernel its super fast! still pink icons though but great progress
  9. Whats the latest kernel like is it worth trying
  10. TrvHrt

    Dsdt request

    Would it be possible to enable hdmi sound on this dsdt?
  11. I also get this and pink icons so don't worry I'm sure everyone does or most people
  12. here you go mate, glad i can help. Hopefully you can solve my pink icon problem Also i just cleared it I'm not fussed by the layout =] trvdb.zip
  13. your right there is i have desktop.db then 2 random ones .db
  14. Thats weirdi use KernelCache and mine boots fine with same network driver, i have used the same driver for a long time
  15. Just tested the beta kernel much faster boot it's awesome. Once loaded into my desktop it takes. Bit longer for dock to appear. And I still have pink icons. But getting closer. Also tried the refresh launchpad but it doesn't seem to work for me, it refreshes when i open launchpad it still pink, doesn't really bother me though