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  1. Not working, hibernate mode 0 : instant wake hibernate mode 25 : won't resume from hibernate(reboot)
  2. Both patched and origin dsdt are attached. origin.zip patched.zip
  3. Specs: Acer ES1-571 i5 4210u 8GB DDR3 1600Mhz Weird sleep issues: with RTC patch in DSDT: hibernate mode 0/1/2 : instant wake hibernate mode 3/25 : won't resume from hibernate(reboot) without RTC patch in DSDT: hibernate mode 0/1/2 : reboot hibernate mode 3/25 : working !! after sleep, USB 2 ports, EHC kext won't load properly I made a simple script to reload the kext manually sudo kextunload /System/Library/Extensions/IOUSBHostFamily.kext/Contents/PlugIns/AppleUSBEHCIPCI.kext sudo kextload /System/Library/Extensions/IOUSBHostFamily.kext/Contents/PlugIns/AppleUSBEHCIPCI.kext I made a simple app in automator to run at startup, nothing fancy. Any Idea how to make kext load properly usbfix.zip usbfix.sh.zip
  4. Version 1.0


    i5 5410U 4GB DDR3 - 1600Mhz 1TB hdd Not Working : Inbuilt WiFi Sleep ​Working : Everything Else. Fixed : DISPLAY : Injected patched display EDID using clover. USB : USB ports now works even after sleep with the patched kext. * I am using a cheap Usb Wifi(RT2870) which I got for $2
  5. Acer Aspire ES1-571

    Version 1.0


    i5 4210U 4GB Ram HD 4400 1TB HDD Not Working : Sleep Working : Everything Else Extract FINAL_DSDT.zip inside EFI/ACPI/Patched/ Extract config_rc.plist.zip inside EFI, rename config_rc.plist to config.plist REMOVE ANY EXISTING OsxAptioFix... Drivers from the UEFIDrivers-64 folder and add OsxAptioFix2Drv-free2000.efi.
  6. Need Help with DSDT (Sleep-Haswell) 10.11

    Won't boot with this DSDT(this is what I get), This is my most stable DSDT which promises a successful boot every time : FINAL_DSDT.zip
  7. Need Help with DSDT (Sleep-Haswell) 10.11

    Nope, no luck. still the problem exists... kernel[0]: Wake reason: power-button XHC (User) tired removing the XHC method itself, XHC problem is gone, any way to remove the power-button method(This weird laptop's DSDT does not have PWRB method at all).... kernel[0]: Wake reason: power-button (User)
  8. Need Help with DSDT (Sleep-Haswell) 10.11

    First of all, Thanks for all your help I really appreciate that. Well I totally understand that this is a PC and sleep isn't really a deal breaker for me either, but what I really love about hackintosh is how sometimes this attitude of pushing things overboard sometimes benefits the whole community. Never the less I have tried around 38 different DSDT configurations and ended up with the cleanest and most satisfactory, also figured out how to get rid of the "couldn't allocate runtime area" and other apple services seem to work fine. This hackintosh works better than expected and the best of all it cost around 350USD(brand new).
  9. Need Help with DSDT (Sleep-Haswell) 10.11

    Tried using your DSDT, now it gives this error PM kernel[0]: Wake reason: power-button XHC (User) I renamed GFX0 to IGPU - SAME error IGPU.zip My IOREG if it helps. IOREG.zip
  10. Laptop Model : Acer Aspire ES1-571 System Configuration: i5-4210U HD 4400 4GB Ram 1TB Hdd What Works : Graphics battery indicator Networking(using usb wifi - RT2870) Sound almost everything What does not work: Sleep - Instant Wake clover sometimes get's stuck at error allocating runtime area in pages ... (I reboot until it boots up-> usually 2,3 times)(FIXED) ​ CLOVER CAN BE FIXED USING THIS FILE I FOUND ONLINE : remove all other osxaptiofix.efi's from your UEFIDRIVERS64 Folder and just add this OsxAptioFix2Drv-free2000.efi.zip Clover Extracted Origin DSDT : origin.zip Patched DSDT : Patched.zip SLEEP : with my DSDT(without RTC patch) reboots in sleep with my DSDT(using RTC patch) Wake reason = GLAN EHC1 XHC //instant wake on sleep Patches Applied RTC -> Prevents restart when I put the laptop to sleep SMBUS Brightness (PNLF)-> Works Great (Haswell - Rehabman) WMI -> removed IMEI -> added what I have tried, I tried removing all the _PRW methods(Including XWAK in XHC) in the DSDT wake reason = power-button XHC (User) I tried the Rehabman 0x0D/0x6D/0x0D+0x6D patched (no change) PATCHED WITH ACPI DEBUG : Patched_ACPI_DEBUG.zip I tried using AcpiDebug.kext by rehab man but all the _PRW methods are called and that leads to the instant system wake. (I Just added "\RMDT.PUSH ("CALLING _PRW LOCATION")")
  11. Amazing work by bronya, AMD Phenom ii x6 1055t (overclocked @3.5GHz) 8GB 1666Mhz overclocked ram Gigabyte GA78LMT USB-3 (rev 4.1) Ati Radeon 7770 (His iCooler) everything works including iCloud, FaceTime worked once, since then never logins no issues, latest X-code works well, but I feel simulator for iPhone 6s is very slow for some reason(other all simulators work fine)
  12. Hey Tora Chi Yo, just tested REV.H kernels, my analysis using enoch latest boot loader boot flags and stuff results all the three kernels performed well, with no errors on my setup V1 kernel's : little slower, but with my bootflags everything works perfect V2 kernel : faster than previous kernels Problems that still persist : 1)After effects puppet tools crash 2)iCloud services not working What is perfect 1)the kernels are super stable 2)makes yosemite on AMD a primary OS, good work everyone
  13. I think invalid opcode 64 is the bootoader problem chameleon : opcode error (works good with fsb and bus ratio) enoch : works good (sound stuttering without fsb and busratio) Phenom ii x6 1055t @ 2.8GHZ - 4GHZ, all the frequencies work great but need to type fsb and bus ration what do you think ??
  14. I got rid of that by removing AppleTymce kext or something like that, as i was using Mac Pro 6,1 and it used to get stuck after loading everything fine.... change smbios or remove the kext....