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  1. Well niresh's distro working almost with everything u just have find proper kernel and replace "amd" named kernel inside the distro and boot using flag ( amd -v GraphicsEnabler=No
  2. Try niresh distro, find bronyas latest kernel for amd rename it to mach_kernel and replace it with the kernel that niresh preinstalled. No boot flags needs
  3. ZaDoR

    Странные полосы

    olarila.com/kexts naidi svoi device id i ishi ati6000Controller.kext pod svoi HD ATI 6850 i 6870 rabotaiut na ura v OS X i ou nih odi i tot zhe kext provereno ou menia rabotal i na 10.7 i na 10.8 i na 10.9 device id: 6738
  4. prakticheski vse WiFi cards cho oustanovleno na HP ne rabotaiut na OS X( gorkii opyt) vyhoda 2: 1) ishi BIOS kotoryii otkryli i mozhno menia WiFi modul , 2) USB WiFi dongle kotoryi boudet rabotat
  5. U can find my post and guide on niresh's forums in mavericks topic, at first pinned topic OR in this forums just click on my profile and find my posts!!! Have a nice Hackintoshing time
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    [AMD] Working Builds!

    APU A8 3870k m/b ASUS F1A55 MLK 2.0 8GB Ram XFX HD6870 OC
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    AMD Desktop Screenshots

  8. http://www.insanelym...on-amd/page-238 post :4743 have attachment... download and unzip, rename it to "amd" and paste it to the root directory of Niresh's Maverick destro. Boot it from destro and use just "-v" "amd" without quotes, after it load files it will freeze for few mins depends of ur system. then it will continue with installation. After installation make fast login to prevent freeze of system (its happens if u are not log in fast). it will make post install after ur first login, all works perfect except sound ofc , after post install u have to boot always with "GraphicsEnabler=No" always , other wise u'll get blackscreen but after u boot all works 1000% Thnx Bronya for another one great kernel P.S. its he's 2nd kernel which fits on APU A series gratz
  9. Did u enabled virtualisation in Bios ? If yes then try a distro. I suggest u Niresh 10.9 just get Bronya 10.9 rc4 fix kernel and replace with presented into distro. Also just try to change Vanilla kernel with Bronya's its should give u a resultat I know its hard to deal with APUs processors since i have same problems time to time.
  10. nope its APU AMD A8 3870k 4x3GHz (curently running at 3.2GHz per core) the picture ive provided its booting with ur kernel ya probyval vse kernel ne odin ne katit
  11. try cpus=1 busratio=(ur currently bus ratio) -x pmVersion=0
  12. ZaDoR

    Bootdisk Utility

    same for me , clover doesnt founds any media which contains installation files(not even distro's) except a HDD which already had MAC os preinstalled :S
  13. still cant start installation once its loading kernel comes reboot :S
  14. try cpus=1 if not fixed pmVersion=0 and patch it after it boots