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    Deixando 100% - HACK AMD

    ...Nota.. non falo portuges.... Encontrase no AMD Builds moitas configuracaos. Nawcom_Files y Kernels files_10_6 nawcom_10_6_8_v2 ^ o kernel ten que se instalar despois de facer o actualizacion de 10.6.8 e ontes de Reiniciar (Restart) -f -v -force64 arch=i386 maxmem=4096 busratio=16 o busratio pode que sea diferente do meu... CS5, -CS6 nao instalei un System.kext patcheado pra tsc velocidades... duvidas ... ningum... tenho 10.5 AMD √ 10.6 AMD √ 10.7 AMD √ 10.8 AMD √ 10.9 AMD √
  2. No Prob. Yeah ..looks like it took a bit!
  3. Yes, yes there is ... Ctrl F12
  4. aplIIc

    Mac App Store access with NullEthernet.kext

    Awesomeness... Thanks a bunch !!
  5. aplIIc

    App Store Issues

    Here is a new kext that allows access of AppStore without having Ethernet ... someone must've had the same prob .... maybe it'll work... Mac App Store access with NullEthernet.kext
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    AMD Desktop Screenshots

    Dusk Flight _ 10.9.1
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    Help With QuickTime X

    Why Yes!... Yes there is! Simply Right click, Then press the Option (Alt) key "Open With" will change to "Always Open With"
  8. With BSA_kernel_R9 on Mavericks 10.9, does not reach desktop. During boot, verbose shows typical start up seq. until after hfs mounted... -it never reaches launchd and no "VM Swap subsys ON" either, it stalls there. The same result with -x
  9. aplIIc

    App Store Issues

    Its weird because I just had to reinstall Mavericks again and I was getting the same issue... An Unknown error occured... The begining o my /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/NetworkInterfaces.plist looked like this: <dict> <key>Interfaces</key> <array> <dict> <key>Active</key> <true/> <key>BSD Name</key> <string>en0</string> <key>IOBuiltin</key> <false/> <key>IOInterfaceNamePrefix</key> <string>en</string> I got it working by erasing the file /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/NetworkInterfaces.plist then in the Boot.plist I added: <key>EthernetBuiltIn</key> <string>Yes</string> I rebooted and AppStore worked, my /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/NetworkInterfaces.plist looks like this: <dict> <key>Interfaces</key> <array> <dict> <key>Active</key> <true/> <key>BSD Name</key> <string>en0</string> <key>IOBuiltin</key> <true/> <key>IOInterfaceNamePrefix</key> <string>en</string> I got the trick from this video on youtube: TCS - How to Fix App Store Error on HackintoshI really hope it helps cause thats all I got.. Best of Luck
  10. Hi guys, I've been running BSA_kernel and Sinetek's_v5 (hadn't seen v6) on 10.9 (haven't updated yet). With BSA kernel: post #5089 BSA Kernel works well, ssse3 shows enabled -I get Icon distortion though... Eventually I got a kernel panic after Geekbech tests: KP is: "mp_cpus_call_wait(): spin timeout, @ mp.c: 788 shows backtrace: Image below L2 cache in System Profiler shows 1 MB of cache per core hw.optional from grep shows ssse3 Reboot/shutdown work, but sometimes takes a good long while. With latest kernel shutdown/reboot works very well Using Sinetek_v5, no Icon distortion anymore L2 Cache from System Profiler shows 512 KB per core hw.optional shows ssse3 disabled Shutdown worked in versions 1-3 it still works ok, just sometimes I've gotten hard power off shutdown/reboot With latest kernel shutdown/reboot works very well Also here are my ACPI tables : DarwinDumper_2.4.9_Chameleon_2.2_SL_apl2c.zip Hope this all helps, anyway...Happy Holidays all.. Merry Christmas!
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    AMD Development Donations

    Paypal donation is the only way for me and would be limited due to my recent divorce.
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    App Store Issues

    where does this file (networksetting.plist) exist? what do the contents of /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/ look like? I also had this problem in SnowLeo, Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks, across all these systems and on three different computers... (Just wanna help)
  13. aplIIc

    App Store Issues

    I posted this in the help forum 4 days ago: Anyone else with Unkown Error occured w/ Appstore Yes there is a very simple fix: Erase File-- /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/NetworkInterfaces.plist (from root to Library to Preferences to SystemConfiguration) boot w/ flag EthernetBuiltIn=Yes NetworkInterfaces.plist will be reconstructed with en0 (Built In = True) This works for AppStore and also for X-Plane... and perhaps a lot more programs... BuiltInEthernet was set to false in my NetworInterfaces.plist... you can verify what it says in the plist...
  14. And anyone else with Unkown Error occured w/ Appstore Yes there is a very simple fix: Erase File-- /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/NetworkInterfaces.plist (from root to Library to Preferences to SystemConfiguration) boot w/ flag EthernetBuiltIn=Yes NetworkInterfaces.plist will be reconstructed with en0 (Built In = True) This works for AppStore and also for X-Plane... and perhaps a lot more programs... I hope this helps you guys... it certainly did it for me... BuiltInEthernet was set to false in my NetworInterfaces.plist... you can verify what it says in the plist...
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    Bungie's Marathon Re-Make!

    It seems that Bungie is developing and will possibly be coming out with a re-make of their epic and historical Marathon series (only the best FPS EVER)!!! Very cool...!! Here is a link for you guys to read up on... Lays out the Activision/Bungie deal ... http://www.develop-online.net/interview/revealed-the-huge-promises-and-secret-stipulations-of-the-bungie-activision-deal/0117411 Hopefully with brand new Power of Seven Tracks!!! Well read up... and enjoy!!! Frog Blast the Vent Core!!
  16. Triple Crown Surf Competition Haleiwa, North Shore, Sunset Beach, Pipeline

  17. aplIIc

    test graphics

    Yes I'd say so too ... I got scores like the ones you've got on a previous test_kernel which was a little more "wild" than the one I've got now... Now, in some games that I'd never even imagine it, I'm getting such great frames .... 110 fps or more... awesome!! mmm... 64 bits tastes soooo good!! Absolutely! -- AnV, Bronya, Sinetek, Shaneeee -- guys!! A million thanks =^) - Very, Very, Very Awesome !!!- You guys Rock !!! ... Well I got some benches here that I've done, I'll post up some Unigine benches once I got it (I had to reinstall due to the rigorous testing). -- 42 fps and -- 48 fps 2013:11:28@00:35:10(0000000011) > PixMark Volplosion - OpenGL version detected: 4.1 2013:11:28@00:35:10(0000000012) > PixMark Volplosion - # OpenGL extensions: 43 2013:11:28@00:35:10(0000000013) > PixMark Volplosion - OpenGL - Renderer model: ATI Radeon HD 5770 OpenGL Engine 2013:11:28@00:35:10(0000000014) > PixMark Volplosion - OpenGL - Renderer vendor: ATI Technologies Inc. 2013:11:28@00:35:10(0000000015) > PixMark Volplosion - OpenGL - API version: 4.1 ATI-1.14.21 2013:11:28@00:35:10(0000000016) > PixMark Volplosion - OpenGL - Shading language version: 4.10 --46.92 fps -- 49 fps Unigine w/ Tesellation: -- Score: 519 Unigine Heaven Benchmark 4.0 FPS: 20.6 Score: 519 Min FPS: 6.2 Max FPS: 46.1 System Platform: Darwin 13.0.0 x86_64 CPU model: AMD Phenom II X4 B50 Processor (3616MHz) x4 GPU model: ATI Radeon HD 5770 (1024MB) x1 Settings Render: OpenGL Mode: 1680x1050 fullscreen Quality Medium Tessellation: Moderate Powered by UNIGINE Engine Unigine Corp. © 2005-2013
  18. Yes I've been running Mavericks side by side on my Phenom... and my i7 w/ Vanilla Kernel and they both have the same kind of memory usage... no difference at all really. After a while they both settle down to 1.7 to 2 Gb or so...
  19. aplIIc

    AMD - Geekbench scores

    Heya Guys... =^) Same setup as my sig: running at 200x20=4.0Ghz RAM @ 1600 Benchmark in 10.6.8 .. Anv V8_R2 32-bit GeekBench Oh and just for nostalgia's sake my old faithful ECS (RIP 2004-2013)...
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    Usefull Thanks Marchrius!!!
  21. Just an interesting tidbit, I tried to check my L2 cache size this is what I got: sudo dmesg | grep cache Failed to load kext com.apple.driver.AppleHDAController (error 0xdc00800e).mcache: 4 CPU(s), 64 bytes CPU cache line size and a snipet from: sysctl -a | grep cache sysctl -a | grep cache hw.cachelinesize = 64 hw.l1icachesize = 65536 hw.l1dcachesize = 65536 hw.l2cachesize = 524288 kern.flush_cache_on_write: 0 kern.namecache_disabled: 0 vm.vm_page_filecache_min: 52428 vfs.generic.nfs.client.access_cache_timeout: 60 vfs.generic.nfs.server.reqcache_size: 64 net.inet.ip.rtmaxcache: 128 net.inet6.ip6.rtmaxcache: 128 hw.cacheconfig: 4 1 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 hw.cachesize: 4294967296 65536 524288 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 hw.cachelinesize: 64 hw.l1icachesize: 65536 hw.l1dcachesize: 65536 hw.l2cachesize: 524288 machdep.cpu.cache.linesize: 64 machdep.cpu.cache.L2_associativity: 16 machdep.cpu.cache.size: 524288 Here caches look right
  22. Oh Happy Day! lol... Mac-Pro.local 13.0.0 Darwin Kernel Version 13.0.0: пятница, 22 ноября 2013 г. 20:14:19 (MSK); root:xnu-2422.1.72_bronya_rc8/BUILD/obj/RELEASE_X86_64 x86_64 Hehe.. yeah Bronya!! Two things I noticed: • Much faster/zippier/snapier! • When booting with PCIRootUID=1 and GraphicsEnabler=No -- Launchpad not Pink • oh yeah -did I say snappier ! L2 cache, busspd and tsc: 11/22/13 12:55:22.000 PM kernel[0]: FSB Detection: calculated Mult 16, cpuFreq 3200151166 11/22/13 12:55:22.000 PM kernel[0]: rtclock_init: Phenom MSR 0xc0010071 11/22/13 12:55:22.000 PM kernel[0]: BUS: Frequency = 200.009447MHz, cvtt2n = 00000004.FFF085D4, cvtn2t = 00000000.3333D1B1 11/22/13 12:55:22.000 PM kernel[0]: TSC: Frequency = 3200.151152MHz, cvtt2n = 00000000.4FFF085D, cvtn2t = 00000003.333D1B1E, gran = 16
  23. Thanks Dans... yeah I've tried core crypto patched and stock from dvd core crypto they both work with all kernels of Bronzovska up until beta_rc_3... (also with AnV's kernels + latest) no worries ... sometimes thats the way it goes with testing... I have a feeling though that Bronya is on the right track That the kernel works on other systems and not mine could be a good sign, also, I think it can be part of this awfully elusive png and desktop icns bug. --perhaps just my