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  1. Graphics - No GPU Power Management

    The underlying problem might date back to ML. Yesterday, i tried some OpenCL-Applications under 10.8.5. Preview, Office and other applications did not cause the frequencies to freeze at base level like in Mavericks; however: OpenCL OceanWave and Luxmark did.
  2. Graphics - No GPU Power Management

    13C39: Nothing changed here. Preview, Office, Appstore, Luxmark still freeze the card at 940MHz.
  3. Graphics - No GPU Power Management

    This it not working here, either.
  4. Graphics - No GPU Power Management

    Same problem here with a GTX 670. Happens with different Applications, mostly Quicklook when viewing pictures, Office 2011, Aperture. Power draw increases by 30 watts, too, which is about 28% of normale idle wattage.
  5. What about the new ATI HD4850 ?

    Gainward HD4870 GS here, 1GB RAM Monitor is connected to DVI, needs HDMI->DVI->VGA to work. Resolution is set in com.apple.Boot.plist. Resolution switching / display sleep does not work -> results in black screen. Well, i'll wait and see what the future holds. :-) Cheers, Raz
  6. 512Kx1 equals 64kbyte. So you cannot use the original Mac Pro Rom. The extracted ROMs from the first post might work just fine, however. Cheers, Raz
  7. hello cyclonefr, i have a question for you. i too have been trying to extract the x86-only part from the 8800gt mac pro rom, but have failed. i have compared the 2d3d.rom to the x86-only part, and there are only two different bytes, the first one being the one where the last rom indicator bit has been set and the second one being the very last byte. do you know what the last byte is for? i am still trying to understand why the unmodified first part of the mac pro rom is not working when flashed to a 64k 8800gt. i could imagine that without the last rom indicator bit being set, the computer/os tries to read the next rom which just isnt there, but thats only an educated guess until i know the meaning of the last byte. cheers, raz
  8. i just flashed the new 2d/3d firmware to my 8800gt and it is working. no more lags. many thanks to you, cyclonefr and kabyl for providing this solution. :-) cheers, raz
  9. Instant Messaging

  10. Mac OS X USENET USERS...

    http://www.panic.com/unison/ [shareware] http://www.sabnzbd.org/ [Freeware] Cheers, Razlor
  11. RELEASE 10.5.5

    Everything seems to work fine here. I had to add the patched AppleHDA.kext again.