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  1. Latitude E6420 NVS-4200 dsdt.aml

    This isn't working on the latest Yosemite. Boots and installs the OS fine but boots to black screen then after.
  2. Mavericks Realtek ALC AppleHDA Audio

    Great stuff, thanks.
  3. Graphics - No GPU Power Management

    Having so many issues with my 560ti it's driving me nuts..i've added my device id and made adjustments to the agpm kext but even after identifying the card it still hangs on 10.9
  4. [KEXT] XFX 5870 ATI card

    Yes and no..still having a hard time trying to figure out why this card being natively supported by the OS doesn't want to cooperate. I'm considering going back nvidia and generating my own efi strings.
  5. [KEXT] XFX 5870 ATI card

    I figured it out, turned out the installer from the app store did not have all the video kexts in it..thinking since it's an "upgrade" installer
  6. Clover General discussion

    This bootloader has me pulling my hair out...i'll do my best to explain the problem. Formatted usb stick: MBR + Fat32 installed r2236 clover, all default options to thumb drive. Reboot: No boot device found ... Next Formatted usb stuck: GUID + Journalized Installed r2236 clover with default options and checked "install for uefi motherboards" Reboot: partition detected but missing boot data. Any help appreciated
  7. [Guide] [Mavericks & Yosemite] AMD Radeon HD5450

    Think you could add that fake ID fix to my dsdt? I have a 5870 (device ID: 6898) DSDT.aml.zip
  8. [KEXT] XFX 5870 ATI card

    I was comparing this kext file to the original and saw no changes..upload wrong one by chance? I was going to try and go the clover method but i'm not too impressed with the bootloader and the instructions to install it...it doesn't even create a bootable partition
  9. 5870 isn't playing nice at all..double checked all the graphics kext and as in 10.8 already have my device ID, not sure why GraphicsEnabler isn't working.. **edit, looks like the installer from the app store didn't drop all the extensions to the thumb drive, got it somewhat sorted out
  10. [KEXT] XFX 5870 ATI card

    No luck on fresh install..this card is driving me crazy
  11. I wonder how I can pull the maverick installer from the app store or if i need to find it elsewhere
  12. Guess i'll get back in the chair and install this on my x58 for the evga guys lol...much reading to do I see. Thanks for the new update
  13. mine hangs at a missing bluetooth controller transport..the event it timing out
  14. 10.8.5 out

    ughh..haven't problems with an install in a lonnnnnng long time. Can't boot without -f ALC889 is broken...i typically just rolled back an appleHDA kext in my documents folder after each update to get audio as I prefer this method since i'm running a dsdt for my system compiled by someone else...anyone know of any modifications i need to make to the file? EVGA x58 LE guys can use the files i attached below to restore audio..just need to tackle -f issue now http://www68.zippyshare.com/v/67569422/file.html