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HD 5450 on Mavericks

Aju Deeju

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check the kext...


no more amdradeonaccelerator.. now is amd3000x


see and apply wath u have donne to run in 10.8


u car is not native in mac os x


good hack

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Just had a similar problem with my 5750, hope my solution also works for you.  First make absolutely sure that you have the correct device ID (sorry if that goes w/o saying).  Putting it in ATI5000Controller.kext should give you full resolution support.  Putting it in AMDRadeonX3000.kext should give you QE/CI support.  In AMDRadeonX3000 there are sections for various graphics card families or code names.  Be sure to put you DevID in the correct section.  Your card should go in the AMDCedarGraphicsAccelerator section.  (I do not have this card, so I cannot verify that it is Cedar).  


Also, I don't think your card is a natively supported card, so you may need GraphicsEnabler=Yes.  Try both Yes and No.


I hope there's something here that you haven't tried yet.  Good luck.

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I installed ATI5000Controller kext, I installed ATI5000Injector kext, I modified AMDRadeonX3000 and AMD5000Controller kext with vendor/revision ID 0x68F91002 and I confirm that's a Cedar personality. The best result I had was that the card was recognized as a Radeon HD 5450 but with just 5 Mb of vram and no QE/CI support. I tried to remove ATI kext letting just the AMD ones like it was with the original DP1 build. Same problem.


​I have to mention that It worked perfectly with the original DP1 build, the problem occurs with the new seed proposed via Software update. It seems that Apple changed something with the graphics drivers as I noticed that the ATI kext disappered after the update.

I'm still looking for a way to solve the issue but I really don't know what's going wrong.


I've attached all the kext used in this post if it can help someone to fix this out

Good luck !

Radeon HD 5450 (OS X 10.9 DP1).zip

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The original one was 13A476s, I got it a few days after its announcement. It's marked as the OS X 10.9 Developer Preview and the dmg was named OS X Mavericks 10.9 DP1. The actual build I'm running is 13A491, I've downloaded it via Software Update from the AppStore.

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your device and  vendor id(0x68F91002) goes in the  AMDJuniperGraphicsAccelerator in the Info.plist   AMDX3000...kext  (if that aint working try in the  AMDEulemurGraphicsAccelerator part aswell ) im not shure anymore 


and also in the ATI5000Controller.kext   like the others said above


save your edits install them with Kext Utility  and boot with GE=Yes  ( you could add AtiConfig=Vervet  or /Eulemur at boot  to enshure you get to correct Framebuffer set for it ) 


 if no Prep. DSDT is in place 



and u should be happy i guess 

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Thanks for help but it doesn't works. I did edit the AMDRadeonX3000 kext and added the vendor/revision ID to the Juniper Personality part but the card still shows 5 Mb of vram and no QE/CI full support. Also edited the ATI5000Controller (in fact I didn't touch it as it was already modified). Do I have to remove the ID in the Cedar Personality part ? I left it and didn't tried without it. I also tried to boot with Vervet and Eulemur AtiConfig with Graphics Enabler=Yes but nothing changed.


What do you mean by DSDT is in place, do I have to edit it ? I have a modified DSDT file I use with chameleon boot.plist file but I'm really not sure that it's useful (I disabled it several times and It didn't change anything, it's purpose was originally to fix some power management issues but it never really worked).


So I'm still stucked at the same point. But once again, thanks for the help !!!

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Yeah the card worked under 13A476s but the AMDRadeonAccelerator kext was not in the build, it was a kext I've downloaded from the 10.8.4 installing Guide. I tried to add it but it's not working. Attached is the Origianl kext from the Guide and the modified one with vendor/revision ID if it can help.




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Finally fixed it .... I got full QE/CI. The problem was that AMDRadeonAccelerator doesn't work for 10.9...


-Remove AMDRadeonAccelerator kext.

-Install ATI5000Injector kext attached below in /E/E.

-Install ATI5000Controller and AMDRadeonx3000 attached below in S/L/E

-In org.Chameleon.boot.plist add :


Reboot and Voila!!


:D  :thumbsup_anim:  :D


HD 5450.zip




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Thanks but it's the ATI5000Controller, not the AMD5000Controller. But no matter, I found one on the web and modified it and it's still not working whereas it's the ATI or the AMD. I don't understand where I made a mistake, I have followed every step, I even reinstalled the DP1 from scratch but when I update it, it stops to work.

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hi.i followed your instructions but I do not have qe/ci .my id card is 0x68F91002

ps I updated to dp2

I am not sure about dp2....but you can try removing all and or ati kexts in the S/L/E folder and install only the kexts I posted...

P.S. Use the latest chameleon version and GE=Yes



Aju Deeju, are you using the DP 2 or the DP 1 ? Could you list all your AMD & ATI kexts that's are in your S/L/E folder please ? I just want to check if I have them all ?

I'm using DP1. The kexts I have are:


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