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  1. AkimoA

    MSI R9 280X

    This seems more a GVA related error , since u are getting Decoder failed check ! I modfied an GVA Injector kext for Pitcairn Models for that on my old R9 270x . Should work on your system too give it a test just drop it in the other folder in your EFI and reboot. No Intel injection necessary whatsoever with this kext, so no need to use configs above . PitcairnGVA_10.14.x.kext.zip
  2. AkimoA

    Changing from SMBIOS IMacPro1,1 to 18,3

    When u swap smbios ull need to edit USBPorts.kext too, otherwise it wont be recognised by the system USBPorts.kext.zip
  3. Yes i mentioned this new flags a couple of days ago in the WEG Support Topic , although the first two GVA Flags didnt do much the main driver here is the 3rd one -> gvaForceAMDKE with that flag im getting H264 En / decoding to work and HEVC Decoding but not HEVC Encoding on an iMac18,1 smbios. (igpu disabled) and iTunes DRM as well working but Netflix HTML 5 is broken again for that i would have to rollback to the previous version of GVA like i proposed.
  4. AkimoA

    WhatEverGreen Support Topic

    It seems like some old AppleGVA flags gone MIA , left is 10.14.4 and 10.14.5 on the right , looks like the forceATi / Nvidia /Intel Part is gone and its only forced by hardcoded MAC- models or am i wrong ? i thought id share my discovery anyway
  5. AkimoA

    Finished build review please

    no worries , whenever u got time
  6. AkimoA

    Finished build review please

    right not ideal but we will see, when u get there try this for now to get Acceleration going. config_fallofman.plist
  7. AkimoA

    AMD Radeon Vii in macOS Mojave

    run gfxutil -f GFX0 to get your pci port after add port in Clover / devices , adjust values: model , name with anything starting with AMD when done in hex / base64 use data when done in human readable use string save it , reboot and enjoy your new name of your graphics card . (Lilu and WEG recommended for this to work ) or use another property injector like kext or dsdt.
  8. AkimoA

    AMD Vanilla Kernel

    Great Job , and long overdue , ill give this a go as soon FX is supported !
  9. AkimoA

    Hackintool v2.8.6

    no if u need it in the 1st place u will need it after as well otherwise chipset arent injected proper and nothing will work... u only replace USBInjectAll.kext with the USBPort.kext u created ....
  10. AkimoA

    Lilu — kext and process patcher

    or block the kext with Clover , boot into system rebuild prelinkedkernel if no dice boot in Singleusermode rebuild plk since it is nowhere located its possible the only place where it still could be.
  11. Which also could be caused with to much/wrong Drivers in Clovers UEFI64 Folder ,doesn't need to be a kernel specific reason ..
  12. Not an AMD Kernel Problem ...... No Drivers from Nvidia no graphic support ..... plain simple Kernellocation: System / Library / Kernel
  13. AkimoA

    [Help!!!] ATI HD7850 Black Screen in High Sierra 13.6

    hehe nice , well ok i mentioned go back to Sierra as well tbh good catch , in didnt expect Sierra kexts still to respond very well in Mojave( in terms of dependencies) in this case OP should take it for a spin
  14. AkimoA

    Hackintool v2.8.6

    well in this case DP-HDMI Patch will off course not work since he puts signal on the HDMI Port in this case the patch needs to be modified to work with DVI