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  1. AkimoA

    Lilu — kext and process patcher

    or block the kext with Clover , boot into system rebuild prelinkedkernel if no dice boot in Singleusermode rebuild plk since it is nowhere located its possible the only place where it still could be.
  2. Which also could be caused with to much/wrong Drivers in Clovers UEFI64 Folder ,doesn't need to be a kernel specific reason ..
  3. Not an AMD Kernel Problem ...... No Drivers from Nvidia no graphic support ..... plain simple Kernellocation: System / Library / Kernel
  4. AkimoA

    10.14 kleine Probleme

    Poste deine EFI , das bekommen wir schon hin .
  5. AkimoA

    [Help!!!] ATI HD7850 Black Screen in High Sierra 13.6

    hehe nice , well ok i mentioned go back to Sierra as well tbh good catch , in didnt expect Sierra kexts still to respond very well in Mojave( in terms of dependencies) in this case OP should take it for a spin
  6. AkimoA

    Hackintool v1.7.7

    well in this case DP-HDMI Patch will off course not work since he puts signal on the HDMI Port in this case the patch needs to be modified to work with DVI
  7. AkimoA

    [Help!!!] ATI HD7850 Black Screen in High Sierra 13.6

    No need to try it with his hardware config believe me
  8. AkimoA

    Hackintool v1.7.7

    Its very simple at the end unless u own a DP cable .... if not u will need the DP-HDMI Fix inside the patcher applied to the correct framebuffer which is not connecterless in our case 0x3E9B0007 Open FBPatcher pick correct framebuffer in Taskbar in your case Mojave after check the DP-HDMI patch in the advanced tab in Patch to be safe hit Apply Current Patches in the TaskBar Under Patch ...after hit Generate Patch which should output u something like this this u will need to integrate into your existing config.plist under (Device Properties) either by yourself or use the export option in the Patcher. Uncheck all graphic related fixes in Clover , make sure Lilu und Whatevergreen is in your other folder and go for a reboot if done correct u should be happy . make sure u run a iMac18,1 or a macmini8,1 smbios for best results . Give it a spin , if u cant wrap ur head around it ill do it for ya just let me know .
  9. AkimoA

    [Help!!!] ATI HD7850 Black Screen in High Sierra 13.6

    9 out of 10 cards work in vesa mode , there are known issues on these 7xxx cards on HighSierra and old 775 socket cpus , go back to Sierra or change card /or mobo & cpu , sounds harsh but is the truth
  10. AkimoA

    [Help!!!] ATI HD7850 Black Screen in High Sierra 13.6

    CPU: Intel Q9550 @ 2.83GHz, MOBO: Gigabyte P43-ES3G WEG will not work properly on non UEFI Boards ...see manual... therefore this is no solution.
  11. AkimoA

    AnV is back

    Welcome back its been ages
  12. Makes me wonder ,if now the AMD users with working NVRAM do have the same luck with iMessage
  13. paypal.png still has a http deep link thats why ssl lock wont show up on main forum side also on News Page a http deeplink
  14. let me see if i can get my old rig back together somewhere in the attic .keeps ya posted .. Tx ydeng for having a go at it !
  15. AkimoA

    Clover General discussion

    Sorry to step into the discussion but may i suggest this ( -nehalem_error_disable ) boot arg being added to Clover / Configurator ( so people get to know it ) , which i accidently discovered today by digging around AppleTyMCEDriver binary right hand side top to bottom: -nehalem_error_disable disables the AppleTyMCEDriver offcourse works perfect in 10.13( dunno about older Versions ) and gets rid of the panic on MacPro4,1 and 5,1 at the ECC ram check. Pls ignore this if it is old cheese but i couldnt find anything about it so i thought id share it. And it is a nice addition to the other workarounds to this old little problem.