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  1. I had the same problem on my GA-EP45-UD3P with Cartri .8 bios. Adding npci=0×2000 as a kernel boot flag got me past that error.
  2. I use a 7300LE in one of my main machines. For a cheap card it is surprisingly good. It runs one monitor at 1600x1200, all UI effects are smooth and 1080p HD content plays fine on my P5B with o/c E6400. You should be able to get a 7300 almost for free, I rescued this card from the trash it was an HP OEM card. My other machine is Nv 8600GT, runs on a stock dell 530 with E4600. The 8600 drives two displays, one at 1900x1200 and another 1600x1200. UI effects, 1080p hd video are all perfect with 2.4g processor. These cards won't win any speed contests but they give great UI experience considering the low $ and both are 100% compatible.
  3. What's your job?

    I'm an attorney. But, unfortunately, my job is almost entirely non-technical.
  4. GeForce 7300 LE problem

    If you're having trouble opening a kext, right click and "show contents." If you're using the finder, drag the plist to desktop, edit it, then drag back. Set permissions when you're done. I have one of these I used for testing (7300le from an old HP media center, an m7790y I think). Mine is 10de,00a1. I use the card for testing so not completley sure but mine definitely has qe+ci with NVinject 0.2.1 and all Leopard builds. I don't think I ever needed to do anything beyond nvinject, and in fact I think it "just worked" with the most recent kalyway install and the 10.5.3 jas update. If you're really stuck and trying a different install you might just dl a recent kaly build and see if that doesn't fix it up for you. I'm not 100% sure but I really don't think I needed to do anything to make it work with my last kalyway install.
  5. Exciting news, for sure. I have a tx2000 which I believe is nearly identical to the tx1000 except for a Wacom tablet addition. For what its worth, device ids for my tx2000 nvidia 6150 video is 10de,0244. Full windows info on the nvidia is in the attached text file. If anyone else needs to track them for future reference, here are all of the useful vendor and device ids associated with my tx2000 (and probably most/many tx1000 systems): video 10de,0244 bluetooth 03f0,171d SATA (nForce) 10de,0266 IDE 10de,0265 webcam (USB) 064e,a110 modem 1057,3055 wireless (BCM 4321 a/b/g/n) 14e4,4328 LAN 10de,0269 TPM (AES1610) 08ff,1600 audio (Realtek) 10ec,0862 touchpad is a synaptics I haven't tried OS X on this machine yet, but that's a top priority. nv6150_tx2000z.txt
  6. Best card for Leopard hackintosh

    I really like the 8600. Not the fastest but good card for non-gamers. Supports screen rotate (which I had problems getting with some ATI x-series), and high res through dual-dvi. My 8600GT 256mb was dirt cheap and does a great job with dual dvi, I run one screen at 1920x1200 and one at 1200x1600 (rotated). Lots of 1080p video, photoshop, and just general UI--usually all at the same time on my E6420, never misses a beat. Excellent bang-for-the-buck if you're not a hardcore gamer, zero complaints.
  7. I can't find any batteries lately so I've gone crazy with the keyboard and mouse cords...
  8. If you use your favorite plist editor to open ~/Library/Preferences/.GlobalPreferences.plist you can edit com.apple.mouse.scaling and make the trackpad / 2-finger scroll a lot more usable. I don't remember the number I ended up with, mine was never perfect but I got it to where I could reliably use my thumb or one finger pressed flat to scroll and just use the trackpad normally the rest of the time. Also had to turn down the triggers on FFScroll it would get stuck in scroll mode. I just traded my Vaio for an HP tablet PC which is my next OS-X victim, I'm definitely going to miss the lightweight Vaio but I couldn't resist the opportunity to hack os-x onto a tablet. As for other questions: I never did get full sound. The 262 was a real pain to get working with Taruga's drivers, so close but I'm not patient enough or smart enough to sort that out. I installed insomnia.kext to allow me to close the lid and go a short distance, that was good enough for me so I never tried to fix it to actually sleep, I still don't trust sleep mode too many bad memories from old Windows installs.
  9. I totally relate. I bought a 965-based system that really has some trouble with with current OS X so I traded in a bunch of spare parts for an old teardrop G4 1.25 with 768mb and the 17" LCD widescreen. So now I have a loaded, top-of-the-line E6400, 965-based media center that cost a fortune, and an old G4 mac. You can guess which one never gets used.
  10. try en0 --> en1 link edit: and try a newer version if you still have probs. 10.4.8/9 working well on most hardware.
  11. Free4Me Network Is A Scam!

    I think free4me is among the most reliable. But they have some strange rules like never logging in from an .edu, never logging in on the same IP as another account (ever) logged in from. IF you follow the rules 100% you'll get your stuff. I stalled out at 4 referrals on my way to get that MB because that second page got so damned hard, few of my greens went red because they prob broke some rule. I decided I could work at my job and earn the price of a macbook a lot quicker than it takes to get all the refs.
  12. Mac OS X Chess Program VS Windows Vista Chess Program

    man I thought that was a good submit. nobody else did but I put my $.02 in!
  13. OS X been primary OS on at least half a dozen computers for me (I trade out comps quite a bit). Right now it's the only OS installed on my Vaio TX and my old school Dimension 8200, when it crashes it's pretty clear it was my fault and not the OS. Rock solid.
  14. ^^ what they said. I got an E520 almost identical specs to the one you're looking at, figured with the GMA graphics I could hack the rest of it together. My ancient Dimension 8200 is still my preferred OS-X machine because that E520 has so many issues, now I just use it to run SUSE and will prob ebay it. Installation is a pain, I don't think any of the hardware works out of the box, you have to piece everything together. It gets there but takes a long time, take another look at some of the more compatible systems others are posting.
  15. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    for codec 10ec0262 (Realtek ALC262) ...just wanted to add my codec to the pile, this chip is used on a lot of Vaio notebooks including my VGN-TXN15P. Right now (v 1.12) AppleHDA loads fine but there are not yet any inputs/outputs in sound control panel. I do see this error under AppleHDAController: Dependency Errors: com.apple.iokit.IOPCIFamily: No valid version of this dependency can be found ...but my expertise runs out there. anyway, here's an ALC262 codec dump for anyone else who might need it. ALC262_codec_dump.txt