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  1. Pippin

    New iTunes

    Thanks I didn't notice that!
  2. Pippin

    No More XP on Dell Machines?

    hmm Apple is working on iTunes to work fine on Vista I see no reason to blame Dell for giving you the latest OS.
  3. Pippin

    Michael Dell Returns

    Dell is getting better with Michael Dell.
  4. Pippin

    mac viruses

  5. Pippin

    Hi. I'm Jason.

    Why did I think you're from England?
  6. Pippin

    POwer of my imac.

    I only run OS X no Vista for me.
  7. Pippin

    yahoo messenger not working

    Yahoo Messenger is running fine with me... if you don't need video chat, just use Adium www.adiumx.com
  8. Pippin

    Play files in iTunes on Mac from PC

    Thanks very much I didn't think it was that easy
  9. http://www.macuser.com/itunes/itunes_7_sec...tiple_libra.php Ok so I have my PC connected to my Mac. I use the PC to download lots of podcasts from iTunes. How can I listen to those podcasts on the Mac without moving the files to the Mac? Can it read my PC's library?
  10. Pippin

    Firmware updates

    New EFI and SMC firmware updates for Mac Pro and restoration update for iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, Mac mini. http://www.apple.com/support/downloads/ Ok I have an iMac, should I download Firmware Restoration CD 1.1? I haven't noticed any changes since I installed the last firmware update (I don't install Windows on my Mac). Why Apple wants us to restore the firmware? Is there anything wrong?
  11. Pippin

    Conroe Desktop Mac

    I think Xeon is faster and more stable than Conroe, and Conroe can't be put inside the iMac or MacBook Pro or Mac mini.
  12. I think there is a big difference!!