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  1. Um, just lettin' ya know, those links don't work.
  2. Dog_Paddle

    Show your computer running OS X

    Apple makes Gateways I made the mousepad in 3rd grade..
  3. UNO It gets rid of all that horrible polished metal or whatever that metallish {censored} is. Everything looks 20x better. Only downside is that it makes your spotlight icon and the Apple icon in the menubar a little smaller. I don't know why Link: http://gui.interacto.net/
  4. Dog_Paddle

    Show Your OS X Desktop!

    Clean: Dirty: I think it looks pretty nice myself.
  5. Arg arg it's not MAC it's just Mac. Everyone will still buy PCs because the average joe/jane thinks that it's a "bargain", Dells can go as low as $300, the lowest Mac cost $600. Everyone won't buy Hackintoshes because not everyone is tach savvy (the average jane/joe). Hahahaha I just realized your name is avarage_joe!
  6. I hope I read this right.. it lets you use Windows programs inside of OS X?
  7. Dog_Paddle


    Don't try to direct connect with Adium though. Any messages you send after accepting a direct connection will be sent into a black hole until you or your friend signs off and signs back in.
  8. Dog_Paddle

    Ghosting OSX 10.4.X

    Bump, I'm trying to figure this out to.
  9. Dog_Paddle

    roxio burning

    As long as you don't need to burn a movie to a DVD it is. It takes ages for it to encode for DVD.
  10. Dog_Paddle

    Popwire: Play wmv in Quicktime.

    Get the latest VLC Nightly version. It's Unibin. Direct Link: http://nightlies.videolan.org/build/macosx...060506-0050.dmg
  11. Dog_Paddle

    Universal iTune Controller

    Like I said in first post, it's a trail version. My 7 days for it are up.
  12. Dog_Paddle

    Universal iTune Controller

    I have exacty what I need right now, except that it's in PPC code, which means it takes way to much RAM, and is slow. It's called Bytecontroller, and it puts iTunes play/pause,foward,and reverse right in the menubar. Obviously the developer stopped working on it, it's been at version 8.5 since before Christmas. I don't want anything that works from the keyboard. I tried Synergy, and it's great, but it's only a limited trail version. Here's a screenshot of Bytecontroller: Is there anything similar that is UB?
  13. Dog_Paddle

    Steve from da hood

    Your an Apple, I'm an orange I'm sure Steve cusses all the time.. should this really be that big of a shock?
  14. Dog_Paddle

    Is a PC running OS X as good as a Mac?

    I run OSx86 as my main computer. I completely got rid of Windows. I've been able to do everything I did in Windows, plus many, many more things. THe Only Windows I have is my mom's $500 Dell Laptop. I will cry when future Mac versions won't run on my Hackintosh A real Mac is way to expensive.
  15. Dog_Paddle

    DVD cover for OSX x86 10.4.x

    How do I print this with correct dimensions with osx86?