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Ciao a tutti, mi sono iscritto da poco e vorrei imparare ad usare Snow Leopard, mi dedicherò sicuramente alla lettura di tutte le guide inerenti, e se avrò bisogno chiederò aiuto a voi wink_anim.gif


Hello everyone, I'm subscribed and would like to learn how to use Snow Leopard, I will read all related guides, and ask if I need help to you wink_anim.gif

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Hey all, I'm new here. 


A little bit about myself:


I am in High School, obsessed with cross country, and I make nazi zombies maps for CoDWaW :(


Anyways, I hope to be able to get OS X working; because my entire school uses Macs :S

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Hi Insanely Mac-Community,

I'm from Germany and my english is bad... hope it will work :)


2 months ago i started an education in Computer-Section (German: Fachinformatiker) and i am pretty fine in working with Windows Systems but i'm really interested in UNIX-Systems and hope to find a start here.


I've heared from OSX86-Project at zdnet.de and i wondered that OSX can be installed on any PC, so i have to check it :(


Here i found much Information for setting up a custom Mac, so i think i will try it.



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Hello to everybody, I'm Macca from Italy (Milan)


I'm Newbie about Hackintosh but now I'm in the right place to improve myself.


I've recenty go this Laptop

Asus N71JQ (Intel i7 720QM/ATI Mobility HD 5730)

actually with Win 7 Pro


and I hope I'll be able as soon as possible to let it "Snow"...anyone already hack this model ? Has Snow Leopard any compatibility problems with its hardware ?


thanks and


RESPECT to everybody




ciao a tutti !!!

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I'm new here, living in the USA with no experience at all with Macs. I'm the go-to guy for my family with computer problems and my sister has decided to get in bed with Macs, so I'm here to try to build a hackintosh so when she calls me with questions I have a way to know what she's talking about. I have zero experience with this OS :hysterical:

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