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Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Thomas from somewhere in germany and love MacOS from the first day i met it (which was 2 years ago). I went through Leo 10.5.4 to the latest snow leo , with quite much success (although some trouble also). I started out with a generic acer aspire desktop PC (quad core, OEM nvidia based board), but replaced the mainboard quite soon because it just sucked (not even the SATA mode could be adjusted, haha). Now i run it on a ASUS P5EVM-HDMI (which i quite like).


In the meantime i got so persuaded by the apple stuff that i got me an older G4 Powermac from ebay, an iphone4 (not from ebay ...) and all kinds of other apple products. iPad will follow in few weeks. I'm about to save me money for a macbook pro17''.


So long, looking forward to having more fun with MacOS!



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If you would like to introduce yourself, please do it here. Thanks.


Do not ask questions here. Do not tell us your problems with OS X.


For questions and help open a new topic.


Hello all, I am relatively new to OS X and the OSx86 scene. On a day to day basis, I run Windows 7 on my desktop (and hopefully Snow Leopard in the near future), and some variety of Linux on my netbook (it changes frequently... the current distro of the moment is BT4).


I look forward to learning about OS X in general, and more specifically as it applies to getting it up and running on my PC.

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What up?


Real noob here and everything is quite confusing to me, so have some patience and understanding with my boring questions...


The deal is, I was on&off deciding to make my first Hackintosh in quite some time now, but never got the courage nor time nor patience to do it. Now I'm browsing through some torrent sites in search for the latest OS X [snow Leopard 10.6.4, i think] but haven't had any luck in finding one... The next problem is how the ;) to start the damn instalation, 'cause everything looks like Greek to me...


Nevertheless I'm pretty determined to go through with the OS X on my PC, so hopefully, with your help, I'll get through it in one piece :o


See ya! Cheers!

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Ciao a tutti sono seven73 è da diversi mesi che mi sono dato a questo nuovo mondo, certo che di cose c,è ne da imparare ma con pazienza ci sono riuscito a installare sulla mia macchina snow leopard. Ora vorrei solo perfezzionarlo il più possibile.Questo è un grande sito spero di avere consigli e aiuto grazie

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