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  1. Macbook doesn't boot from usb/cd

    It has only 1gb of ram, maybe 10.5.6 is the best choice
  2. Macbook doesn't boot from usb/cd

    I don't know the model, the words are worn out, I can't read them. I'm installing Leopard 10.5.6 and it seems to work So, it was the bad version of OS X for my problem, thanks for support
  3. Macbook doesn't boot from usb/cd

    In verbose mode I discover that this version of Mac OS X is not supported on this platform, CPU is 32bit!! So, which version of Mac OS X can I install?
  4. Macbook doesn't boot from usb/cd

    I have created thumb drive with lion, when macbook boot I press option key, on screen shows an icon with label EFI Boot, I select that but thump drive doesn't boot, it shows an icon like this:
  5. Macbook doesn't boot from usb/cd

    Update: I have did what you said, but I have an hackintosh system, and i can't complete the installation to the harddisk because it requires reboot, and if I reboot I have chameleon. Can I install Lion on this harddisk on my hackintosh system, and then place it on macbook?
  6. Macbook doesn't boot from usb/cd

    I have to try this: I already have 10.7 app purchased from appstore Thanks for support
  7. Macbook doesn't boot from usb/cd

    Thanks for reply. I'm talking about of an Apple laptop, an old version of a white MacBook, 13" maybe The original harddisk (60GB) is completely dead, it makes bad noises. I have already a usb installation with lion for boot, but it doesn't start!
  8. Macbook doesn't boot from usb/cd

    Nobody can help me?
  9. Hi, I have a macbook that I'm changing the harddisk because it was damaged, and so I should reinstall all the software on the new harddisk by a new installation. The problem is at boot time, when I press alt or C, I don't see any boot option, I see only the mouse that is moving .... Any advice on how to start the boot? If I don't press anything at boot an icon appears as a folder with a flashing question mark, I think it's normal because there isn't any software in the new harddisk, right? Thanks for help
  10. aiuto istallazione lion su P5QD TURBO

    ho fatto la prova e mi si è resettato la conf del bios quindi non funziona con il mio dsdt
  11. aiuto istallazione lion su P5QD TURBO

    Mi unisco anch'io al thread in quanto ho la stessa mb. Personalmente non uso lo stop ma se volete posso fare da tester PS: uso un dsdt che usavo con snow in cui andava a meraviglia lo stop, su lion non ho mai provato
  12. [Aiuto] Tastiera USB non riconosciuta

    ho fatto un pò di pulizia di kexts riferite al controlle usb, ma ho ancora lo stesso problema.
  13. [Info] Mappatura della tastiera

    ah, ma per quella devi usare i tasti FN ... ci vogliono delle kexts adatte
  14. [Info] Mappatura della tastiera

    allora hai poco da fare, che tastiera è?
  15. [Info] Mappatura della tastiera

    comincia a premere i tasti multimediali con l'app aperta e vedi cosa compare