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[GUIDE]Retail Snow Leopard 10.6 on a GA EP45-UD3R



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Can you try booting with -f


Tried that, no such luck...


Just use VoodooHDA.


Installed 2.7.2 got a KP (dependency com.apple.iokit)


rebooted -f


Works, just putting it through it's paces to make sure my digi03 works with pro tools



If anyone can help me sort out the com.apple.iokit issue that would be great.


Again THANK YOU for the help, I am grateful I have gotten this far!

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After dealing with some audio issues after the 10.6.8 update, i decided to create a new package for the EP45-UD3R Boards to work on the latest update.


I added support for:

  • Audio
  • Fan speed
  • All system temperatures
  • Sleep
  • and some other stuff.


Dont forget to make the necessary changes in some files, see first post!!!!


SL PACK 2011 (OSX 10.6.8):



Anybody have this package available? The link seems to not be transferring.




EDIT: Nevermind, let it spin for about 5 minutes and it finally kicked in. THANKS!

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Woo Woo did the patch to HDA and it works. Since I am frugal (otherwise know as tighter than two coats of paint) I have to hook my hack to a large screen TV for viewing images our class took recently. Heck of a lot better than looking at dual 19 inch monitors that I have. I did not want to buy another patch cable to hook up to the amplifier in the home stereo. Well I had an extra optical audio cord and hooked it in the optical audio of the Gigabyte board and the other end to the amp and voila! it works. Now when the "gang" comes over later this week I will have sound to boot.



Lou Cioccio

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