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  1. [PHOTO] "The Art in Art"

    Gah I was in second place for a few minutes for the first time in a few days since they banned one person for cheating. Keep voting guys! Once per day but if possible please do it once a day until 5/17 -- it only takes like 3 seconds to vote (2 clicks).
  2. [PHOTO] "The Art in Art"

    Thanks! It means a lot to me. I hope I can get a good stream of votes once daily through 5/17 -- I'm sure the competition will be much more fierce in the final few days. Also they used to show the number of votes each photo had -- it's so much scarier now that they hid that information. I see other photos keep overtaking each other and I have no idea how far ahead I am...
  3. [PHOTO] "The Art in Art"

    Help me win a ukulele photo contest I entered a few days ago! The theme was "anything related to or involving a ukulele", as it's sponsored by Hawaii Music Supply. As a college student, I could never afford the instrument they're giving away as the grand prize (a Kamaka ukulele) and so winning this contest would mean the world to me both as an avid photographer who hasn't had much time lately to indulge in the hobby due to school work (which thankfully will end soon!) and as someone who has now played ukulele for a few months, loves it, and would appreciate the grand prize immensely. I entered the contest pretty last-minute and know my masking isn't spot-on, but I'm pretty happy with my idea, the composition, and the general result. I took 6 images (two 3-image HDRs one with high depth of field and the other with low depth of field), and combined the two HDRs with some masking to keep the strings sharp all the way up the fretboard (as well as the outline of the body). Vote for my photo "The Art in Art" once a day until 5/17/13 when the contest ends here: http://iframe.wizehive.com/voting/view/516ec858-60b8-43c8-a562-17510a20adfa/14289/1271300/0 Thanks!
  4. I have never run into something like this (and I work as a network administrator on my campus at school with a much more complicated network). Let me describe the scenario and what I've tried so far to no avail: There are two computers; let's call them "Hackintosh" and "PC". I'm replacing PC with Hackintosh in one particular room of my house (which is wired for ethernet), and I've just finished configuring Hackintosh in another room where it was connected to a different ethernet jack perfectly fine (full network/internet access). This hackintosh's motherboard is a Gigabyte EP45-UD3R, which while slightly old runs OS X flawlessly. I wrote a really popular guide (one of the first) back in the day for how to install OS X 10.6 on that motherboard, and am really happy with how much advancement there has been. Anyways, here's what I did: After configuring Hackintosh in a different room connected to that room's ethernet jack (successfully), I then tried connecting it to two other ethernet jacks in the house and it was able to get an IP automatically through DHCP instantly (aka the machine and its network card are operational and properly configured). Before I disconnect PC in the room I'm moving Hackintosh into, PC's internet is working fine with the jack it has been connected to for over a year. I proceed to hook up Hackintosh to the same jack that PC was connected to, but OS X's network preference pane doesn't even register that it's connected to anything (it just says, "Cable Unplugged" etc). I tried two other cables that I know work (just in case) and that didn't change anything as I expected. Yet, Hackintosh is still able to obtain a DHCP IP using alternate jacks around the house. I tried two alternate computers (a Macbook Pro and an old netbook running Windows) with the jack in question and they both obtained DHCP IPs instantly. It seems that Hackintosh is the only computer that cannot connect to my home network and obtain an IP using this specific jack. Also, I reconnected PC to the jack in question it had been connected to and working with in the past, and it was able to obtain an IP. Just to be thorough I also tried connecting PC to other jacks around the house and it worked with each one. I'm not sure what's left. I restarted my router (it's one of those AT&T U-Verse devices) and that still hasn't helped Hackintosh get a DHCP-assigned IP address from the jack PC was connected to. I figured there might be some weird issue where the router is filtering out Hackintosh's MAC address from using PC's port, but I don't know what would cause that. If no other computers besides PC worked using that jack I would assume the issue is some kind of automatic ISP/router mac filtering as PC has been the only computer connected to the jack in its room until I started moving stuff around today, but as I mentioned alternate Mac and Windows machines were able to get an IP from the jack successfully so I doubt that's the problem. If it matters, before Hackintosh was Hackintosh, it was running Linux server software and connected to another jack in the house for a long time (one of the ones I tested when looking for alternate jacks). Any ideas? I'm still thinking but probably about to sleep on it... As a super last resort I can clear the device list in my router and have it re-detect everything although given Hackintosh says, "Cable Unplugged" and not "Self-Assigned IP" or something I feel like that won't work. --- EDIT1: I did that "clear devices list" on my router and it hasn't changed anything. Hackintosh is still unable to receive a DHCP-assigned IP address specifically from that one jack I need it to. Rebooted and out of curiosity tried changing the "Ethernet Built-In" flag to "No" in the Chameleon boot plist, but it didn't change anything. I'm going to sleep but will check this thread in the morning and probably continue to tinker in hope of a solution. EDIT2: Still have the problem (sleeping on it magically didn't make it work). I just noticed that the light in the ethernet port on the computer is blinking orange once every 5 or so seconds. I'm about to consult Google to see what that means... EDIT3: The blinking orange light just means it's connected to a gigabit interface (as opposed to a green light which would mean it's connected to a 100 Mbps interface). I'm now going to try manually installing Lnx2Mac's Realtek RTL81XX driver using his .pkg file. EDIT4: EUREKA! I'm typing this from Hackintosh using the questionable ethernet jack. The only catch? I'm actually connecting the questionable jack to a normal 10/100 ethernet switch (didn't have a gigabit one lying around) and then Hackintosh to another port on the same switch... I guess there must be something wrong with the physical wiring layout of the EP45-UD3R and/or the questionable jack. Can anyone give me an explanation? For the time being, I'm ok finding a small gigabit ethernet switch and using that as the "wiring proxy" to get Hackintosh to work in the room I need it to. I'll dismantle the jack later to see if I can find any anomalies.
  5. I'm amazed this thread managed to stay alive; I didn't think there would still be replies from a few weeks ago! Since Lion is coming out soon, I may be working on that when I have some free time over the summer.
  6. Will using a modded bios affect performance in any other OS? Does overclocking still work?
  7. Everyone who is still looking for the files, please confirm that the above link is working for you guys.
  8. Man I've been insanely busy! I had AP Exams, graduation, other commitments, and even moving to an entirely new house! I haven't visited this guide in a while, although I'm sure there's some stuff that's outdated here. It's a good backbone, but really has to be updated to reflect some of the newer stuff. My Hackintosh works just as well as ever (all updates etc), but if anything happens to break when 10.6.4 comes around, I'll work on it. As for the link to the pack being broken, v4 is the older version. I believe the latest version I released was v5.0b, which I'll edit in a link to in this post in a few minutes. For some reason, I can't save changes to the OP anymore, as I get some BBCode error. SL Pack v5.0b (I posted this a while back, but this is the latest version as of right now): http://www.mediafire.com/?nkzqezxnwym
  9. Check the kernel log to see what's going on under the hood before the OS goes to sleep. I figured out that Weatherbug was causing NUMEROUS problems with sleep this way, and once I removed it, everything worked perfectly.
  10. You have to try to speak in a concise manner, so everyone can understand you. If you don't speak English well, I understand, but try to explain why you can't get OS X to work on your PC. If we know what your problems are, we can help you solve them!
  11. I believe that this is my latest DSDT, although I made it a LONG time ago and haven't tried to optimize it since (considering everything works fine, given the kexts I also have in /E/E). I may start working on it soon. I use a C2D processor and an EP45-UD3R (see sig). DL Link: http://uppit.com/v/H398CVHA
  12. I like doing a few things manually, but GraphicsEnabler can be useful (if it supports your graphics card).
  13. My G5 hasn't had the skip after sleep problem since I started using Snow Leopard. There was one kext that also caused skipping; "AppleUserUpstreamClient.kext". Delete this from /S/L/E and you should have fewer problems.
  14. There might be a USB tweak needed in your DSDT. Are you using one that you made yourself, or are you using someone else's? My computer wakes fine with the keyboard, mouse, and power button (10.6.3).
  15. Lol I'm pretty sure if it was using Ambien, it would fall asleep faster >.< Anyways, Beerkex'd helped me figure out the solution. I looked at the kernel log and saw that damn Weatherbug was the cause. Problem solved =D I am currently using 8 kexts in /E/E, but a few are optional fixes that I'd rather leave there.