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  1. restore deleted files APFS

    Bummer !
  2. restore deleted files APFS

    On the m3data recovery it said to "On macOS High Sierra, there is a security mechanism named "System Integrity Protection" (SIP), which prevents any application from reading startup drive. And when we want to use M3 Mac Data Recovery to scan startup disk, we need to temporarily disable SIP, otherwise M3 Mac Data Recovery will be prevented from scanning." did you do that??? From restore in terminal Enter the command: csrutil disable and press Return. Lou Cioccio
  3. Recovery Mode no access

    https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201372 Also check Apple on bootable usb sticks. Lou Cioccio
  4. Recovery Mode no access

    Can you access the App Store? Not sure if the USB will allow to boot on the 2008 do a google. https://forums.macrumors.com/threads/boot-mac-pro-from-usb-thumb-drive.1401815/ See if this help. I am assuming your 2008 can access the internet? Lou Cioccio
  5. Recovery Mode no access

    To see if you indeed have a recovery partition: diskutil list in terminal. Look for a 650mb partition. Try restarting but hold down the option key to see if it shows up. Is the keyboard plugged into the Mac Pro not a hub? I am assuming its a Tower. Lou Cioccio diskutil should look like this Louiss-iMac:~ lcioccio$ diskutil list /dev/disk0 (internal, physical): #: TYPE NAME SIZE IDENTIFIER 0: GUID_partition_scheme *121.3 GB disk0 1: EFI EFI 209.7 MB disk0s1 2: Apple_CoreStorage Macintosh_HD 121.0 GB disk0s2 3: Apple_Boot Boot OS X 134.2 MB disk0s3 /dev/disk1 (internal, physical): #: TYPE NAME SIZE IDENTIFIER 0: GUID_partition_scheme *3.0 TB disk1 1: EFI EFI 209.7 MB disk1s1 2: Apple_CoreStorage Macintosh_HD 3.0 TB disk1s2 3: Apple_Boot Recovery HD 650.0 MB disk1s3 /dev/disk2 (internal, virtual): #: TYPE NAME SIZE IDENTIFIER 0: Apple_HFS Macintosh_HD +3.1 TB disk2 Item 3 /dev/disk1 (internal, physical): is what your looking for.
  6. s.l.server won't complete install

    Aha! https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mac_mini2-1you cannot boot from USB. I think you may have to put a hard drive inside. I only worked on one of these and the repair manual said to use a flexible metal putty knife and actually explained what grade of sand paper to use to sharpen the one side and at what angle. It worked made a cracking sound similar to those old Bondi Blue iMacs that I had worked on! I think the drive is SATA so if the USB drive can be taken apart you could put it inside as I am assuming you put the drive in side a USB case. Lou Cioccio
  7. iMac A1312 27" lcd won't work

    I usually go to DVWarehouse for parts and even advice. I did just look at their site but did not find any iMac displays. I also did a search on eBay that had some for your model. The one thing I liked about DVWarehouse is if you email and ask whatever the problem your having they will email back. There may be other parts vendors out there you'll have to google. Try looking around and "smelling" that display to see if a cable did get burned. I "think" basically there are three cables: sensor, display and inverter. They may be taped over so use the spluger to release the tape. If its a cable its a lot less expensive than the display. Good luck, we have been hammered with snow in Erie PA just dug out two cars in my drive way so we may win the snow globe award. Lou Cioccio
  8. iMac A1312 27" lcd won't work

    Only if have another LCD thats the same pinouts. The cable are around 20$US or so on eBay. The LCD Display on the other hand is 200$. If you have another display and an apple display connector (display or thunderbolt) you could hook up another monitor that would isolate to see if the video card is okay. Then you can make a decision if you need another display. Lou Cioccio
  9. Update of a 4,1 iMac upgraded to Core2Duo

    Did you give a bless(ing) command: sudo bless -folder /Volumes/Boot -file /Volumes/Boot/boot -setBoot -legacy You may have to edit this to be compatible to your system the way you named the file.

    Bronxtech, That is the truth; we had excellent repair manuals when we worked on Technical Material Corp transmitters back in 1967 in Vietnam. The link shows you one of the transmitters we worked on. We had 1-40KW and 2 - 10KW's sending traffic to Subic Bay and Clark AFB. Lou Cioccio
  11. You will need to make a dummy load and a momentary switch now I do not know the pinouts for the iMac, anyway the dummy load or even a resistor for a load should work. Lou Cioccio
  12. Not sure if this will help see link they at DVWarehouse have answered my questions when I have repaired Mac's. If this is the right model the price is better than the 150$ (did that include labor)? Lou Cioccio
  13. MSI 970 100ME on MacPro 1 1

    Look here put it in slot 2 https://forums.macrumors.com/threads/graphics-card-upgrade-for-mac-pro-1-1.1949452/ Lou Cioccio
  14. You might have to open it up to see if that sensor on the hard drive came loose. Also look to see if anything else got jarred and not fully seated.