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Should Apple Sell OSX For Use On A PC?

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Apple is and underdog to Microsoft, the whole point of apple is to sale to specific consumers that want to feel....special.

thats why there is the Apple cult and not Microsoft cult, because Apple people are unique.

Macs in Israel costs A LOT of money, money i don't have (and not because i don't work, stupid, i'm a soldier).

i always wanted to have a mac but didn't afford it, that's why this great community (yahy!) grew and there a so much hackintosh users this far.

oh, and btw - probably your friend stole your mac :D



We've got the best of both sides and are beholden to neither. -_-

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I doubt Apple will ever licence out OSX to be installed on PC's.


First, they would have to make compability lists for which OEM PC's work and doesn't work.

And they would have to have a system to "certify" that this piece of hardware will work with OSX.

It would probably be a huge mess, and a big headache.


Plus, it seems to me that Apple makes their profits on mobile devices and their computers.

So if they sold the OS to people that wants to use it on their Dell, HP (or whatever) they'd lose money.


But one thing that has amazed me is that Snow Leopard is so cheap that they're practically giving it away.

I've never bought a OS this cheap. ;)

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i know i would hate to see osx being sold with HP or Dell computers.

that nice shiny well-coded solid OS being used to sell piece of {censored} pre-built corner-cutting machines, it just offends my inner mac.

that should never happen.


however, i would accept it being liscensed to 'hobbyists' or anyone who builds their own PC from parts, for personal use

(not in an office environment).

just keep OSX away from full pc manufacturers. keep it illegal to sell a pc 'designed for mac os x'.

In the EULA reserve the right against those seeking to profit from running OSX on non-apple machines.



with an even greater opensourcing of the OS's core and an end to the purposeful breaking of hackintoshes, Apple could work with the community (not literally, just provide adequate sources) and allow -not certify or attempt in any way to control - individual non-profit people and hobby teams (like Chameleon and Voodoo) to write drivers for the components.

all it would take is the threat of re-illegalisation of OSX86 to keep the community away from supporting pre-built machines, and militant against company's like Psystar.

oh, and keep distro's illegal.


Apple's Software Update would then only support real macs and the community would be left to solve their own problems.


Therefore, Apple could maintain the core OS X to a high standard, gain more sales,

avoid the entrenched Microsoft situation,

avoid increased costs from supporting more hardware, benefit from hacker's works

and license OSX to those who wouldnt have bought a mac anyway.

they would be free from Micro$oft criticisms if something didnt work on someones OSX86 that way, it would be your responsibility to make it work.


this would essentially be legalising OSX86 for non-commercial purposes.

it would be a lovely synthesis of Linux's openness and supportiveness,

whilst still retaining the backbone of surpervised development with a direction for the core os.

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If Apple were to sell their OS for other systems than Macs, they would lose an incredible ammount of revenue, and their OS would become less safe, and would not operate at the same capacity as it would on a normal Mac.

after actually thinking through my earlier post, im starting to think the same.

i am happy to continue hacking semi-legally, as long as apple do not put too many obstacles in the way

and hacks stays opensource (no psystars)

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If Apple were to sell their OS for other systems than Macs, they would lose an incredible ammount of revenue, and their OS would become less safe, and would not operate at the same capacity as it would on a normal Mac.


Exactly. Apple will never sell OSX outside of Macs due to the fact that they would quickly lose the margins that allow them to sell a tenth of what Dell does but make higher profits. We all know about the Apple Tax and why it exists...


With that said, I like the current balance: Macs for normal people, Hackintoshes for geeks while Apple looks the other way.


I don't mind them taking out psystars as I think companies like that (and EFI-X) put only a temporary band-aid on the difficulty of hackintoshing. When the band-aid falls off (say like with EFI-X when we moved to SL) then everyone involved gets hurt except the person making the money off the clones.


I much prefer a vibrant hackintosh community. As long as I know that I can continue to never have to pay out the nose for one of those terrible all-in-one desktops, then I personally am happy.


The EULA issue means nothing to me and many others in the community. Many of us are heavy torrenters anyway- we don't care about things like legal restrictions and copyrights anyway. It is businesses that fear such a risk, and businesses are the exact place hackintoshes should never be.


Actually my only complaint is when Apple tries to purposefully screw over our community- like when they made SL stop working with the Atom right before they released the iPad.


Yes Mr. Jobs, I understand that you don't like netbooks and you feel we should all buy iPads instead. But honestly I can't even handle the iPad's high margins- I will be ready and happy to get a hackintosh iPad when they come available.


It comes down to this: I know how much hardware costs, so I can never buy a real Mac (except maybe a laptop model the day it is released) without feeling guilty that you bilked me. But I have no respect for your copyright- so no matter what you do if I can technically run OSX on my homebuilt PC than I will.


The best Apple can get out of someone like me is a little money for the OS, and the fact that because I used OSX on my hacks I push people to buy real Macs.


But Jobs will never get me to buy a iPad/iMac/ioverpricedhighmarginproduct because I demand the most value for my money......

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It's probably already been said, but apple needs to keep things proprietary. I still think people would buy macs if OSx were available for PCs just because of aesthetics, but definitely less. Maybe if the OSx86 project gets more user friendly and easier to install jobs will have to rethink his strategy and make it available and with lower price models with less aesthetic bells and whistles.


Just a thought.

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i dont think it would be economically convenient, but wouldn't you like OS X to be open sourced? a big chunk of it, the Darwin stuff, is already open source. If The whole API with the Core Services and Cocoa and all that stuff were open source, minimum os x components like the Finder were open sourced, or maybe just Cocoa, what would happen? i mean it could really appeal to PC users to have OS X unrestrictedly running on their PCs with no license problems. an pen source Cocoa and maybe XCode could be ported over to linux and windows, allowing for an army of developers venturing into the OS X programming world without necessarily switching to os x, producing greater software diversity for os x. Apple could still make money from the by keeping sell iLife and iWork and all that stuff as closed software and bundling it with their proprietary build of OS X, maybe for PCs and Macs (of course, Mac people having privileges ;) ). After all, isn't apple a hardware company? according to the legend, Bill Gates was the pioneer at the software business, Apple primarily making $$ from hardware. They'd gain the benefit of having OS X on a large number of PCs (c'mon, everybody loves OS X, and having it for free, why not?), of new developers and new software. And they could keep iPhone OS devices closed still, even with Jobs' praise of open standards to kill off flash from their iTouch stuff. If it were profitable, wouldn't it be great for everyone (except maybe the guys at Redmond)?

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I believe i read the other day that apple is actually worth more than microsoft now so I don't see how they have any reason to license their software. I think it would actually make more sence if they just brought down their pricepoint.

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I don't see any reason for Apple to sell OSX for general PC's. Apple doesen't want you to run OSX on a PC because the hardware on a mac and the software (OSX) fit perfectly. Everything works out-of-the-box, and it's really fast.


Besides, if people really want OSX then their only option is to buy a Mac, which makes Apple more money.

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5 Lets fact it OSX is the only os you would ever need. As we all know A Mac can run windows and linux.

So apart from the sales of real Macs dropping what is the down side for Apple?

Apple is a company that is in business to make money and I think the money made from selling OSX for PC's would far out weigh any losses of sales of real Mac's.




Apple sees itself as a hardware and consumer electronics company, and selling OSX for PCs would put a serious dent in Mac sales.


The biggest complaint I have about Apple's lineup now is that the Macbook is "too good."


That is, there isn't enough of a performance gap between the Macbook and Macbook Pro to justfiy spending the extra money on the Pro for most people - and there's too much of a price gap between the Macbook and entry level Celeron, core, and AMD powered laptops for people who have an eye on their wallet during tough times to choose mac.


The Macbook needs to be a computer version of the Mac Mini that can tackle the masses of entry level laptops out there.


Celeron T1500, with integrated intel graphics, for instance, selling new at a $699 price point.

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Apple won't sell OS X for PC because if they do that many people find no reason to buy a Mac anymore which is just a low to average PC, over-priced hardwares and the design of the Mac haven't changed for many years


Ultimately reason is Apple wants your money as much as it can get


Monitor of Mac is IPS, it's good but you can get as good as it with Dell IPS monitor for just half price

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I never wan't to see this happen. That would just mean we would get all of windows problems on mac OS X. There would also be loads more viruses because more people will be using it.

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I never wan't to see this happen. That would just mean we would get all of windows problems on mac OS X. There would also be loads more viruses because more people will be using it.

Agreed! If you really want Mac OSX get a real Mac, or Hackintosh away haha

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