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  1. Thanks. After reading the post in the replaced link, I realise I shouldn't have posted this problem here. It was inappropriate. Sorry. Could a moderator delete my thread please?
  2. Been struggling with it for 2 weeks, especially these past 2 days. I was able to download Mavericks into the applications folder after a lot of work. I used the ##### method to make a bootable USB drive to install 10.9.2 on a blank HD after setting kernel flags GraphicsEnabler=Yes PCIRootUID=1 npci=0x2000. Then rebooted with the same flags to install #####. Mavericks recognises the 8800GT, ram and CPU no problem. Also has sound and networking. Works extremely well. However, except for one time, I have not been able to get it to boot up on its own without the USB drive. One time it worked, but networking was disabled. Deleted all the network devices in system preferences in an effort to get it to reset but failed to reboot since. I've tried adding flags PCIRootUID=1 npci=0x2000 to the chameleon file in extra, I know they have to be on the same line under kernel flags. I used -v to see where it is hanging and it gets stuck at com.apple.iokit.ioacpifamily. So I downloaded AppleACPIPlatform.kext and ##### to try out. For Mavericks, should I put that in Extra or in /library/extensions? Old card and board I know. But if it got this far, it only lacks a little more work in the org.chameleon to finish. Well that's my progress so far. EDIT: Oh i see the word is not allowed. Apologies.
  3. Hi, My main install is 10.6.8 on a Gigabyte EP45-UD3R MB with Kakewalk 3.0. So I installed Windows 7 Home premium on another HD unplugging the Hackintosh HD first and then I use chameleon to dual boot SL and Win7. Works perfectly. SL starts, sleeps, restart and shutdown just fine. Only small problem is that Windows 7 refuses to sleep automatically when the Hackintosh HD is also plugged in, only when it is disconnected?! It turns off the display for one second when I sleep it then turns right back on. Windows 7 shutdown works. Any idea or fix for this? Thanks in advance.
  4. I was also wondering about this because the fan connector on my 9800GT failed one day and the screen locked up. Heatsink was boiling hot when I examined it. I had to connect the graphics card fan to a main. I don't understand it because 9800GT was very stable for over a year in 10.5.8.
  5. Thats it.. Ive HAD IT!

    Exactly. If you don't enjoy the process of learning and doing, if you don't see the point of a Hack over a Mac, it is simply not for you. It is not necessarily even about saving money, the hours you spend on researching and working on your Hack, you may already earn the same many times over in billable hours of "real" work. Basically, Core 2 duo or Quad will certainly work. AMD is a little bit harder. Gigabyte boards are good. Asus boards are also good, Nvidia most likely works out of the box, ATi is slightly trickier to get working but also can be done. Get a decent quality power supply and indeed quality components overall. Even if you can build a Hack out of a mix of cheap new parts and a few pre existing parts, I find that using quality parts is another important factor in stability. I have a flawless 10.5.8 running on my GA too. However, only auto sleep doesn't work in 10.6.3 (it did in 10.6.2!) Sleep and Wake, Restart all work. Now, I use PleaseSleep to force it to sleep after timer runs out. Works OK. Probably a problem with 10.6.3. Waiting for 10.6.4 and the next version of Chameleon.
  6. Thats it.. Ive HAD IT!

    It sounds like the Hackintosh thing just isn't for you. I think you will definitely be happier installing Win 7 on your rig and buying a new Mac if you prefer.
  7. sleep troubles

    I can't help other than to say that I'm also having the same sleep trouble with my Kakewalk 10.6.3 on my EP45-UD3R. In my case, sleep on demand works instantaneous, wake mostly works ; but AutoSleep doesn't quite work. Sometimes works, sometimes doesn't. I've tried sleepenabler 10.6.3 and OSXRestart, still can't get Autosleep to work properly. I'm experimenting with various things but can't isolate what's causing it. May have to try another install method. I'm trying "pleasesleep" app to force sleep, however, sometimes wake doesn't work. It seems even real Macs have reported sleep issues with 10.6.3. My suspicion is that the problem is not Kake's install method but something to do with the 10.6.3 update that causes the HDs to power down on sleep but not the rest of the system and causes the system to not come out of sleep on other occasions. May have to wait for 10.6.4 and another update of Chameleon to fix it.
  8. sound : quick reminder; if audio preferences show a sound device but you have no sound, make sure you have selected line out. If preferences show a message like "no sound device", you will need to find a audio kext that works for you.
  9. Cpu Temperature not displayed

    Get Temperature monitor 4.9 That one works. It needs to self install a driver to read the CPU temps.
  10. With my previous Snow install, I turned VT etc all back on post install and updates without any issue. With Kakewalk, VT etc were all enabled pre and post install updates and didn't cause any trouble.
  11. I also had trouble with no sound when I had Legacy HDA in there. In fact, I only have fakesmc and JMicron now. I would try removing : IOAHCIBlockStorageInjector.kext JMicronATA.kext LegacyHDA.kext OSX86_Tools - fix permissions + clear extensions cache + touch extension folder + reboot See if u can bring up sound device in prefs after rebooting.
  12. I get 20X with xbench on my 3ghz e8400 & about less than half your score with GeekBench Sounds like just a little more tweaking and your setup should truly fly. Kake is now 2.2, maybe better? Tried hand editing the DSDT and the com apple boot plist? SnowLeo doesn't show QE/CI as enabled in profiler, unlike Leo. Try a game demo like Toca mac or Flatout 2 Mac demo or something. hehe If that works, QE/CI should be enabled. Also, what do you have in your Extra/Extensions?
  13. Hi, I made my current SnowLeo test install, soon to be full install with the kakewalk method. I made the Kakewalk boot CD in 10.5.8, installed Snow on my other test bed hd, installed all updates and finally installed Kake boot 2.2 to have everything working 100% ! I only have 2 kexts in my E/E now : fakesmc and JMicronATA, and I don't need the latter. dsdt setup by Kakewalk handles it all now. This is by far the fastest, easiest and smoothest install of Snow yet for me, thanks to mrjaneks great work! my board - Gigabyte - EP45 UD3R. BTW I've asked about it on the Chameleon thread but with the Kake boot package, I also get a visible boot file in / . Is this the way it's supposed to be now? I've tried making it invisible but I don't have the setfile command and I don't want to dl 2.3 gigs worth of developer kit just to get it ...
  14. I've only got JMicronATA and fakesmc in there since using Kakewalk on my current test install. Everything works. Even the com.apple.boot.plist doesn't need the long efi string anymore; only requires graphicsenabler=yes. I can probably do without JMicronATA too. Our board : Gigabyte EP45-UD3R
  15. Not too sure I understand. If the DVD drive button isn't working, the problem should be with the DVD drive. I've got logitech wave and G15 keyboards. 10.3, 10.5, 10.6 all automatically map the wave's F12 key to eject. 10.3 doesn't recognise G15 but 10.5.8 and 10.6.3 both see it and set the eject key correctly. I can open and close my Pioneer DVD drive with either the DVD front button or the F12 key. About the 9800 GT 512 mb + G5 Logitech mouse combo that causes mouse skipping when coming out of sleep on 10.5, I haven't had that problem in 10.6.3 though with full updates and the latest versions of iTunes and Quicktime. No need to downgrade at all.