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  1. i dont think it would be economically convenient, but wouldn't you like OS X to be open sourced? a big chunk of it, the Darwin stuff, is already open source. If The whole API with the Core Services and Cocoa and all that stuff were open source, minimum os x components like the Finder were open sourced, or maybe just Cocoa, what would happen? i mean it could really appeal to PC users to have OS X unrestrictedly running on their PCs with no license problems. an pen source Cocoa and maybe XCode could be ported over to linux and windows, allowing for an army of developers venturing into the OS X programming world without necessarily switching to os x, producing greater software diversity for os x. Apple could still make money from the by keeping sell iLife and iWork and all that stuff as closed software and bundling it with their proprietary build of OS X, maybe for PCs and Macs (of course, Mac people having privileges ). After all, isn't apple a hardware company? according to the legend, Bill Gates was the pioneer at the software business, Apple primarily making $$ from hardware. They'd gain the benefit of having OS X on a large number of PCs (c'mon, everybody loves OS X, and having it for free, why not?), of new developers and new software. And they could keep iPhone OS devices closed still, even with Jobs' praise of open standards to kill off flash from their iTouch stuff. If it were profitable, wouldn't it be great for everyone (except maybe the guys at Redmond)?
  2. sorry for noob question, but is SMBIOS.plist necessary for chameleon? does it really have to trick os x to believe it's a mac, or is it just to fix the About This Mac and sys profiler stuff?