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  1. Geforce 8600 GT + native LCD resolution?

    Are you using a VGA cable to the LCD? If so, does the VGA-cable have all 15 pins? The reason I'm asking is that I've had a similar problem with Mac Mini's while using VGA. If OSX doesn't get the info about the screen you'll only be able to choose between "safe" resolutions. I had a 1440x900 Touschscreen that didn't work until I used a cable that had all 15 pins. Only then could I select the correct resolution.
  2. Many of you might have seen a wallpaper for Mac-owners that says "iReplaced a PC". http://drewsof.deviantart.com/art/iReplace...vised-132906314 Well, here's the Hackintosh version of that. I used the Gigabyte logo, since my motherboard is a Gigabyte.
  3. Lol @ My Macbook

    Are you sure it wasn't just the fact that the trash wasn't emptied? OSX stores the trashed files in a fidden folder in their original location. And when you delete a file and empty the trash, the space will be freed.
  4. My "Get a Mac" ad spoof.

    I see what you mean. But with my accent it would be like a mix of Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Swedish Chef from the Muppet Show.
  5. My "Get a Mac" ad spoof.

  6. My "Get a Mac" ad spoof.

    Here's my "Get a Mac" ad spoof I made a while back. What do you guys think?
  7. There is no going around that Mac's are more design than muscle. You can get alot more muscle if you build your own PC, for a lower cost. This goes for most hobbies. I fly RC Helicopters. And you can: a ) Buy a "ready to fly" kit, which is prebuilt, pre-adjusted and easy for the noobs. b ) Build your own helicopter, using the parts you want, and you have to put it together and adjust everything yourself. Option a is usually more expensive than b. But with b you can customize it to death with the parts you want. And allthoug your pre-built kit looks prettier, the custom heli will be what most experienced flyers go for.
  8. I've been running OSX on my PC for about a year and a half. Allthough I have been telling people that OSX is a very good OS, I don't see my self as a moronic fanboy. I still like Windows, since it still has things that OSX can't give me. And I do speak up when I see something that I don't like about Apple and their products. If I ever become one of those "Apple is everything" guys, I'd probably jump off a bridge. Just the same as if I became a "Microsoft is everything" guy. Keeping an open mind to technology is what I strive towards. If it is made by Apple, Microsoft, Google or any other technlogy-company, I don't care. The thing I care for is the experience.
  9. I doubt Apple will ever licence out OSX to be installed on PC's. First, they would have to make compability lists for which OEM PC's work and doesn't work. And they would have to have a system to "certify" that this piece of hardware will work with OSX. It would probably be a huge mess, and a big headache. Plus, it seems to me that Apple makes their profits on mobile devices and their computers. So if they sold the OS to people that wants to use it on their Dell, HP (or whatever) they'd lose money. But one thing that has amazed me is that Snow Leopard is so cheap that they're practically giving it away. I've never bought a OS this cheap.
  10. I say OS 10. It took me a while to get used to it. But how about OSx86 then? Should we say "OS ten eightysix"? That would kinda ruin the play on x86 architecture ans OS X. Same with "OSx86 Tools".
  11. CPU temperature in iStat

    I got OS X Snow Leopard on my Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5, and iStat Menus report CPU temps just fine with netkas fakeSMC.kext 2.5. Very nice to be able to monitor your CPU temps in the OS.