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  1. Does anyone know where to request a modded bios from Shamux? My board is the P5QL-VM-EPU
  2. Do you think you could modify the Asus P5QL-VM-EPU bios for me.

  3. My computer is the Asus CG5270. It has a 1TB SATA HDD, 8 gigs of Ram, and Intel core2 quad CPU Q8300 @ 2.5GHz, an Intel G45/43 Express chipset, and a P5QL-VM-EPU Mobo. No matter what I do I can't seem to even get tot he installation screen. I've tried Empire EFI, Distros, MyHack USB install, and a couple others. I think the problem may be with my mobo though. I've read that the p5q boads need a modded bios and I can't find one for my specific board. If someone could clarify if that is indeed my problem and how I could go about making/getting a custom bios made I would be very greatful.
  4. maztrr

    Magic Trackpad.

    This woudl be awesome if it worked for windows 7 64bit.
  5. maztrr

    Windows + VirtualBox = MAC OS

    I recently got snow leopard running on virtual box. It runs really fast and only took about 15 minutes not ocunting installation thanks to empire efi.
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    It depends what part of america you go to. The smaller towns tend to have nicer people with a few a holes only
  7. maztrr

    Family issue...

    I think that after a kid is raised parents shoudl move on and enjoy there lives with other people if they desire.
  8. maztrr

    If you won the lottery....

    I'd buy every apple product the day they came out, maxing out all the specs. I'd also buy some sick cars, a few big houses in the mountains, france, and california. Then I would invest the rest adn let more money pour in.
  9. maztrr

    High School Relationships

    It doesn't really distract you much at all and it prepares you for the future so that you don't amke the same mistakes in relationships later in life
  10. maztrr

    The Ultimate Web Browser

    Google Chrome all the way. It just has a lot less clutter at the top and I love the single searchbar/address bar
  11. maztrr

    My "Get a Mac" ad spoof.

    Nice dub. and yah real voices would be better but still good.
  12. I believe i read the other day that apple is actually worth more than microsoft now so I don't see how they have any reason to license their software. I think it would actually make more sence if they just brought down their pricepoint.
  13. maztrr

    Patched BIOS by smith@@

    Ho cercato dappertutto e non poteva trovare BIOS modificati per la mia pensione. E 'la P5QL-VM-EPU (CG5270). Ho un link per scaricare il bios originale qui. Qualsiasi aiuto è apprezzato.