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    HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests PART II

    Thank you Kappy for your Mini Installer 2.0!!! I installed after a clean boot, updated to 10.6.6. The only issue I had was that sound didn't work till I manually added VoodooHDA to my /S/L/E/, but otherwise everything works great. Thanks again!!
  2. poofyhairguy

    HP Mini 311 Darwin Project Thread (PART III - Current/Latest)

    That is exactly right LeMaurien, the trackpad seems unfunctional as a trackpad in OSX going forward. I had hoped at first it would be figured out on the Linux side, but I have had a hard time finding other HP units that use the same exact trackpad and the Linux solution for the 311 is what you pointed out earlier. Disappointing. I have even tried just hacking at OSX's PS2 support to find some way to dynamically disable/enable it, and the closest I came was still completely unusable. Sad such awesome little Netbooks are held back by their trackpads, but honestly I know having it has forcefully improving my typing form, if only to avoid the trackpad better. In fact by now I have 100% given up on the VoodooPS2 project. It seems like a good idea to rewrite the PS2 driver, but honestly the result is poor and as it is hard to find sources trees of "official code." For the record nowadays I too just use the normal PS2 driver, with the nub portion in /e/e/ and the actual kext in /s/l/e/. That plus the superkext has given me very minimal KPs, which is about all you can ask for. By the way, as far as OSX HDMI support goes that is what I am working on next. I have hopes that we can get it to work, as ION is similar to the 2xxgt cards that work with OSX in that it has an onboard audio chipset (unlike other 9xxx models, that is what makes it ION). Right now I think there are two solutions: One is to hack on VoodooHDA a little to try to get it to force sound through the mobo. That clue there is here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...7274&st=20# The other solution, and probably the only one that will work, is the one MowgliBook alluded to a while back: creating a hardcoded AppleHDA kext. I am pretty positive with one of those the audio would work in newer versions of OSX, but that is way over my hackintosh head currently. But it works well for 2xxGT cards, so I don't see why it won't work for ION. Clue to that is here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=140941 Glad to see others are still hacking at the ole 311!!
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    Cheap NoteBook for Hackintoshing

    Looking for a Pentium 4 level laptop for a hackitnosh is not gonna work. If you can't afford a modern Core 2 Duo notebook, then really you only have one good option: Go get a Dell Mini 9: http://shop.ebay.com/?_from=R40&_trksi...-All-Categories It has been over a year since the Mini 9 took the hackintoshing world by storm. The project for it is dead (since they are no longer being made) but all the work is still there for you to use: http://code.google.com/p/mydellmini/wiki/Mini9_Kexts Since a Atom processor is about as powerful as a Pentium 4 this is a good equivalent. If you want a larger screen, you are gonna HAVE TO spend more like $300....
  4. poofyhairguy

    HP Mini 311 Darwin Project Thread (PART III - Current/Latest)

    Ouch, what an ugly hack.
  5. poofyhairguy

    HP Mini 311 Darwin Project Thread (PART III - Current/Latest)

    Back from my honeymoon and I have to say the 311 in its current state served me well. I used the newest VoodooPS2 kexts in /E/E/ and didn't experience any panics or black screens. I tried NforceLan one more time and found it lacking, I guess ethernet after sleep will be the one bug that sticks. @MowgliBook and Everyone with a European 311 I am attaching a VoodooPS2 kext for a AZERTY keyboard with my newest work. Will someone please test for me? AZERTYVoodooPS2Controller.zip
  6. poofyhairguy

    HP Mini 311 Darwin Project Thread (PART III - Current/Latest)

    @LeMaurien19 The Super-mkext is amazing. Not only does it fix my "black screen from wake" issue, but it has revitalized my VoodooPS2 work. I found some updated binaries from the thinkpad guys that I am mixing with my sources, and so far I have been able to avoid /S/L/E thanks to the supermkext! I could see why thepronto did not like the Supermkext- pronto put a priority on being able to update and a new set of kexts from Apple might mess things up. Personally I prefer a higher level of compatibility over the ability to update- I would trade re-making the Supermkext after every update over verbose mode or something like that. I also personally want all the hardware to work and all KPs to go away- I have almost come to except after years in hackintoshland that updates break things. On that note, I want to post my current work on VoodooPS2 to this post just so that this thread has my newest work as I go. If someone actually tries these (which is not recommended but appreciated for testing) the proper place is /E/E/ for both. I am using these on mine currently to see if I can beat back a bug that rears its head if I sleep my machine for a really long time (12+ hours). CurrentVoodooPS2Progress.zip
  7. poofyhairguy

    HP Mini 311 Darwin Project Thread (PART III - Current/Latest)

    @LeMaurien19 I tried using AlterEFI exactly as you stated to use the 0.9 pack's mkext, but I got a black screen upon wake. So on the same install I tried again on a reboot, this time using UpdateEFI and no black screen. In fact I threw your VoodooHDA kext (thanks a lot for that by the way) into /E/E/ before it built its mkext and now sound works. In fact, I did my stability test that usually brings KPs and I got none. There is some magic in the way UpdateEFI makes its /E/E/ mkexts that really works for me, even without using a clean install. At this point I have a feeling that I need to copy you and state specs on my 311: Hardware Specs: - Atom N270 - overclocked to 2.2GHz - 3 GB DDR3 - clocked at 1200 MHz - Dell 1510 in half height slot - Dell 370 in full size slot for Bluetooth - icelord F.15 bios (modified by me to have a blank bios logo) - 32GB OCZ Vertex 2 SSD (love these SSDs as OSX lacks trim and these SSDs have great garbage collection) Quick sidenote: I timed my boot times three times and my average was 21 seconds (as per your blog question). Sounds about right- my Linux HTPC with its SSD boots in 14 secs flat. SSDs are magic... Another Quick sidenote: I am able to get away with a smaller (but faster) SSD than before because I no longer Tri-Boot. Now that we get great x264 support with Flash Gala and Plex, I find I don't need 7 anymore. I have 1000 HD movies on my Unraid server, and the GPU accelerated Plex can play probably 90% of them. That is better than a broadcom card can do, and only slightly worse than a custom XBMCbuntu install. Now the only thing not working is ethernet after wake, right?
  8. poofyhairguy

    HP Mini 311 Darwin Project Thread (PART III - Current/Latest)

    @LeMaurien19 Thanks, outright replacing the Extra folder with UpdateEFI worked. It broke my sound, but I will work on that. One thing I noticed though- UpdateEFI DID make a new /E/E/ Extensions.mkext. It removed the one from the 0.9 Pack and created it own. So maybe that is the trick.
  9. poofyhairguy

    HP Mini 311 Darwin Project Thread (PART III - Current/Latest)

    Finally got back in the game (new charger came in). Put on clean install, updated to 10.6.4, then installed HPM311DP_061810HF6RC3.pkg ran the kext utility and rebooted. Everything is working great, except I have the black screen after sleep bug. I used both Onyx and OSX86tools to clean my caches (and let it sit all night to rebuild them) but I still get the black screen. I am leaving for my Honeymoon to France next week so I got to get something worked out before I leave. Gonna try verbose mode next.
  10. poofyhairguy

    HP Mini 311 Darwin Project Thread (PART III - Current/Latest)

    I can confirm that.
  11. poofyhairguy

    GMA X4500

    C) Making working display drivers for a closed platform is incredibly hard work. To my knowledge the Hackintosh community has never made display drivers. We have made audio drivers, network drivers, chipset drivers, bluetooth drivers, etc. But display drivers are magnitudes harder than any of those.
  12. poofyhairguy

    which netbook has highest ram?

    There is the CULV stuff, but all of those come with the x4500 GPU which is not supported in OSX.
  13. poofyhairguy

    Apple in talks with AMD

    If the integrated CPU+GPU chip has a special version for Macs, then Hackintoshing will die. Seems like a lot to not like....
  14. poofyhairguy

    Second Apple Processor Transition?

    I get nervous about this. What if Apple can force AMD to give them some sort of "special sauce?" Like maybe a chipset that ONLY AMD Macs get (that aren't sold through other mobo manufacturers). Such a move would seriously harm hackintoshing. Intel has never given Apple any special parts because Intel is just as big/powerful as Apple and they won't be pushed around. But AMD is a small fish and maybe to get Apple's business they would be willing to help make the Mac platform more proprietary. We already saw what happened to the Hackintosh netbook community once Intel starting using a video chipset that didn't show up in Macs (the x4500): now almost all new netbooks coming out are terrible at hackintoshing for that reason. After the ION netbooks wane in popularity the entire netbook hackintosh community (which provided a big boost for the overall hackintosh community in recent years) will be a thing of the past. If AMD could do something like that for Apple (wouldn't take much- just a special GPU), then we might witness what Apple has wanted since the Tiger days- for hackintoshing to fall off the planet....
  15. poofyhairguy

    Hackintosh on my Netbook - I require Assisistance!

    Where in your OP did you even mention Windows 7? The commands were intended to be run in OSX, as that is the OS you are trying to get to work. OSX is a real version of Unix with a real command line, which is what this forum is all about. No one mentioned you using Linux, and you never mentioned wanting to dual boot Windows 7. If you want to be successful at hackintoshing you must understand: 1.That this community is not like the Ubuntu forums. No one really cares if you can run OSX on your machine, we don't profit in any way from spreading OSX (like people get a moral boost spreading Ubuntu). We all do it because we want to use OSX on non-approved machines, and by helping each other in that goal we help ourselves. But the community as a whole has little patience for hand holding. 2. That we hackintoshers are all scavengers with sub-communities that focus on particular hardware. Your machine doesn't have a community behind it. Given how little you know about hackintoshing, then it might be hard to get it completely working. That is why most people who hackintosh research before buying stuff to get products that have an active Hackintosh community. 3. Hackintosh is freaking hard. Linux is NOTHING compared to Hackintoshing- I know I was part of the Ubuntu forum staff for a while. OSX and Apple are actively fighting our efforts to use OSX on non-approved machines. The hoops I have jumped through to get my hackintoshes to work (including: hours of command-line work, kext editing, at least 60 OSX installs to fix issues, tons of DSDT hacking) have been the reason to do it! You do not get into hackintoshing because you want a cheap Mac- Apple makes hackintoshing hard enough that generally you will waste far more effort hackintoshing that it costs to just work extra to buy a Mac. You hackintosh to get things Apple won't offer (such as my ION Netbook or my mid-range Hackintosh tower desktop), and for the thrill of the ride. You do it because you can, because OSX rocks, and because it is a way to actively fight the walled garden of iLand. With all that said, looking at your system it seems like it has common parts to many popular Acer machines. The chipset is probably supported: search for either the Acer A150 (if it has a 9 inch screen) or D150 (if it has a ten inch screen) on the forum. Any guides/kexts/etc you find will most likely work. I personally have a D150 and it makes a decent hackintosh (except for a lack of sleep) and dual boots easy. But it takes time to get there. And step one is realizing that Windows 7 won't help you at all- you fix OSX within OSX. Good luck....