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  1. The Matrix Runs on Windows

    so so funny LMAO
  2. Should Apple Sell OSX For Use On A PC?

    you are missing the point The point is why will Apple not release OSX for a PC... As this site proves it is fairly easy to install OSX on a PC and I don't think apple will ever be able to stop people from doing this. So as the old saying goes "If you can't beat them join them" So if you can't stop people installing it on a pc anyway you may as well sell it to them.
  3. A question about viruses

    It's untrue to say there are no viruses for mac. There are. Granted there are not many but never the less there are viruses out there. It is always a good idea to install anti viruses software on your mac and a network monitor like little snitch just so you can see what is accessing the net.
  4. I have been a Die hard PC user for more years than I care to remember. Two years ago I came into a little bit of money and was going to build a new PC. A friend said I should buy a mac and to cut a long story short I did. I bought A Mac pro and 6 weeks later it was stolen when my house was broken in to. I have never been able to afford to replace it as we all know Mac's cost silly money. But in the six weeks I owned a real Mac I have got to say I loved it. Point I am trying to make is. Why don't Apple simple release OSX for PC's? Before you all say it would hurt the sale of Mac's. I don't think it would.. Here's why You can got to any computer store and buy the parts to build a PC. This doesn't hurt the sales of Dell or HP or any other computer company. Microsoft is still the biggest software company in the world. This is mainly dew to the sales of windows A copy of Windows Vista Ultimate can cost you $400. I tried going to best buy to buy a laptop with NO os and couldn't get one. A hp laptop would cost me $850 and it comes with Windows. Why should I be made to buy something I don't want? If the OS costs $400 then I should be able to buy it with out a OS for $450. Microsoft as truly got the OS market. If Apple released OSX for PC,s 1 It would make money for Apple.. The sales of real make may go down but company's like Dell and HP would pay Apple for there OS instead of paying Microsoft. 2 The main income for Apple is not the Mac but the iPod and iPhone. If released OXS could reveal windows and over take windows sale. 3 If Apple released OSX for PC,s Hardware manufactures would write drivers for OSX. 4 Microsoft Corporate Greed is now getting so bad I think more people would just walk away for windows. I bought a legal copy of both XP and Vista. Both copies don't work any more. This is because Microsoft as now installed a database which stores all your activation key and give each key a unique code to match your hardware. If you upgrade your hardware as I did and reinstall windows it will active but as your computer downloads the update. It will check your code against the database and see the code no longer matches. Next time you restart your computer it tell you you have 30 days to activate windows but windows tell you it is already activated. (ONE BOX ONE MACHINE) Microsoft treats us all like thieves. I am not going to buy a new copy of windows each time I upgrade. I know you can call Microsoft and they will activate windows again but only 3 times. 5 Lets fact it OSX is the only os you would ever need. As we all know A Mac can run windows and linux. So apart from the sales of real Macs dropping what is the down side for Apple? Apple is a company that is in business to make money and I think the money made from selling OSX for PC's would far out weigh any losses of sales of real Mac's. Dave
  5. Check out this I built this and it works great.. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=174013
  6. Mother Board = Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3R CPU Core 2 Quad 2.33 Ghz RAM 8 GB DDR2 1366 MHz Graphics Card = nVidia gforce 8600GT 512 MB Sound Card = Sound Blaster Audigy 2 2 X 700GB SATA Hard Drives 2 X SATA Super CD/DVD Drives Install source is "iPC OSx86 10.5.6 Universal PPF5 (Final).iso" Note: I do not use any FLOPPY, IDE, PS/2, COM, PARALLEL PORTS, and disabled them in bios. As Vanilla as possible! Kernel: Vanilla, no kernel selected Video drivers: None, Nvidia - 8600GT 512MB Used EFI String Chipset drivers: Intel ICH10 SATA (don't select any other SATA icon fix) Audio: ALC889a I couldn't get this to work so I used a old Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Ethernet: Realtek R1000 onboard / Netgear GA311 (native OS/X support) USB drivers: Patched USB driver Power management: PowerManagement Package Fixes, patches: Dual Boot Time Sync; Shutdown/Restart fix DSDT patches: nothing AppleSMBIOS patch: SMBIOSResolver Bootloaders: nothing Graphics Follow this link...http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=91755 Sound Card follow this link...http://redirectingat.com/?id=292X457&url=http%3A//download.kxproject.lugosoft.com/downloads/kXAudioDriver-1.2b1.dmg Just to add my own touch to it I download a pic of the apple boot screen edited it in paint. I Put Hackintosh under the apple logo. Then with this Mother Board you can load the pic into the BIOS and that becomes your boot screen so now it starts like a mac to. Then I added the boot sound Follow this link .. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=160963 I have been using my system now for 3 months. It's never crashed. It updates from apple ok. I can plays games on it with no problems (Call of Duty 2) I run MS office, Toast, Desktop Parallels (windows XP), iLife, Stuffit, and loads more.. I installed vista on my second hard drive. I just press F12 at start up to get my boot menu and them I can boot OSX or Vista. Its a great mac that works well... I hope this helps anyone who is looking to build a mac Good Luck Dave
  7. Easy Multi Boot System

    Yes It really is that simple
  8. Whats wrong here: Unable to even boot the CD

    I had the same problem... Try Downloading Leo4all
  9. Ok I have been working on this Hackintosh for more than a week now. I have already downloaded. I think every version of hachintosh there is (I think) i:e Jas, Kalyway, Atkos, Leo4all, iPC, iDeneb, XxX os, Not only did I download them all but every version of each I could find. And I think I have had every error message there is. Can't find boot device.. Fix I set my DVD Drive to Slave and Hard Drive to Master on the same IDE port. b0: error.. Fix set boot partition to Master Boot Record. system config file '/com.apple.boot.plist' not found.. Fix I didn't know what to do with this one so I tried installing Leo4all It work but had on sound, internet, or graphic resalution System would start then freeze at apple screen.. Fix I installed something else (don't remember which version of what) System started but just rebooted in a loop.. Fix I installed something else (don't remember which version of what) And many many more Late last night I installed Atkos Version 1 and it didn't boot.. It just locked up at the apple screen I pressed the restart button and went to put the kettle on. When I got back to my computer the apple regisration window was up with music playing. I don't Know why or how the system did this but I filled in the form and got to my desktop screen. I chacked my internet it worked.. also my graphics worked on all resalutions. I removed the DVD and restarted my computer and it stopped at the apple screen so I put back the DVD and restarted my computer again. It booted up on problem so I posted a message asking for help but got no replies. Now I Know my computer will run OSX if i could only get it to boot. Leo4all boots but as no sound, internet or Graphics, How I fix it First I installed Atkos v1 then I installed leo4all over the top of it. I Know in the readme files it says not to install over another instalation. But I did. Instead of going to disk utilitys and erasing my drive (Which I had done countless times before) I just kepted clicking next. After it installed I restarted with the DVD out of my drive and to my amazment it worked. Not only did it work but everything works too sound, internet, graphics, shutdown and restart, it wakes up from sleep. and even my USB is working. Hardware My Hardware is simple.. 1 Intel D915GLVG Motherboard. 1 IDE 250 gig Hard Dtive 1 IDE DVD mutli Drive 1.5 gig or ram 1 keyboard and mouse (PS2) Sound, Graphics, Network all on board I hope this helps someone out there any question please ask. Sorry about my spelling!!
  10. toshiba satellite l305d-s5895

    I placed a add on kijiji.com and swaoed it Are you pressing F8 at start up? if not press F8 then -v you will them see what it is stopping on Good Luck
  11. toshiba satellite l305d-s5895

    Hi I am sorry but I had the same problem with a Toshiba. I tried every version of every disc I could find and nothing worked. ie Aktos, lea4all, iDeneb, Kalyaway, iPC and so on. if you type in -v at the start I think you will see.. Still waiting for boot device.. I could never get past this point and it was not for the lack of trying. sorry I can be no more help to you. in the end I swaped my Toshiba laptop for a Acer laptop and it installed with no problems.
  12. Realtek ALC860 not working Can anyone tell me if there is a Patch to get this working? It is onboard sound It works with Aktos v1 But not with leo 4 all v4 Thanks
  13. ok I have installed Atkos and everything works ,sound, graphics, network, usb, I am using a Intel D915GLVg Motherboard with a p4 3ghz cpu. All sound, graphics and so on are onboard. I have a 250gig hard drive and dvd multi drive. The problem is if I put the dvd in the drive the system works. but with out the dvd it will not boot I just get the grey apple screen and it stops Can anyone please help me I have tried both partition types (master boot record and Giud ) I have formatted my drive to MAC OS Extended (journaled) and made sure my drive is mounted. I Know my system will run mac as it dose so with the dvd in the drive. There must be a way to copy the boot file from the dvd to my hard drive to make it boot. Thanks for you help Dave
  14. I have built myself a Hackintosh MB ASUS M2N-E CPU AMD 64 Athlon x2 RAM 4gb GPU GeForce 8800GT Drives 2 x 500 sata 1 x 250 IDE 2 x super drives I am running Leopard, XP, plus Vista How Did I do It? Easy Most Mother boards today come with a F key boot list I just install each OS to different drives. It just the same as running boot camp but instead of holding down the apple key I hold down F8 works great...