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Apple Keyboard and Hackintosh Problem

Mamun Bangladesh

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hi, i recently buy an apple wired aluminium keyboard for my hackintosh but shocked whn i found dat it couldnt work in darwin boot loader. so i can't choose which operating system will open, now it always open default operating system, iAtkos v2 :wallbash:




wht should i don now? wandering is thr any way to select operating system in darwin bootloader by apple keyboard?


plz help.


More info:


1. already upgraded the bios but no luck

2. enable all usb port and legacy usb feature

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have dell vostro 1500 with iatkos v5i updated to 10.5.8

cant get white bluetooth keyboard to work

please help i dont know why

the damn thing pops up in "any device"

but it just dosen't come up in "keyboard"

still can't pair it

bluetooth keyboard setup = nothing

bluetooth any device setup = name:apple wireless keyboard ------ type: unknown

help me please



plus has anyone got a laptop to see a bluetooth keyboard on mac

and be able to pair it


love you to reply if have to imacowardlolalot@gmail.com


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I've also got an aluminum Apple keyboard that I purchased a few weeks ago. I tinkered with the turning the "Legacy USB" support off (which works for getting OSX to actually boot up and not just immediately hang) but I also experienced the problem of not being able to choose an option with the Darwin boot loader. I just found a possible solution that could help you guys as well. I set my bios "Plug and Play OS?" option to NO instead of YES. The only thing I noticed was that I had to unplug the keyboard after getting to the login screen and plug it back in on my first bootup. Since then, every subsequent boot has been problem free. Hopefully this works for someone else because this is seriously awesome keyboard. I'm using the Asus m3a79-t deluxe motherboard in case anyone was wondering.



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I have the same problem and not just that aluminum keyboard doesn't works on BIOS, also logitech illuminated keyboard doesn't works on boot up, so is an issue which some motherboards have fixed it with a BIOS update, unfortunatelly my motherboard doesn't has a fix for this issue.

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My KBD has a delete!!


If your's don't, like the Macbook Unibody just use the "fn" + "<-"(backspace) buttons!




"fn" + "<-"(backspace) gives you Delete

"fn" + "Delete" gives you Backspace



Don't make the mistake I did of buying the smaller wired keyboard without the numeric pad. This also lacks a Delete button, which is indispensable for getting into the bios. Otherwise, it all works fine in Chameleon.
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