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  1. If AMD is an issue, then the HP Gen8 Microserver might be a cheap alternative and has a socketed cpu so that you could upgrade the Celeron processor to something beefier if required. It has a dual Gigabit network card integrated but I am not sure what the chipset is or if it can be made to work under OSX. As it is Intel based, current difficulties such as iCloud support should be simpler to overcome. Currently going for about £120 in the UK after cashback it might be a worthwhile upgrade for some.
  2. Try adding another string <key>AtiPorts</key> <string>3</string> If your card has VGA, HDMI and DVI ports. Eulemur is the correct string for the HD5450 512MB card. Other variants might do better with other framebuffers.
  3. OK. Screen dimming and hard drive idling isn't in itself sleep. I get those although with the fans it is hard to tell the drives have spun down. Sleep would be suspending to RAM with all the fans and lights switching themselves off. I wasn't sure whether Chameleon and DSDTs had got so clever that they bypassed basic calls to the BIOS and its lack of S3 state. I just bought a couple of Powermacs for some retro fun. One arrived damaged so is going back and am picking the other up tomorrow. Won't have time for my Hack until the weekend. Hope to sort out the last few issues and then I am going to try Yosemite on it.
  4. Not sure it needs a detailed guide since Chameleon has improved so much since SL. Just create a standard Mavericks installation USB pen drive with Chameleon onn top Grab the latest AMD kernel with matching version AppleMatch, Sandbox and System kexts for that kernel and replace the ones on your pen drive. Use Chameleon Wizard to create. Mac 3,1 SMBIOS.plist and dump that in your Extra folder on your pen drive. That should be enough to get it installed. The rest is tweaking. Best to install using Mavericks 10.9.0. Edhawk, you say that sleep is working? For the record my Ethernet only shows up as 100Mb in SysPrefs. Need to play around with that when I have some time.
  5. I am using Mac Pro 3,1. I hear that for certain configurations an iMac somethingorother might work better. Mac Mini is deprecated. I could only update stuff like iWork or iLife by logging in with my main account that has a cc attached. I wanted a cleaner App Store account on this, which I set up on a genuine Mac and transferred the relevant Library files across. I still got the error message in the App Store. I cannot get Clover to work properly. Boot up takes forever (no change there from when I first tried Clover a while back) but it boots up to a generic HD5000 desktop (lacking the Eulemur polish) and dead usb ports (both inbuilt plus two on the generic USB3 card I have) so I cannot do anything with it. Clover apparently injects a logic board serial number into the SMBIOS, which Chameleon doesn't, and this is supposed to fix the App Store ID problems on updating certain apps. What is your throughput like on the network port? At the moment, I am only feeding an internet line in via an Apple Express and the internet is so slooooooow.
  6. Had a look at my box (an N40L) and realised that I had not updated the stock BIOS unlike my N36L. One update later to the latest modded bios (2013) and a switch of all my AHCI devices to 3Gbps and my Bluray is detected. Saf, your tip to switch boot priority did the trick. My Ethernet port has a MAC address. There is a potential issue with Chameleon, which may prevent certain updates from the App Store, namely to do with the SMBIOS and the fix may be to switch to Clover. I shall investigate.
  7. OK, I have partially fixed my network woes. I forgot to inject my device ID (14e4,165b) into the latest kexts. No wonder my card wasn't being picked up. Still getting the 000000s for the MAC address on boot up, so no connection possible at present.
  8. It might be an AHCI issue with the Bluray drive. That might be on the PATA/SATA bridge, it has been a while since I opened this box up so I don't remember. Might need a kext to wake it up. Either that or Niresh has done something funky with the installation. Should have gone vanilla but I was lazy. As for the network kext, the latest kexts don't load. I went back to the kext I compiled a few years back and uploaded here in this thread and that installed and my port was recognised. However, I can only get an internal ISP address whether I have a cable inserted or not, so there is an issue with Mavericks. Might try rolling my own kext from sources and see how that goes. If you want to upload a kext in this thread, it is very easy. Just make sure you don't use Quick Reply (i.e. click on More Reply Options) and you will see a button below the text box for attaching files.
  9. I have the 512MB 5450 card and needed to add a couple of additional strings to my Chameleon boot plist on updating to 10.9.3. AtiConfig=Eulemur This is needed to get the correct framebuffer up otherwise it defaults to the Radeonframebuffer and the card is recognised as a generic ATI HD5000 series rather than the 5450. Eulemur improves onscreen graphics noticeably. I am using a TV as a display and the Radeonbuffer graphics look more washed out with scruffier fonts. Might just be my imagination, however. AtiPorts=3 Without this, I could not even get GraphicsEnabler to run and had to disable it. I cannot, however, get the bloody 5722D.kext to load. I have tried both the Mavericks and ML flavours but both refuse to play nicely. I force loaded it by kextload and kextstat reported it as running but no dice. No network device found. Oddly enough, I also have a Bluray combi drive attached and Mavericks reports no disk burner attached. Hmmm.
  10. It runs the patched Atom kernel - patched-2422. Pandora incorporates Chameleon so it examines and patches on the fly as necessary. Need to run with an npci flag or it gets stuck on PCI Configuration. My cpu is a D510. Original plist did not have GE. Once enabled, it detected the ION2 and loaded all relevant kexts without complaint but still hung at the same point. Tried deleting the ATI and NV kexts with GE off, still no go. Unfortunately, no logs are created on the installer so I cannot see exactly what is causing the problem. The only thing I can see is that AppleHDAController does not get loaded, otherwise all ok. HFS mounts the selected root device and then hangs. Before deleting the gpu kexts it would try to initialise bluetooth and then hang.
  11. I had a try with the latest Pandora on the Mavericks installer dmg rather than copying an existing installation. Mine is a Zotac with ION2. It got past DSMOS and stopped just after failing to initialise bluetooth, which mine doesn't have (probably because I picked a Mac Mini smbios.plist), so roughly just about where you got to on yours.
  12. Mac Keeper 2.5 Review

    I have been spammed so much with popunders for this wretched app everywhere that it will never see the light of day on any of my computers.
  13. So, basically by the time this board is generally available it will be up against Haswell boards.
  14. The chip is supported with a patched kernel as I have 10.8.2 running on a D510 at the moment, however the link you provided lists an ATI Mobility 5430. I have another setup with an ATI 5450 which is natively supported, but I have no idea how different the two gpus are. The link also gives no details about the ethernet chip.