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  1. Cheap graphic card for 10.9, any suggestion?

    Omg really? What kinda trouble you faced? Are you sure its for gt 620? Whats your operating system version. Im gonna use gt 620 with 10.9
  2. Cheap graphic card for 10.9, any suggestion?

    Yeah, thanks. Heard loud and clear, both work OOB.
  3. Cheap graphic card for 10.9, any suggestion?

    Thanks a lot, you're a great healp. Will try patching after buying grapic catd . Hmmm, u lucky SOAB im not sure someone told me 610 doesnt work OOB but 620 works. I dont want spend anymore time to configure my graphic cause i dont know that much. I was using leopard and xp and those two i installed 6/7 years ago didnt bother to upgrade. And then there is the devil, my friend showed me mavericks and i instantly fall in love and decided to upgrade without checking hardware support. Having gma950 is bloody nightmare Oh yeah its a long story. Oh man its too much for me, gt 620 works OOB that what i want and need with my little hackintosh knowledge .
  4. Cheap graphic card for 10.9, any suggestion?

    Hi thanks for letting me know. Do you have any link of how to do the patching?
  5. Cheap graphic card for 10.9, any suggestion?

    Hmm, what kind of problem with power management. Mine every time i restart my pc, bios reset too:(
  6. Cheap graphic card for 10.9, any suggestion?

    Thanks very much. GT 620 it is Thanks but dont need perfomance as i dont play games. Main purpose is watching movies so i need qc/ci enabled cheap graphic card and has to be OOB or easy to install like GT 620 woth grphich enabler
  7. Cheap graphic card for 10.9, any suggestion?

    hi do you know any cheap graphic card other then gt 620 that fully works on 10.9 OOB with qe/ci or easy to install method like kext installing ?
  8. Cheap graphic card for 10.9, any suggestion?

    and hd 5450 will cost me around $40. someone recommended me to buy GT 610/620 will also cost me around $40 and i checked wiki hardware list they work out of box. thanks anyway for your help. probably i'll buy GT 610/620 if can't find any one that works out of box and cheaper than GT
  9. no qe/ci on 10.9 with gma950 decided to buy a cheap graphic card for 10.9, the most cheapest one possible, any suggestion? my pc configuration--- core two duo 3gb ram audio n ethernet fully works thanks in advance.
  10. I'm basically following this link and trying to install mavericks but my os is 10.5.7, in order to make smbios i need to use chameleon wizard but chameleon wizard does not support my os version. Also stuck here, I could not locate SharedSupport>InstallESD.dmg in my mavericks dmg. appreciate your help. 2.1. Creating the OS X installer on the USB drive 1. Mount your OS X DMG. If using a copy downloaded from the app store: Navigate to Applications (which is where it will save your downloaded copy of OS X by default) -> right click "Install OS X *version*" and click "Show Package Contents" -> Contents -> SharedSupport -> Double click "InstallESD.dmg"
  11. Hi im using leopard 10.5.7 to make this usb, but cant run chameleon wizard cause it needs at least 10.6.8. Is there any other way to make smbios in leopard or can i download smbios for my pc, or can i extract smbios from leopard that Im using now? my pc configuration is interl core 2 duo gigabyte ga-945gcm-s2c 3 gb ram running ideneb 1.3 10.5.7 awesome guide guys, thanks a lot.
  12. Apple announces the iPhone 3G S

    gonna buy it
  13. My personal osx86 story!

    this is da best blog abt OSX86 i've ever read in my life, keep it
  14. Apple Keyboard and Hackintosh Problem

    wired aluminium, gonna mad, why i didnt aks ny1 b4 buy :wallbash: http://www.apple.com/keyboard/
  15. Apple Keyboard and Hackintosh Problem

    hi, i recently buy an apple wired aluminium keyboard for my hackintosh but shocked whn i found dat it couldnt work in darwin boot loader. so i can't choose which operating system will open, now it always open default operating system, iAtkos v2 http://www.apple.com/keyboard/ wht should i don now? wandering is thr any way to select operating system in darwin bootloader by apple keyboard? plz help. More info: -------------------------------------- 1. already upgraded the bios but no luck 2. enable all usb port and legacy usb feature