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    Works great on IT8213 IDE Controller [1283:8213] in 64-bit... but causes kernel panic on 10.6.5 a little while after boot. Panic doesn't make it to the logs, but it mentions IOATAFamily.kext, IOATABlockStorage.kext and a few others. Once I find a minute to reinstall the kext, I'll post a screenshot of the panic. I'd love to get this working.
  2. To clarify: I'm not sure what version this was or if there is a newer, post-10.6.3 version of ClamshellDisplay.kext, but the version that I removed (and thus successfully allowing hardware acceleration) was from a 10.6.2-era version of NetbookInstaller. Newer ClamshellDisplay.kext versions (if they exist) may not conflict with hardware accelerated video in 10.6.4, but it certainly was the case with my particular installed versions. Lid sleep provided by patching LID within DSDT, so there is currently no need for this kext on my system. Hope this helps anyone still having trouble after follow directions "by the book." Details (Asus Eee PC 1005HAB): 1. Combo updated to 10.6.4 2. Installed SLGU 1.0 3. Downloaded/installed patched SLGU for Intel 27AE 4. Added GraphicsEnabler=Yes to c.a.B.p in /E/E 5. Removed ClamshellDisplay.kext from /S/L/E 6. Rebooted et voilĂ . Note: Also using latest version of Chameleon. Didn't use the modified boot file from this post.
  3. I've just discovered that having Superhai's ClamshellDisplay.kext installed causes this method to not work. By removing this, everything works as intended.
  4. inimicus

    Combo Update Fail

    Sounds like you might've been missing a disabler of some sort for AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext. Your version of SleepEnabler (assuming you use one) might've been a mis-match. The FakeSMC messages are normal debug. Reinstall and make sure you have up-to-date extensions for the version you're installing handy. Not all aftermarket kexts work with all versions of 10.6.
  5. inimicus

    Can you verify my config?

    Compatibility. Better luck with GB or Asus. Even if it did, you'd be bottlenecking your system at the integrated graphics. A decent, supported graphics card can be had for around (or lower) $100 and it will return on the investment five fold. If you need wireless, get an adapter. Just make sure it's compatible. (I use a Apple AirPort Extreme card in a mini PCI-E-to-PCI-E 1x adapter. Total investment for a genuine Apple card: $75)
  6. Ah, if you didn't install GRUB to the Ubuntu root, Chameleon probably won't recognize it. If you installed GRUB to the MBR, then you'll need to install it to your Linux root...
  7. inimicus

    i7 mac pro build feedback

    The 870 should be fine. I bought an 860 because, at that time, the 870 was around $200 more for a difference that didn't justify the price. You can see in my sig that I have a GA-P55A-UD4P and a GTX 285. I am very satisfied with both... with the exception of buying-in to a 2GB card. Stick with a card with < 2GB of VRAM or you won't be able to run a lot of graphic-intense software. ATI cards appear to give you more bang for your buck, but it's one of those six-in-one-hand sort of deals.
  8. inimicus

    i7 mac pro build feedback

    HOLD UP!!! Your motherboard and processor do not match! The i7 870 and X58 chipsets use two different sockets. You need a mobo with a 1156 socket, not 1366. The build in my signature scores 13,000 on XBench x64. So, if you have any doubts about performance, compare that score with a quad-core Mac Pro. (Hint: It exceeds it.)
  9. inimicus

    How to add Ubuntu to Chameleon?

    Bootable operating system, as far as I know, are required to be on a primary partition. This, indeed, could be why Ubuntu isn't there already.
  10. Have you tried installing Chameleon? Set your OS X partition to active, boot into OS X, download the latest Chameleon install package (ask Google) and see how that goes. I base this advice off of the information that you can boot into either by setting the boot flag on the desired partition. By installing Chameleon, you'll be creating a bootloader just like the one on the install disc (which succeeds). Chameleon provides options to select the OS to boot when you press any key during the countdown... but you may need to configure the boot profile for Ubuntu in Chameleon after installing. So keep your /boot/grub/menu.lst handy just incase. Goodluck.
  11. inimicus

    Snow Leopard Graphics Update 1.0

    My results after running the SLGU 1.0: Before -> After -> Delta Geekbench ("Control"): 9224 -> 9345 -> +1.3% Cinebench 11.5: CBCPUX = 4.887586 -> 5.058361 -> +3.49% CBOPENGL = 14.293167 -> 14.332163 -> +0.273% A difference of zilch. This is with model iMac11,1 as identifier, so the MacProX,X variable is removed in this instance. FYI: These scores are with stock CPU/RAM speeds, wanted to remove any OC variables there may be in the tests. Going to attempt a Source engine game and cross fingers.
  12. inimicus

    Snow Leopard Graphics Update 1.0

    I have a GTX 285 and received a major performance hit post 10.6.4 update. Motherboard is arriving back from RMA today, so I'll benchmark/test pre/post install and report back once I get my machine back up and running. For the record, I am using a system identifier of iMac11,1 and not MacProX,X. Complete specs in my signature.
  13. Old thread, but figured it's worth mentioning. Latest version of Chameleon enables P- and C-states which would help with your battery performance. Prior to this, the only way to get P- and C-states working was through editing your DSDT and defining them there. One of these two methods should give you power on demand and idle on... idle. Goodluck.
  14. inimicus

    how has 10.6.3 or 10.6.4 working on 1005ha (n270)

    Just be sure your kernel and SleepEnabler version match. If there's a mismatch, it'll panic about a version mismatch in system powermanagement (surprise!).
  15. inimicus

    Snow Leopard on 1001HA

    Just get a Dell 1510 half-height mini pci-e card, homie. I feel your frustration. When you get back into the mood, PM me.