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  1. Lenovo Users: Anyone have the Integrated Camera Working?

    My Y410 's built-in webcam works... try removing this file: /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/CoreMediaIOServicesPrivate.framework/Versions/A/Resources/VDC.plugin The webcam now works with Photo Booth but not iChat...
  2. Sleep caused computer to no longer turn on - help

    I got that problem twice before, and the first time I shifted the hard drive and CD/DVD drive wires around. the second time was solved by removing and putting back the RAM... hope this helps
  3. A few tips to install leopard.

    For me, Alt = Command, Windows key = Option key...
  4. I tried but failed... didn't work After many tries I got VMware to recognize the Windows install as a Boot Camp partition, but didn't manage to boot it up
  5. Why's everything in caps?? Have you done any research?? Really irritating... If you have read up a bit you'll know that's a Kernel Panic. Just try starting up with -x bootflag, or -f or -F or any combination of any. You can add -v flags too. You have a half successful install. Installed successfully, first part. Second part is a failure. Try out the bootflags (if you don't know what bootflags are you need to read up some more), for my Lenovo, I installed Kalyway, had to use -x. iAtkos all work perfectly for me. Leo4All Server too.
  6. [HOW TO] Get the Trackpad Preference Pane back in 10.5.6

    Thanks a lot! It worked!
  7. Funny Airline Mechanics

    Hahahaha... Thanks for the joke
  8. Best way to install Windows

    Haha... I personally prefer Fusion... Easier to use imo. Anyway Windows 7 build 6956 runs great in Fusion although the OS still sucks...
  9. Firstly: What is "proggie"...? The rest: Your MSI Wind might be working well. My machine doesn't work that well. My other machine doesn't even work! I'm not trying to say that ALL computers have sound problems. Mine may have sound problems. Yours might not. His may/may not. You can't generalize based on your system. And the 10.5.6 screwing up my sound is no joke. Took me a few days to get it fixed. Had to go around on many forums to find the solution. What I've said may be false for you, but is true for me.
  10. I hope you aren't a noob with Hackintosh stuff... because if you're trying to do sound work a Hackintosh would not be very good... If you're doing graphics it would be okay. Hackintosh sound does not work after many software updates... For example 10.5.6. And some Pro Applications updates crash Hackintoshes too.
  11. why not a Mac? An iMac or a MacBook Pro should do the job much better than a PC running OS X...
  12. Best way to install Windows

    on a Macintosh or Hackintosh? Hackintosh gaming: NTFS partition dual boot Macintosh gaming: Boot Camp (basically NTFS partition dual boot) Hackintosh/Macintosh normal use: Virtual Machine
  13. 10.5.6 Released...? odd.

    there is a 10.5.6 update guide by Netkas for those of you who don't know...
  14. 10.5.6 Released...? odd.

    You made me run Software Update immediately XD Anyway it isn't released yet. Software Update says no software available, none posted on Apple website yet... they probably found more bugs..
  15. Good Torrent Programs?

    My favourite is Transmission. Free download.