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  1. Dell Vostro 1500 Mega Thread

    cant seem to use install for snow leopard i havent got an external usb keyboard that only cause i like to stay portable have a dell vostro 1500 with nvidia 8600m gs and have recently made use of a broadcom wifi leopard was simple to put on but it took a couple a tries then i got it but snow leopard is a different kettle of fish no use of mouse and keyboard inbuilt how do i add kexts to the install dvds restored thumbdrive please help need a fix for keyboard and mouse to work within installation and there after do not tell me i have to buy a damn mouse and keyboard to use externaly or that will {censored} me off please some one post a god damn hackintosh hack for vostros please pretty pleeeeese help me or not dont put me down trying to get it woorking heeeeeeeeeelp ahhhhhh dell vostro 1500 nvidia 8600m gs no key/mouse help thanx
  2. Apple Keyboard and Hackintosh Problem

    have dell vostro 1500 with iatkos v5i updated to 10.5.8 cant get white bluetooth keyboard to work please help i dont know why the damn thing pops up in "any device" but it just dosen't come up in "keyboard" still can't pair it bluetooth keyboard setup = nothing bluetooth any device setup = name:apple wireless keyboard ------ type: unknown help me please someone plus has anyone got a laptop to see a bluetooth keyboard on mac and be able to pair it love you to reply if have to imacowardlolalot@gmail.com
  3. dell vostro 1500 iaktos 5i

    this site has updated iaktos 5i links imacowardlols site is http://web.aanet.com.au/snow please use the rapidshare updated jdownloader for mac use only finally got iaktos 5i running well on dell vostro 1500 please post if you having troubles getting a dell vostro 1500 to comfortably run mac osx86 cause i have it working just fine note to vostro 1500 owners that whant mac to run please download iaktos 5i from rapidshare and then when you boot the dvd you've burnt from that iso install it via custom and install custom settings as folows for acpi "apci" x86acpi only in fixes drivers vga nvidia laptop video dont worry about sound cause that can be done latter network broadcom 440x speed step =everything NO NEED FOR KERNEL restart and shutdown still dont work so you may have to restart twice to get sound drivers working download the dell laptop post installer 1.4.1 and just select sigmatel 9205 in sound and volar you have sound after you reboot and install again lol reboot then install again reboot and wallah my sound worked the second time lol please not that the boot cache will ask you to click ok when reboot works when you restart wait for everything to go blank the hold down the power button till shut off then turn it on note if you turn the damn thing of wile it is at boot dell screen it will take a damn long time to start again hey dell vostro is a pain to boot bios wile doing its check lol to dell on that one if your sill haveing isues with ahci and speedstep turn them off in bios didnt have an isue so you shouldnt need to get yourself a broadcom mimo pcie card from ebay its the best thing you'll ever do and just fit the {censored} where the damn intel is have the battery and power out though take out additional ram if your wanting to play games hence the damn thing already has 2gb onboard must take out power and battery though then when you boot it press f2 got a mimo broadcom fitted it and it works just like a mac came up on first start of iatkos 5i the 8600m gt is not a gs as the bios says but just look for nvinjectgo.kext for 8600m gt 256mb graphics and if youve taken your ram out you may as well fight me on urban terror occasionaly lol just remember 1280x800 and if youve upgraded your display 1440x900 or ultimate upgrade is 1660x something and i dont no what the hell else be cool and gather some knowedge of kexts and install them with googles osx86tools it took me about 1 to 2 months to learn the method of hackintoshing and i dont think im the best at it but i do know a fare amount about vostro 1500 and its bios lol kalyway and ipc like to fail there installs plus iaktos v7 is a load of lol the best way
  4. iATKOS 5i

    on dell vostro 1500 well its been a trial and tribulation please if you have a dell vostro 1500 with nvidia 8600m gt please note your games will not work if you have more than 2GB of ram and with that note there is already 2GB onboard and any more ram isnt going to run your games the screen turns black then flickers on and off if you have a ram stick in your dell vostro 1500 "take out your ram" TAKE OUT YOUR RAM there should b = 2GB onboard here lies a geat site to get iaktos 5i http://web.aanet.com/snow this is my site and with it is a mac copy of iaktos 5i and a mac copy of jdownloader for downloading rapidshare but this version is only for mac sorry will try to run update on ubuntu just to give you sometin to wait for this site is updated monthly have fun imacowardlol is a cool bloke who would give the world the world!!!! if anyone has a dell vostro and wants to get it to work with mac os x x86 intel please post here i will like to tell the world how good it is 4now imacowardlol is a cool bloke who would give the word the world!!!!