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  1. lacoste111 - unfortunately the problem is with trying to boot the installer. I think we will have to wait for release and kernel source
  2. Embio

    10.6.7 working sweet on MSI Wind U100

    if it was, there would be a lot of angry customers :hysterical:
  3. when you remove /System/Library/CoreServices/PlatformSupport.plist Lion boots just fine on a Core Duo Macbook!
  4. works great on my Eee 701 - but it says the battery needs replacing... perhaps it does! thanks mate
  5. Well it isn't in the form of an install DVD. I could either post instructions or an image of the install... by the way - Snow takes 2.4GB when slimmed down (and with a few apps running from SD)
  6. Found a driver that works for the internal drive! :censored2: I have Snow running off a pen drive at the minute. I haven't got a battery driver just yet, and the clock still wont work.
  7. AlexSteinberger: check that the GMA900 drivers haven't been overwritten (this happens with 10.6.1 as well) and check your PM ;-)
  8. Me too please mate, struggling to find kexts for a board similar to spalek83's. Where did you install them to? /S/L/E or /E/E?
  9. Embio

    GeForce 200 series support

    read above...
  10. Embio

    Dual Screens in SL

    still off topic - but is it just me or do all the big developments come from sites other than InsanelyMac? There is a lot of good work goes on here (virtualisation stuff in particular) but to suggest all other OSx86 sites are somehow below IM is at best laughable and at worst quite worrying.
  11. Embio

    Dual Screens in SL

    (off topic) how the hell are you a moderator?
  12. for anyone who is interested - I have Snow on my 701. The SSE2/3 Qoopz kernel works just fine... but there are a few fixes needed. Firstly - there is no keyboard, mouse, clock (!), battery or internal SSD support. I'm messing with my Hac desktop at the minute, but I'll post updates as I get further along (and might release SnowEeeV1 :-)). Why release Snow for 701? Because it fits in 2.5GB with very, very little work :-)
  13. it will do that in a VM anyway - task manager is not reliable when there is no physical processor for timings.
  14. my machine did this until I removed a PCI ethernet card and a PCI USB card (neither had OS X drivers)
  15. I recently received a Thinkpad 600e - and one of those adapters was in the bag. works a treat!