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I have recently improved the AppleSMBIOS project through the Macdotnub version combined with some of the parts of Superhai's SMBIOSResolver and ofcourse a little bit of code from the AppleSMBIOSEFI project.

The result is a nicely working version my way with all of the capabilities needed for perfect functioning.

Every bit of setting can be set through the Info.plist contained under the kext's contents.

I will still further check this with real Mac entries.

But as for now... enjoy.



Included here are the MacBook Pro compiled version, the sources and some more info.


Glad to have helped the Hackintosh community...




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Works great!! I cleaned it out, removed some unnecessary(according to me) files, redid the inside of the AppleSMBIOS to suit my needs an VIOLA!:

It evens show up as a MacBook Pro on my Other "C2D G5"


Thanx for a great Job!!




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Cool. I'll give this a try soon just to see how it compares. I was using macdotnub's one until recently. Then I switched to superhai's SMBIOSResolver so I could keep the AppleSMBIOS vanilla. It's working fine, the only cosmetic problem is the RAM is shown as "RAM" rather than "DDR2 SDRAM".


Would you be able to do an enabler so the original AppleSMBIOS can be used? It probably makes little, if any, difference but at this stage I have no patched Apple kexts left. They've all been replaced with third-party or plist-only kexts running from /Extra/Extensions. Would like to keep things this way.

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Since updating to 10.5.5, my computer no longer identifies as a Mac Pro.


The icon in the sidebar has changed from the Mac Pro icon to the generic 'monitor' icon, and System Profiler reports Model Name as simply "Mac" (with "GJ456AA-AKD a6150.pl" under Model Identifier, which I assume is coming from the motherboard - it's an HP a6150 PC).


I tried this SMBIOS (both the default MacBook version, and with Mac Pro data) in the hope it would restore it, but no.


Mac.nub's previous release worked fine before the update, but also gave this behaviour afterwards.


Is there anything I can do? Is this some problem unique to my system?

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Hi Andy, thanks for your efforts! Your version works with Munky's EFI partition boot config. :)


I do have a few questions... What do the following keys in the Info.plist file mean:


1. UUID-key

2. nullify-system-type

3. compatible

4. model

5. product-name


In "About this Mac" dialog box the CPU shows as Unknown, how can I fix this? Finally, my "Model Name" "Hardware" in System Profiler shows as Mac. How can I change it to Mac Pro?




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I have Chameleon EFI running 10.5.5. I've tried this AppleSMBIOS and I don't get anything on the "hardware" tab of system profiler. I've tried vanilla kext with enablers and the same.


Is there a problem with 10.5.5 that prevents system profiler working with AppleSMBIOS correctly, or am I missing a trick?

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Something wrong in my system Dell 1525 10.5.5 ChameleonEFI+ vanilla+AppleSMBIOS by Andy Vandijck + AppleDecript + IntelSpeedStep + others.

Very nice processor speed!


Sorry, it is not a problem of SMBIOS, it is a bug of IntelSpeedStep.

AppleSMBIOS by Andy Vandijck works fine.

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